The mercy spam won't stop

Except the threads that pop up say otherwise but I’ll hear you out tell me your vision

This is my vision.

Blizzard hasn’t said no to it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s, erm… questionable. When I’m writing software, I hold every single component to the highest standard. These standards usually change over time, and so my software changes with them. Anything less than the best is out of the question for me. (I’m a perfectionist to a fault)

For a game like Overwatch, that’d mean that heroes, game features, etc. all get treated equally and created with equal polish. Unfortunately, Blizzard does not share my mentality.

That sounds like a must pick right there it seems like you thought of what you wanted but not the impact she has on the game

hehe, the Revert arguements gain steam from Blizzard continuing to insist that Mercy has Rez and their reasons for the rework being contradicted by our experiences in game. If they just remove Rez and say they cannot make it balanced and fun to play against then at least it would be some sort of admission to Mercys that Rez is F#^*&# as an ability and that they are providing something else.

At least with Pre-Invulnerability Mercy 1.0 she was a troll pick that was enjoyed by her Mains and no one else had to play her until invulnerability buff and Ana’s first down fall + lack of Moira.

A Revert to Mercy’s at launch state with no Invulnerability, no “E”, and the current 50 HPS (same as launch) can remain which would likely be the nerf to knock Mercy out of the META for a while (thou keep the GA changes because we like them pretty much universally). Most everyone wins and Mercy also wouldn’t take up air time on OWL so that’s a win too.

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Wellll, if you have an issue with it, why not ask the OP about it? Since this is all opinion however, I’m just going to say that it won’t make her a must pick.

Here’s the link if you want to reply:

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Except, they’d be back at square one, as the rework was done to get her into the OWL in the first place. I mean, you do remember Mercy’s niche before her rework, right? They likely wouldn’t run that strat in the OWL, and that’d mean next to no playtime for one of Overwatch’s most iconic (and most played) heroes.

Welp then the wheel just keeps turning, because:
“You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round”

The lyrics opportunity was just too good here.


I would like to take you up on that offer because there are several things that would be nice to be Reworked on Mercy… _how healing works, what is an OK “E” and OFC the easiest thing to change (removing Rez or atleast Reworking it if the Devs just can’t have the guts to remove it).

Because TBH, the only thing I want of the past Mercy 1.0 is her being a whatever pick that has one moment to shine in a match and the rest of time running for her life in continuous attempts to avoid death.

I think the community at large would want this actually, so yeah… I’ve got nothing more to say on that point.

The door is that way.

She does have her moment to shine its just more subtle if all your teammates came out alive or most of them did job well done people don’t notice it that’s their fault

If you want validation all I can say is not all hero’s wear capes now that I think about it no one wears a cape in this game

The threads complaining about Mercy threads won’t stop.

It’s a double edged sword I think.

Yet here you are. Spewing the same Mercy rhetoric at ad nauseam. Carry on throwing your toys out the pram, but they won’t listen to the whining of spoiled children.

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I use Windows; I still have Wings and if those are nerfed away there is still Redbull! :joy::smirk:

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Yeah it is a double edged sword.

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Oh just saying the “SPAM” won’t stop until there is satisfactory to Mercy in the eyes of Mercy Mains (IDK if that is even possible anymore due to the Rework effectively creating a divide in amongst Mercys as for a path forward that would be liked). Thou I have a dream that one day Mercys will be unified in single vision to state toward Blizzard and that if we are successful in that endeavour that it provides a means for the other mains to address their heroes issues of enjoyability as well (ideally a win for all in the long run but 'tis only a dream ATM).

I think I would say that I’m lamenting on your points and my failure to fix things in OW. :sob:

And I guess I just like to chat with you :hearts: because you seem nice in some way that makes me want to talk you (this is getting awkward I’m sorry :sob: )

Friendly terms I hope :joy:

No you didn’t write anything to offend me specifically. I was just trigged by the well you can play other heroes argument. I have to say that no other heroes in the game move like Mercy and so they aren’t very enjoyable for me except for Lucio, I like Lucio.

You’re fine. I was also warning you that telling Mercy Mains there are other heroes to play is a poor idea to tell a Mercy Main usually especially if they are one asking for her to be Reverted to a former “F” tier status because clearly they don’t care about viability they’ll play her anyway.

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Oh now I understand😂

And I agree.

Thank you for cealing that up, sorry I couldn’t understand.

I enjoy talking to you as well, and it’s not awkward, that’s what Jelly is for❤️

Thank you Racillian, you are awesome🤗. Stay amazing.

And I’ll talk to you anytime. I’m proud to call you friend

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Also I hope we crash into each other again in game again :grin:

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That makes me feel so happy :hearts::heart_decoration::hearts: JellyandJam a true hero of the forums!

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