The mercy spam won't stop

Yeah because they haven’t provided closure that is appropriate.

Its very frustrating. Even EeveeA’s suggestion for making Rez earned was shot down by the Devs saying (it would be too hard). Thanks Devs for looking out for things being “too hard” for me, thanks just thanks.

The continued responses have been pathetic and predictable and the community has at large only fueled this situation.

Don’t forget how the community shutdown the Mercy Mega Thread with SPAMing of flags…

Maybe it actually has the opposite effect and is making the devs even more stubborn.

The community is in uproar, we must be doing something right /s.

Would you lot stop spamming if Blizzard came out and said they have already tested Mass Res with LoS/cast time and it still wasn’t right and they will never rework?
Or will you just get even louder?

Ps hi badwidow ;p I SEE YOU ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Actually, what they meant, was, “It would be too hard to implement”, a.k.a. cba to put in a few hours of work to make it happen.

They’d have to come up with a very thorough explanation, as there are a lot of ways it could be implemented. Honestly, the only reason I can see for not going with the suggestions outlined in, for example, Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State is cba.

Welp it will continue until there is acceptable resolution, but I guess you know that too as much I know it to be true.

That fairly clear, hello Bastion Mains or should I say Main? considering his state in the game… not that I will even have love for the character, but I don’t believe in wishing the worse for heroes I don’t like also don’t believe its right to belittle people for their choice of Main.

For many it would seem to be people who are new to the forums TBH because I don’t recognize the names as regulars. For the others I do recognize it goes without saying that they feel it will take those posts to get Blizzard to listen and they want to show there is more than one person who feels negatively about Mercy’s current state of design not power usually.

Then they get buried in the above mentioned posts that voice unhappiness with Mercy, but not offering anything more than that. To counter that trend I intend to post my Community Perception Mitigation on Mercy’s State post that goes through the concept of first making Mercy unviable and out of META to allow for community cooldown on frustration with her (will be at the expense of Mercy Mains’ enjoyment, but we’re used to that at this point) and then go about a more significant Rework with better explained intentions, hopefully providing better closure.

Mine will likely be a love hate thing that’s assumption thou so surprise me if you feel differently.

That it does and it gets fairly nasty and produces nothing good for anyone.

That is the statement we expect to see and it usually feels like me and others offering ideas and explanations are being sorted into the “just shut up” category by various members on the forums not you specifically just to be clear but some forum regulars. And assumptions tend to flair immediately (both sides).

JellyandJam I would like to respectful say that isn’t an acceptable answer at least to me because I don’t care if there are other hero options its not the issue being addressed it pains me to know and see Mercy’s kit design to be in the state it is in and other heroes don’t remedy that feeling.

I’m sorry if that is rude, I’m sorry if it sounds privileged, I’m sorry for its terseness (actually I guess it wasn’t short), I’m sorry but I feel absolutely disrespected and misunderstood when that is said even when its not directly, directed at me and mostly it just a feeling of being misunderstood I really don’t think Mercy Mains are much like the rest of the community (TBH I think that is true for all the hero Mains being different from the rest of the community as a whole) .

That got pretty long so guess I’ll summarize it then… no I think I won’t because the above is as succinct as it can get without losing its meaning and just sounding like a smack across the wrists (metaphorically speaking OFC).

I mostly post (a Posting One-Trick LOL) since I’m afraid to make posts and get banned by people who just want to troll a Mercy Main which would feel really bad.

Maybe I’ll just make a post with concepts that go through several things, but it will take time to make it thoughtful and hopefully persuasive, but I’m the best at that. But I don’t want to just be a Wallflower Mercy Main all the time. Meanwhile, I have fallen so far in SR recently (this is an issue completely independent of my feeling regarding hero design and balance as I believe my drop in SR is completely the result of poor communication with teammates and poor personal play overall I just know it has to me nothing else can be at fault for such a losing streak, well guess my computer is also having some sort of lag issue in OW only for some reason).

What is CBA? I am not familiar with that term.

Also Tier 3 envy, LUL

Can’t be asked.

CBA stands for, Can’t Be Arsed

With the mods, however, you never really know what’s allowed or not, so I prefer to use the abbreviation.

The devs said multiple times they aren’t reverting her and people ignore it then say Blizzard doesn’t listen


So are you agreeing with me? Repeating my words?

Or are you disagreeing?

Or maybe disagreeing on a few points?

For some reason I have no clue where that leaves us😂

If I said something that offended you then I’m sorry, but I have read what you sent 3 times now, still don’t get what it’s trying to say to me.


They have said many false things in the past… Remember how they said DeathMatch didn’t fit the game? Or how they’ve gone back on every single point they stated the Mercy rework would improve?

They also said lfg wouldn’t be in the game but they added it too and they were talking about gamemodes and features not the hero’s themselves

Forgot to say it did improve because she was too strong at 2.0 onwards till last patch now we have to she how she performs now

And that difference suddenly matters, because?

You can have different standards for different things or at least change your mind at a later point

“Mercy Spam Wont Stop”
Neither will the devs stop ignoring :p.

the beatings will continue until morale improves

Thank god most of us don’t want a revert then. We just want a rework.

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Except the threads that pop up say otherwise but I’ll hear you out tell me your vision