The mercy situation


This thread is literally what the video is about. People who can’t accept that others don’t share their opinions.


I don’t think most Mercy players based on my own experiences is opposed to new ideas, but new ideas are also not easy to picture. Mass rez is the easiest thing to really fight for as people have played mass rez, theres plenty of clips on youtube if you haven’t played it, and also statistics on it making it easier to try and comprehend it as something that can be fun and balanced. A new change would be hard to tell if it would work and I think after the rework it’s even more daunting to picture something new as fun and balanced.


Problem comes up when you suggest something different.
Say buff valk to 60hp, 1 res only usable during ultimate (valk) with a E added (damage reduction whatever) that’s fun.
Or valk we have now buffed to 55hp thats fun.
You get immediately hounded by a certain group.

The ultimate (pun?) problem is the inability to consider other options outside of mass res for many people.


The title is already a personal insult. Lol, credibility lost before the video even starts. Not a good start.


For me if the rework gave Mercy the same risk/reward style of play and met the iconic symbolism of Mass Res and “Heroes Never Die!”, then I’d have been happy with it.

If a new rework replacing Valk met the above criteria then I’d be happy with that.

What I can’t stand is what Mercy currently is.

Otherwise I’m open to options. :slight_smile:


Okay, starting of with antagonising stereotypes and a comparison between those who want a revert and Jehovah’s Witnesses… Lol, I can already tell this video is going to be bad. Continuing onwards, I can understand what you’re saying but this quite literally is not the norm for us. We do not just call people salty DPS mains because they agree with us. This isn’t even a Mercy exclusive issue. Just typical toxicity in which case, specify who’re you’re calling out because right now you’re judging a whole group based on just the toxic ones.

Continuing onwards, if you want to see one example out of many of actual good feedback, here:

Again, don’t judge an entire player base based on just the rotten apples.

Next up, that thread was mostly just a joke thread. I mean, it was pretty obvious from the contents of the thread itself and the initial first responses. That being said, if we were to seriously argue about the whole JR mass Res thing, I can understand why some people would be concerned because consistently and what not.

Oof. A quote from me I see. If anyone was wondering the argument was about giving Moira the witch skin instead of Mercy. Literally had nothing to do with mass Res. :eyes:

You do know that your claim after the quotes highlight is objectively false? Mass Res isn’t the only option. Again, I can tell that you’re just basing this whole video on stereotypes.

To summarise, this whole video is based on stereotypes and antagonises a whole group based on just the bad players. I expected more…


I’m just sitting here wondering if people legitimately found this funny


Honestly, it just looked like a budget version of SirSwag’s videos.


this also describes you.


Hey, i’m kinda interested in the actual good threads. Can you link more of them please?


Lol, firstly, okay? Secondly, how is that relevant.



Why this post got flagged? It’s not fair :confused:


Are you ever not patronising?
Every post I’ve seen of yours has been completely elitist and rude.


Probably because the title and thumbnail is a personal insult, the video is just antagonising a whole community and in the video, they quote people without blurring names. That is against CoC.


U confussed opinion with BIAS.

I can be what ever u want.


Good to see you have returned from your vacation. I must disagree with you however on that view, but thank you for projecting your opinion of me nonetheless. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


you disagree with everyone.

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of Mercy, rez, and OP Balance.
xavvypls :blue_heart:


Seconded, but looking at their replies, I believe that would prove to be quite difficult. lol

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


Said everything I wanted to say here.


It was funny, But since blizzard took our downvote button we have to verbally say their ideas are bad.