The Mercy rework did nothing good for the community

That’s the whole point; Mercy should not survive these situations, unless the enemies are potatoes. If any other hero dies when going 1v6, why should Mercy, specifically, survive?

So? What’s the problem, then?

You’re completely ignoring my suggestion of adding Damage Resistance, which would work wonders, here. You’re also ignoring the fact that people can’t even kill the current Mercy half the time, who has a .75 seconds longer cast time than Mass Rez had. (Yes, Mass Rez had a 1 second cast time. But the effect started at the start of the cast, and not the end)

Here’s a metaphor:

Your roof starts leaking.

You try to call the roof company to complain. Not only do they not fix it, the refuse to acknowledge the problem. Their phone number stops working, too. They tell you to write down your complaints, but don’t show those anywhere they can see.

The roof keeps leaking. You complain some more.

The roof company fixes a few stray tiles on your floor. “Look!” Says the people who have been hearing you complain about your leaky roof, “they did something!”

You are unamused. They may have done something, but it had nothing to do with the roof! It’s still leaking!

“Just get a different place where the roof isn’t leaking,” says the bystander.

After you had spent so much time and effort making the place all nice? How heartless! That formerly nice house with the pretty roof was the reason you even moved to this neighborhood in the first place! What kind of sunk-cost fallacy is this?

You take their advice anyways. The new place is okay, but you still miss how nice your old place used to be. You’re still upset that your old roof is still leaking, and is in plain sight no matter where you are in the neighborhood… haunting you.

You continue to complain, because that’s what happens when something breaks and makes things unpleasant for you. You remember how nice it was before it was broken, and have lots of ideas to make it even better and fix the problems that caused the roof to start leaking in the first place. But no one seems to be willing to listen, and people are now telling you that you’re a bad person for complaining at all.

Who’s in the wrong, here?

The people complaining about how something they once loved is now broken?


The people who were the ones to break it in the first place, and refuse to even acknowledge that it needs fixing?


and all of these suggestions are ways to make her both fun and balanced. we just can’t agree on which one will do that. Nobody wants her to be a must pick. I challenge you to find one person on forums who has said they want mercy to be a must pick.

Zarya, Lucio, Moira, Zenyatta, Tracer, Genji,, Orisa. all of these are both fun and balanced. the only reason they seem unbalanced is because other heroes are OP.

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I’ve looked at the lower ranks as well. There she has a high pickrate and a low winrate. But that doesn’t change my statement that she has a very low winrate: Low winrate in the higher ranks and (because of the more frequent use) in the lower ranks. In both areas she has quite a low winrate. What’s not clear to me is, why Mercy aught to have a low winrate (in higher levels) compared to other healers. Isn’t it a sign of balance when all hereoes have roughly the same winrate?

Says who? mercy mains? Oh yeah i will believe them, sure there is no conflict on interest there…

Are you serious? You challenge me to find people on forums that would say they want their main to be a must pick??? Who on Earth would ever come out and say that here? I know for a fact there is 0 posts FROM EVERY SINGLE MAIN that demand their main to be a must pick.

You are trolling. Lucio is fun? Go ask Lucio mains then how they feel each time they pick him and what the team tells them to do instantly. Zarya fun? How? When she must rely on her team’s position 24/7 to get charge and even 1 mediocre member in her team renders her useless.
Also other heroes are OP? Classic Mercy line. No Mercy is not OP, the meta is enforcing her. Really? The meta is enforcing her for 3 seasons now? The meta that changes every single season enforces one character for 3 seasons, but they are not op, there are other characters that are op…

Everybody that counters someone seems op. How do you even measure op exactly? Pick rates and win rates on OWL? Completely different game on pro level than masters, gold or any other rank. Also what stats? The ones that are inaccurate due to hidden profiles? Or the ones that are innacurate because people do not use their sites, hence they cannot monitor exactly who picks, what but just the few thousand people that use their site and have given them permission to extract stats from their computers?
What about people in EU that by default have revoked said permissions from all sites? Do they count?
Or maybe we should continue to balance from top to bottom since that seems to have worked great so far huh? No problems there, we just ask pros, that get paid by wins, to tell us what they think should be nerfed next. What can go wrong.

yes , allied mercy commanding you to die was the single most ridiculous thing in this game

Lmao, do you want them to read out a whole paragraph? It was just a quicker way of saying, “if you’re going to die, die on point so I don’t get shouted out for not ressing everyone because someone ignorant rats decided to die off of point. Also, because I don’t want our team to be scattered, giving the enemy team an unnecessary advantage. Oh and btw, I’m not telling you to Intentionally die. Those with common sense would know this. I just don’t want you to report me for not ressing you. Thanks team”.


I’m done here, you’re just going to take everything I say and twist it fir your logic.

Hell no. That’s how you get massive power creep and ruin the game.

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what I wanted was a support to save my life, not telling me when to die.

“just ducking die already” were her words once, angry at me even when I had a good shot at continuing fighting, but sure theres some room for positive interpretation in your sadistic mind amirite.

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Mercy would use GA to get to her dead teammates, then Rez. LOS would just make tempo teases wonky when a pole or the play load blocks who you wanted the Rez.

How exactly is telling someone where they should preferably die the same as telling someone when to die?

I’m not gullible.

“preferably” Ive been playing since launch and never saw a single Mercy using that word, you can sweetcoat it all you want but in my experience Mass Ress Mercys were very specific not only about the position of your death but about the timing too, they didnt care if I could survive or not, that was not a support to me, which is why Im glad its out.

Dont believe me, believe the Devs that removed the skill for good, must have had a good reason, if you think its simply because “they hate mercy” maybe you are more gullible than you realize.


consider this you could down vote people on the old forums.

I’m interpreting it for you since you legitimately think that Mercy players wanted you to die…

One was subjective. The other was mostly a fallacy.

Why are you making up words? When did I say this?

I remember befor they gave Mercy the Healing Beam and Damage beam when she was fun to play. Then they gave her the healing beam and damage beam and made her not fun to play.

I dont care for your interpretations, I was fully aware of the strategy behind mercys saying something like that but still it didnt necessary felt pleasant, thats the situation I frequently experimented and Ive read the same sentiment from other people too,

You didnt, Im assuming youre defending that awful skill because the developers didnt have a good reason and you want that ridiculous thing back, reality is the skill got removed, tell me why.

It isn’t a problem if you interpreted it wrong.

Maybe stop assuming. Also, it got removed because of ”Hide n Res” and ”Disheartening to play against”. Both of which have already been refuted.


Heroes NEVER die!!! :wink: