The Mercy Community Problem

The hysteria is self perpetuating when it interacts with her actual gameplay.

Group x (the smallest) claims she’s useless, group y hears about. Group x and y play her less. Group z sees that she’s played less and joins group x in proclaiming uselessness. Group a points out some arbitrary statistic, which validates x y and z. and around and around and around it goes. This isn’t exclusive to mercy either.

Overbuff plays a large roll in this. Think social media when it comes to socio political issues. It’s presence just makes things worse.

On top of all is the brazen lack of objectivity, and overt ignorance. But I dont want to detail that and create any further animosity, it’s there and it’s glaring.


Mkay, I already said, that I am against the words fun and impactful in an argument. I do not understand why I would defend other peoples usage of it because they are against Mercy. I not once implied this was the case. Resorting to attacking a strawman is in bad taste and incredibly dishonest.


I don’t think this is more of a problem than just people unable to talk to each other. While some Mercy Mains can be somewhat bitter and toxic, there is just as much toxicity towards them. Mostly unjustifiable, from what I can see. And to be fair, I don’t see their arguments as weak, just badly said in a worst case scenario. The only thing that is lacking in those posts is patience, since… well, It’ll probably be a while until dev team will look at Mercy again.

Well, yes. But what are you saying? That experiences of people who don’t enjoy her current state are invalid and should be shut down? “Fun” is subjective, but that also means that everyone is right, because they’re describing their own experiences - and the Mercy player play her the most.


I would have to say I definitely agree with there being an abundance of hysteria.

So then, this thread is completely pointless since bad behaviour gets punished and community flagged. There are always going to be cherry-picked examples of bad people. It’s the internet. We shouldn’t be addressing it though because that’s normal and is not an issue since we have moderators.


I hope you can find better arguments in this thread then.


I am saying that if you are to try to convince someone to your side that Mercy needs a change, that you need to make an argument for someone who doesn’t already agree with you. If I already held your position and said “Yeah I agree, Mercy doesn’t feel fun right now.” thats fine. However, that isn’t the case most of the time. And someone who doesn’t agree with you, isn’t going to find any argument generally when someone says that a hero isn’t “fun”. I am asking that said person making this argument evaluate what makes that character not “fun” and expand on this. If you are not, you are actively choosing to not partake in the possibility of convincing someone that your argument is worthwhile.


You’re expectations make no sense. If people find the fun aspect of Mercy as an issue, they will be suggesting things that make her fun. Whether it is likely to get implemented or not is an after-thought.

2 things. The things you suggest are more likely to be dismissed because of how ridiculous they are. Secondly, this is false. They’ve never once said that Valkyrie and Resurrect are here to stay.


Wait a second… Hold on…

Oh snap. Right there. I understand there are people who are constructive with their criticism. I acknowledge this in the very beginning. And I have no problem with people doing this. However, maybe you were just giving this to me so I can read this mega thread, just to share. And if that is the case, then thank you, I’ll take a look at it later.


I think you’re assuming that Mercy players want to convince you, sway your opinion, when not necessarily - they are probably just simply describing how she feels to them. Everyone’s perspective can be important, especially if someone plays said hero all the time. However, “Impactful” is much less a matter of opinion. Mercy’s current ult has little purpose, after all the nerfs it’s nothing but a slight buff to things she already does without it. I bet a single-person rez (only instant) would be much more impactful.


I mean… her ult right now can potentially heal her entire team through a team fight if they are grouped, or increase the combined damage her team by 30%. Idk if i would call that “little purpose”. As I said earlier, fixing mercy isn’t easy. Her kit would be hard to rework, and not everyone feels that it needs one. And I would have to ask. If someone makes a topic without any real reasoning behind why they don’t find mercy fun, whats the point of making it? Hoping for a mega thread to spawn where someone has something more useful to say? I mean it’s not like there aren’t other topics with the same thing being said that could be posted there. Bogging down the forums with those sort of posts are just going to annoy people and make them less receptive to your problem.

No, these behaviors are not against the ToS (Or at least some of the are not, however these behaviors can still be witnessed before the aforementioned action by moderators and still will affect peoples perception). They are behaviors however that make people less receptive to a point of view. Your red herring is not appreciated or valid. Thanks. Have a good one.


Against CoC.

Against CoC.

Against CoC.

Not sure. Probably isn’t though.

Not against CoC but again, they do not need to addressed. Ad hominem counters itself.

“Weak”. Games exist for the purpose of being fun.


In short, stuff like this doesn’t need to be addressed with a thread because we have moderators that do it for us. You making this thread was basically a waste of time because moderators exist and people already know people like this exist. It’s the internet. Also, I don’t appreciate the fact that you’re making this out to be a Mercy exclusive issue. Maybe change this thread’s title to:

The Community’s Problem.


Cute. So yeah.

Already addressed, first thing I addressed. I already responded to you that some of the mentioned things are against the ToS. So why that list is there, is beyond me. I’ll still mention it. You are being overly hostile. You need to settle down.


Are you talking about Ari? Because this:

Can literally be any OW Youtuber. So really, if you’re going to direct something at someone, just say their name.


Naw, not going to name names. Not going to have something intentionally misinterpreted as Targeted harassment. It could be any youtuber. I am not going to give someone like you, who has already shown to be dishonest in how you talk to people, a reason to report.


Don’t forget the:

“We have access to the same amount of limited data but the way I interpret it is the right one, hence anything you say is a lie and you hate mercy and me and my family and my legacy”


The part in bold in your quote insinuates that this is a Mercy exclusive problem which it is not. Again, just change the title. Besides, what’s the point of making the title seem Mercy exclusive but then say in the first paragraph that it isn’t a Mercy exclusive problem.

Literally only 2… And again, one doesn’t need to be addressed because it’s a logical fallacy.

And you’re just being unneccessary.

Then don’t be surprised if they don’t listen to you…

Oof. Now we’re just going to dogpile on me? Sad, really. Besides, you simplified our previous debate about data to fit your narrative. Not interested.


well look at that, I wasn’t talking about you but you happened to be around… the thing is, the problem I described is a lot more common around here than you think and more specifically, you used actual numbers and I told you, that’s great but there are others who use the same rhetoric without any factual proof

and funny you use the term dogpile when you yourself have taken part of similar behavior more than once against several people in the forums alongside your spamming buddies


Quote or it didn’t happen. Better yet, link the thread. Also, I don’t have “spamming buddies”.


You are a brick wall that has come in with gotcha moments and a failure to to even attempt to communicate. I am not concerned with anything else you have to say, and am not going to address you any further with a single exception.

I don’t really care if they listen or they do not. They are not the main focus of this topic. And if they come across it, they will know its them. This happened last night. It’s fresh on my mind and wanted to leave it there. But I am not going to attempt drive a crowd in their general direction, it is not my intention and i’m not going to bother trying to reach said person.