The Mei's newest buffs


I’m just wondering if people think Mei is underbuffed, overbuffed or just right. I personally think shes underbuffed.


They aren’t even on live yet. Let’s see where she goes.


Despite the outcry and how this Mei buff is supposed to to ruin entire game and prove Blizzard knows nothing about balance, I haven’t actually witnessed Mei freeze multiple people on PTR yet. It literally requires the enemy team to have awful positioning by being arranged in a single file line for it to actually happen.

So probably underbuffed.


I haven’t tried changes on the PTR myself, but i believe that Mei should be pretty good pick after new buff. From PTR patch notes:

Developer Comments: This change helps Mei combat multiple targets that are clumped up and also makes it easier to keep her freezing a specific target if another enemy gets in the way. In addition, this change helps her ultimate more consistently be able to freeze more targets, especially if they are near each other.

I think this is going to make her freeze lot more reliable to use. But I’m not saying anything for certain before changes go live.


i think it’s either just right, or overbuffed, being able to slow down the entire enemy team at once with ease will definently help her in all situations, especially when stalling a point.


i think it helps her quite a lot tbh(the buffs)


Yeah, but what team is going to be in a congo lines with that bad of positioning


in most fights over an objective they’ll be close enough so you can either spray left and right slowing them all down, or have an easier time freezing a specific target.