The logic of health amounts in the game

Mei has 250, she is literally completely human with no body armor.

Jack Morrison, a SUPER SOLDIER, only has 200

Genji Shimada, wearing pretty much a full metal body, 200.

Pharah, wearing heavy metal armor, 200.

Now Roadhog: No body armor, 600 health

Reinhardt: Probably stronger than Hog, wearing FULL CRUSADER ARMOR, 300 health 200 Armor


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Fixed that for you.

Hitbox and mobility are huge factors into wether a person is 150, 200 or 250

Take tracer, she’s extremely mobile and can dish out a tonne of damage with a TINY hitbox, she’d be so broken with 200 hp (even though she has effectively up to 299 hp with recall lmao)

Take McCree, he’s slow but an average hitbox size, and he has a flashbang stun to defend himself with and a small roll to help peel. Not needing 250 health when he has such effective range

Then take Reaper, he has almost no range at all and a slightly bigger hitbox than most, slight liferip and the choice to take no damage but it’s not enough for him so he gets 250

I always have and always will support Pharah getting 250 HP, she is literally the most physically armored hero in the game (aside from tanks) with her head to toe bulky military armor, where only half of her face is showing at any given time and in any skin. Not to mention how 60% of the healers don’t reach her and none of the aoe healing/ults do, and none of her team’s tanks/shield protection

Keep in mind though, a lot of that armor has to be working to deal with the heat and fuel issues wearing a jetpack brings. It’s also not very thick, and probably light for the reasons I just mentioned.

Pharah isn’t armored like protected, maybe 150hp 50 armor.