The latest patch notes have convinced me that some of you dont know what a sniper is

Typically in every other game a sniper trades off their advantage of being able to instantly delete people from across the map for less health and being weak up close, you know, balance. They excel at long range but are weak up close.

Widowmaker, with 200hp, her assault rifle mode, and grapple to quickly reposition if she gets dived on, was not a balanced sniper, she was a sniper with all the advantages of a frontline DPS.

But now that Widowmaker actually being treated like a sniper and getting a weakness people are complaining?


Who has complaining? I’m a hitscan player and I love it, it’s good ADS snipers get on the same level as hipfire hitscan like mcree and soldier.

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There are people complaining in the patch note thread that Widow losing 25hp is going to ruin her permanently


Maybe should given her a very small compensation like male grapple go to 11 seconds or buff venom mine dmg from 75 to 80

Ironically most of widows kit helps her defenses. Without her sniper gun her offense is trash


Reposting this for clarity, you don’t know what a sniper is in video games.

Widow HAS weaknesses. More than most snipers actually.

Comparing it to the only other hero shooter, TF2 Sniper, is a flawed argument.


I wish that people who claimed Widow was a competent Frontline dps were forced to play her for 10 games. Just imagine falling to the proper rank where you can finally handle the Widowmaker in the lobby. Glorious.


I feel like everyone is freaking out over these changes is because how she and this game is structured. While Overwatch takes inspiration, this game is nothing like TF2, so in reality, snipers would be a lot different compared to most other games. Now that Blizzard is trying to make Widow more like a typical sniper, it’s causing everybody to have a massive panic attack. Essentially, the normal sniper isn’t fit for Overwatch and people are worried that it’ll cause Widow to fall apart.

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kinda reminds me of the cod bros who are ok with their snipers also being a shotgun. You can’t have it every way and claim your hero is balanced.


Well said, I can only agree.

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well said i agree imo snipers in overwatch are just way to forgiving. A sniper is meant to be a character than can pick off from long range and has high damage output but in most other games they add something to compensate. Such as no mobility ,cross hair shake,damage drop off, having less health than most other characters or in some cases have snipers be projectile now what does overwatch do to compensate snipers literally nothing. She has mobility , the same amount of health as most other characters in the game, hitscan with no drawbacks and fast reload , extremly fast fire rate for a sniper , and in ashe’s case an ultimate that takes less than a minute to charge and people say “oh just play genji lol” :clown_face: as if everyone could play genji

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I don’t usually pick on typos…

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:confused: feels bad man

As if everyone want to play Genji.

My opinion on Genji and Tracer is unlikely to change - they deserve to be locked in room with indestructible Symmetra turrets, that is just large enough for turrets to not reach middle of the room.


Yes, finally, please do it whoever said this


i find it ironic that people are SURPRISED that people are complaining, there are people who enjoy playing widow who arent gm/owl level skill leveled. so this is why you see the tons of complaints. gm/owl/smurf players will still be awesome with widow (just a tad worse) but forget the normal average player better to play something else lol

this is why i wish blizzard had different rule-sets for owl and ladders some heroes are obsolete in a random no coordination setting. sombra, symm, and now widow pretty much suck in solo queue on ladders unless you have god skill

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I don’t understand why people are crying so much abaut this thing, I love playing widow and I don’t see any problems with this :confused:

Lol, no. Her SMG is a joke and her grapple is just for running away. Go try to play that on the front line, I dare you.


Before, if they had reduced Widow’s hp it would’ve been to 150 hp. That would have absolutely been unplayable just because of break points.

175 works though, it doesn’t change that many breakpoints.