The input lag is annoying

was it by any chance an older monitor? I am asking because I had the exact same issue.

yeah, 15ms response time lol, must have been interfering.

How exactly is 15 ms impacting your game play?

Practicality sake, 15 ms is an unreactable portion of time. There is literally nothing in the human spectrum of response, that can be changed in 15 ms. It takes 5 ms for your computer to echo back to itself. It takes at least 20 ms to get a response from your local ISP’s nearest server. That’s basically power traveling at nearly the speed of light.

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get a 15ms 60hz monitor and a 1ms 144hz monitor side by side and do the human benchmark reaction test. ive done it and on 15ms my reaction speed was literally bottlenecked at 215ms, but with the 1ms monitor i could get down to 170ms easy.
people don’t just buy expensive hardware for no reason, you can feel the difference.

Mostly it’s based on compounding MS delay from various sources, rather than just one, when you have large input delay shifts.

Mouse, keyboard, monitor, motherboard, graphics card, cpu, everything adds just a little tiny bit of time due to physical constraints of hardware. Beware placebo, it feels good at first, but it will inevitably disappoint in the long run.

Also, I wouldn’t trust any human benchmark, as those .NET compatibility wrappers tend to add delay. You might be faster. Take the MS minus about 2-4 ms per layer of compatibility, depending on the .NET function being called from the .NET wrapper in the web browser you’re running to test response.

If running a .exe or a program on your computer, you can measure using the version of .net version used for the check itself, minus 2-4 ms per version THE PROGRAM USES, to the modern version. VC dist 2012 would be quite a bit of versions ago, and it’s the standard input module that many programs use. Food for thought.

aiming is reaction so its done unconscious via electrical impulses so i think it is very possible for people to notice minor changes. maybe not the random person on the street but your average gamer will.

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To be fair, the difference of 15ms and 5ms it isn’t really that noticeable to anyone. We’re talking 0.01 of a second. Hell, at 240fps each frame is only up on the screen for a little over 4ms (100fps is 0.01 seconds). No one has that level of reaction time.

yeah you see all the pros playing on tvs over 1ms gaming monitors, only few ms difference why bother. may aswell just mix in console players into owl as well.

Want to talk about pros? I played CS professionally back in highschool (back when it was sponsored by Qualcomm). It really doesn’t make as much difference in a match, you’re not going to have a reaction time fast enough for it to matter.

You’re basic talking about noticing the difference between 240fps and 239fps. That’s the thing, you’re not going to notice without a tool telling you.

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