The input lag is annoying

Try to play in windowed mode upscaled to fullscreen lol

I have an RTX 2080 TI and a 240hz monitor… I still play on low settings. These types of games aren’t made for neat graphics. It’s about any advantage you can get.

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its your setup. I have no input lag whatsoever. has nothing to do with overwatch

i assume that maxes out 300fps and gives you stable sub 5ms latency?

what is your setup?

Already playing in borderless windowed mode scaled to full resolution

press ctrl+shift+N

look at the SIM line, there should be 3 numbers, the right most is your combined input lag it shoudln’t be more than 20ms

more detail here: ULTIMATE Reducing Input Lag Guide (SIMPLE) 🤓

Perfect, now switch to fullscreen mode and play again lol

How to feel? Easy, I aim, then click, then shot doesn’t register, I call bs because crosshair was on point.

8700k, 1080, i changed my max fps in the .ini file to 400 so yes i’m capped out on max fps.
and i play on 240hz.

feels win7user man. Still have no issues, lol

Meh, I remain skeptical of such input lag “measurement”.

In any case, mine fluctuates around 6ms.

you’re skeptical of the in-engine tool the devs built into the game?

well then…

i just got a 240hz monitor today on sale. can only get around 200fps with the 1070 but it has improved input lag and it feels more like its my skill affecting my aim than the hardware bottlenecking it.
i would only recommend 240 over 144 if you are serious about your aiming stats and want nothing interfering. there is not much difference feel wise, not the same as going from 60 to 144.

Yes, because it’s not as straight as taking a ruler and measuring. There’s a lot going on to mess it up.


Well, apex legends is also on source engine, but I feel the input lag is much higher than ow.

1070 can get almost 300fps tho with high texture and AA and everything on low. If you cant get your framerate higher by lower settings, you probably need better CPU or ram.

yeah its really weird. i spent all last night messing around with settings and overclocking cpu and gpu, then i turned on some xmp option in the bios that makes ram work at its fastest speed and i could get 240 with frame rate set auto to the monitor and render scale at auto. could be 16gb ram bottlenecking so might need 32gb.

I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but the answer isn’t going to be that complex. Also I doubt adjusting ram latency (making it work at it’s fastest speed) has anything to do with inputlag. If anything setting latency too short will risk crashes.

You can run the game with no input lag with 4gb, some games can’t even utilize ram above certain levels (I don’t know what Overwatch’s limit is), swapping in to get 32gb isn’t going to get rid of your input lag.

lol, if you didnt turn on XMP profile before, your ram was running way below the rated speed, that is why you can feel a bit laggy. RAM size and speed are totally different, overwatch dont need large ram but need fast ram speed, even 8gb is enough, as long as its running dual channel and above 3000mhz. Without XMP profile enable, most high speed ram will be only running at 2133mhz.

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