The input lag is annoying

i have a 1070 but im forced to play with all low settings to cope with the input lag. any higher and game makes aiming sluggish and my accuracy can drop a few % which is a big deal as it can be a couple of ranks worth of performance difference.
do they add the input lag on purpose to stop people who want to play on high graphics settings having an ‘advantage’. its so annoying you have to have the game look like potato just for it to run responsively.

does anyone get below 5ms?
does anyone know if 240hz monitor reduces the input lag?

V-sync, G-Sync, FreeSync off?

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Turn v-sync off. I dont know why we even have that since we have freesync and g-sync now.

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The higher the FPS the less input lag you get.

Yes, sync is stupid.


Im also on 1070, and get around 180-200fps stable while 1070 is still only 60% usage. What is your CPU and ram? Overwatch is very CPU and ram heavy if you want to keep a stable high framerate without lag.

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16gb ram, i7-6700k 4ghz oc to 4.4, yeah i get upto 180-250 fps depending on render scale.

so annoying you need a beast pc running low settings to get rid of the input lag.

I’ve got a much weaker PC and I have no problem at all. i5 4460 with RX 580.

I assume you tried optimizing your settings properly?

ive done everything i can think, game is set to high priority, gpu is set for max performance, in game settings are all as recommended,. what fps and lag ms do you get?
my game is totally playable i just want to try and get any lag as low as possible because it can mean the difference between a few % accuracy.

How do you even measure that?

The input lag in this game is actually insane. Switching from source games to Overwatch was unbelievably hard, and my aim feels so smooth whenever I go back to play some TF2.



Litterially all you need to do, you also don’t even need “a beast of a machine”, “a 240-hz monitor”, or running @250fps (if you don’t even have a 240-hz monitor, why are you running at 250fps?).

Really, one setting. Turn off V-sync in game and if that doesn’t change anything you may need go into your Nvidia settings > goto Overwatch > disable V-sync.

I’m usually not snarky but it seems like you’re just ignoring everyone’s advice… Plus wrong sub-forum.

i dont have, and have never had, v sync on.

Did you check your Nvidia global settings or your Nividia settings governing Overwatch? Remember adaptive, fast-sync, and some other settings in Nvidia properties aren’t the same as disabling V-sync.

yeah, its all optimised for performance. maybe 10-20ms of input lag is ok and normal for the average player but i would like at least 5ms. i used to have a 15ms monitor and then got a 1 ms monitor and did side by side reaction speed test and the 15ms monitor significantly bottlenecked reaction speed. its horrific that the game can add that kind of thing onto your game on top of the ping, it is a competative issue because it undermines fair competition.

Did you tried the reduced buffering option ingame? Also in Nvidia control, find program setting, under overwatch, change max pre render frame to 1 should help too. Also you can find overwatch.exe, rightclick, in properties, choose disable full screen optimization.

Are you sure it’s input lag and not normal network latency?

(And I assume you have Reduce Buffering on?)

Also, do you know your RAM’s speed? That can affect OW a lot.

i play all low, vsync off obv, reduce buffering on.
believe my SIM is like 2-3ms

how even to feel this input lag, i dont understand. Everything working perfect for me, I aim, then click, then shot registered, thats all…

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Try to play in windowed mode upscaled to fullscreen lol

I have an RTX 2080 TI and a 240hz monitor… I still play on low settings. These types of games aren’t made for neat graphics. It’s about any advantage you can get.

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