The idea of buffing Sombra was good, but perhaps she got too many buffs


Then why does she still have one of the lowest pick rate and win rates even a week after the buffs?

The healthpack nerf was pretty massive. The buffs she got compensated and tilted it in the favor of an overall buff rather than nerf.

Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not, but I’m pretty sure she’s only top 10 in GM currently.(From Jeff’s list)


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When Junkrat got buffed last autumn a lot of people thought he was op. The same thing is happening to sombra. The community needs time to adjust to sombra’s changes. When niche heroes suddenly rise out of irrelevance, it can feel like a rude awakening.


She isnt even on the list in gm I don’t think.


If I recall correctly, she was number 7 or 8? She wasn’t too high on the list though.


Overbuff says 11th
Jeff says


I agree it’s too much but as a player I like it when things get buffed too much over not gettting buffed at all or even worse everything else gets nerfed coughbungiecoughdestinycough to be brought down to her level.

I’m fine with her right now. I think there needs to be an adjustment period to learn how to play around her first. Then if she’s still op she should be nerfed sligthly.


Before the buff she could barely get people hacked, she usually ended up dead or her enemies had enough time to escape or defend themselves. The speed of the hack is necessary for her to be in a good place.

Most people are focusing too much on who she is strong against, and forgetting that she is vulnerable to others, personally i have no problem with Sombra due to the heroes i play.

Bastion counter to Tracer? uhm… what??

The only thing in my opinion that might be a bit much is the duration of the hack it is a bit long indeed. The translocator one is just a quality of life one, the spread is needed because her role as an offensive character was laughable before, and the speed in which she hacks is also needed for that ability to be actually useful.


And still get stopped by 1 damage


Finally a dps that can damage someone

Now hacking a dps is as viable as hacking a tank

That’s called buffing a bad hero

So the game should be balanced around half a dozen people who don’t even use her that much?


Ahh, must’ve misread it. Thanks for correcting me!


Shoving massive amounts of changes on one character just makes it harder to balance, both good or bad. No reason not to do more frequent but smaller buffs. They are basing most of their balancing off internal play testing which is just as bad as PTR, there just isn’t enough data to make an accurate adjustment.


Revert hack speed, everything else is fine.


Having her ult charge at a normal rate isn’t a huge nerf, it’s a necessary nerf. Sombra can get still get her ult faster than a lot of characters, if you focus tanks you can build your ult very fast because they are just big defenseless ult batteries when they are hacked.

The reason sombra hasn’t jumped a bunch in play time is because people are still learning to play her after seeing how viable she just became. She’s not gonna instantly rise in play time because she is pretty hard to play but she is going to slowly rise until she’ll be in almost every game from mid plat to gm.


Right now I’m in a wait and see kind of mode for Sombra. It’s not I don’t think she needs nerfing, it’s that I want to see what Brigitte offers against her. Who knows, Brigitte might be her counter.


She needed these changes. I’m fine with all but the complete crippling of Lucio. Most Sombra mains I’ve talked with think it was a bit much.


Blockquote[quote=“Vendamar-1771, post:12, topic:22785”]
Before the buff she could barely get people hacked, she usually ended up dead or her enemies had enough time to escape or defend themselves. The speed of the hack is necessary for her to be in a good place.


No, before her buff, the hack time was ok, perharps a liiiitle to high, I would accord it, but it was closer to be balanced than right now. If you end up being dead after trying to hack someone, perharps it’s not the character who is broken but your positionning, I’ve watched some Sombra mains in GM and they were able to hack people.

[quote=“Vendamar-1771, post:12, topic:22785”]
Most people are focusing too much on who she is strong against, and forgetting that she is vulnerable to others, personally i have no problem with Sombra due to the heroes i play.

That’s what I said, her 2 main counters are not even counters to her right now, kill a sombra is really hard since she can translocate right before dying, that’s why the hook and flashbang were her 2 main counters. But I would be very interested to know how lucio and soldier are counters to her right now

Yeah, he was, and he was countering genji as well because he was unkillable

I am not overreacting to her buffs, I think I have a pretty neutral view of the situation since I play the game to have fun with my friends, I said that I agreed to her being buffed, and the majority of her buffs, but right now, she has been over-tuned and we can feel it.


McCree is out when he get’s hacked? What level are you playing at?

I’m a Sombra main and I almost never hack McCree because it’s pointless - I will simply give off my position by doing so and he will 2 shot me down… The only case I may hack him is when he clearly goes for a bs, 100% relaying on his flash bang (probably out of position too) support kill, because I may prevent the disadvantageous trade.

In my opinion Sombra is right now in the same place where Pharah was. She never got nerfed, people just started to use their brains and learned how to play against her.


That’s the whole point of my post, I said that these were individually FINE, but she might not need to get all of them

  1. Sombra’s priority should be the supports, NOT the tanks. You’re just giving the enemy supports ult charge by peeling their tanks.
  2. She jumped a bunch in pickrate percentage when the changes hit live servers because everyone thought she’d be OP. Her pickrate dropped a few days later after people realized she’s not as strong as we thought she’d be.
  3. I see her maybe 1/4 games in my Masters games and I barely see her in my Gold games on PC. The fact that she’s in games now is a good sign, not a bad sign. If she gets to the levels of pre-nerf Mercy pickrate then we can talk about toning her down, but that isn’t the case and doesn’t seem like it WILL be the case.


Just because one character is strong does not mean they should have highest pick rate. Widow can be a game changer if the person playing it can line up headshots. But not everyone with good mechanical skills play her (some prefer gengi or tracer), although each hero can be a game changer in a way. The reason Sombra will always be picked less compared to other heroes is because of her play style. You can’t dash in like with gengi or tracer and get kills and dash out. You can take high ground like with soldier or Mccree and line up those clutch headshots and change the outcome of the fight.
But, Sombra right now still completely changes the outcome of every fight. She indeed needed some buffs to her spread etc. to make her a better damage dealer and let play a role in every team fight. Now with the spread reduce, hack time buff, translocator buffs etc (and dont forget that although her EMP doesnt charge as fast, her gun buff and hack buff still help her charge it fast, just not by camping hacked packs anymore). She can cancel almost every ult in the roster in under a second to cancel there ult (and although this was possible before its almost impossible to stop now compared to before).
She’s strong in quick play and all but playing her in comp and communicating with the team just unleashes her full potential and having played with some really good Sombras in diamond, its only time till Blizzard realizes her potential and tune her back a little bit.