The Hypocrisy with Mercy/Why a Rework would be healthier for the game

RIP-Tire is unfun for me. Can’t wait for that rework lmfao.

This is a fallacy. Tempo rezzing and actively participating in the fight has always been the best strategy.

Neither is rip tire and every other wiping ult.

Valkyrie is best utilised by staying as far as possible from the fight. The polar opposite of engaging.

People were mad when they reworked her. They really don’t care…


No there wasn’t. There was reason to change Resurrect on Q to provide more counterplay and give her an E ability to compensate.

It wasn’t. It needed iterated on, and like I said in my original post, every ultimate does exactly the same thing at the end of the day. They’re all unfun to play against.


That was only effective in low rankings and it was a rarity at best. Like I said in my original post.

On the contrary. It provided a play-making ability for Mercy and it was thrilling to pull off at the perfect times. You’re looking at the side of “Well I’m a DPS and it wasn’t fun for me to have my kills reverted because I didn’t even care about the enemy Mercy.”

Mercy mains are the players that play that hero the MOST and know how she feels and what she needs the best.

If mains don’t matter than the effective Overwatch playerbase doesn’t matter. Everyone has a main whether they like to say they do or don’t.

Example of Blizzard hypocrisy

Once upon a time… Blizzard said she’s supposed to be a solo target healer

A rework later

She now has the AoE heals when in Valkyrie.

Keep in mind that this is one example.

Just because people refuse to believe it doesn’t mean it’s not true. They are hypocrites.


No it is true.

They came out and said the issue was it was disheartening to play against. That’s literally every ultimate in the game. So why is it okay to use it as an excuse to rework Mercy but not other heroes? It’s hypocritical at it’s core.

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It’s different to say that you simply enjoy a character more than the others than simply playing said character all the time on every situation, furthermore, if what you say is true then that means that you should love playing as said character without a care for how they balance her

Both statements don’t coincide with what you say, therefore, you are simply making excuses as to why you dislike the changes, true mercy mains enjoy her in every single iteration she’s been in, simple as that, the rest? nostalgia seekers and cultist

You think people who main her should like her state even if it’s bad? This is by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard so far…


Other heroes HAVE been reworked because of this but more importantly this was but one of the many reasons they gave and there were many MANY more

I love the character, but right now I don’t enjoy playing her. It’s a chore. Does that mean I’m no longer a Mercy main or a Mercy player? No. It means my hero was gutted and changed to please a crowd that dislikes the character.

If they gutted your main, would you enjoy playing them? I don’t think so. You’d probably be on here doing exactly what I’m doing.

You’re being ridiculous here. Just because I main a hero means I HAVE to enjoy whatever the devs do that hero?

numbers show that she is nowhere near bad, so what you don’t enjoy comes from nostalgia, however, thank you for insulting me, you have been flagged

No they haven’t.

Not one hero has been reworked because their ‘ultimate felt disheartening to play against’ besides Mercy.

It feels like you’re just trolling me here.

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Numbers don’t define the balance state of a hero…

Never said you were stupid. Simply said what you were advertising is stupid but go ahead and false report me. Could care less…

Yes! because what you enjoy they kept! no hero has been changed so much that its core mechanics change, rez still requires a ton of awareness and you still have to fight with tooth and nail to use it when you most need it, saying that they destroyed Mercy is simply preposterous

We are not required to enjoy a hero that we main. Get that through your head. Saying stuff like this is what derails your argument. (Not that it was any good)

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You’re clearly deluded here then.

I main Sombra as well, I hate her current state, but I love the hero.
I main Mercy, I hate her current state, but I love the hero.

I know Bastion mains that hate his current state, but love the hero.
I know Symmetra mains that hate her current state, but love the hero.
I know Torbjorn mains that hate his current state, but love the hero.

Same thing with Reinhardt, Roadhog, and others.

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20 char

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Deluded? really? you simply lack the ability to process logic, if your so called main is something that you despise why in the world would you play it? do you love what you hate? is black white???

And a particular rework suggestion obtained nearly 500 upvotes in less than a week.

Pretty sure that 479 > 25.

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Oh my gosh… I main Mercy because I am the best with her. Does that mean I enjoy playing her? Of course not…

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I literally just said I love the hero, but I just hate how they’ve been treated and how horribly balanced they are.

You can do that, you don’t have to love how your main performs in order to actually main them. I know people that main heroes and don’t even enjoy the hero in any shape or form anyway.

THEN DON’T PLAY HER and let those who DO enjoy her