The HP bar color change on allies is hard to see!

When I change the colors using the Colorblind options in settings, it also changes your ally’s health bar to that color. It wasn’t like that on the last-last patch. It used to be white and I could easily tell when an ally is getting close to critical health. But now it just blends with the background, especially if I set it to green and then the lost HP is just a slightly more transparent green. It’s not really something I could easily see. The color change is good, it just affects my game sense a little bit as a healer main.

EDIT: The Ana ‘naded’ effect still is a little weird. Sometimes it wouldn’t show on my healing bar that someone is naded unless I look at the bar above my ally. It’s also hard to determine whether it’s my ally got a good nade or not because both healed and unhealable effects are both white in color.


Yeah, I noticed that, too. Please revert this behaviour.

White friendly health bars were easy to see for everybody (color blind or not), but these new colored health bars are not good.

  • As a healer dark colored friendly HP bars don’t work well against noisy backgrounds. It makes it hard to see if people are missing HP or not. White/grey HP bars can be easily read against any background by everybody.

  • Certain color combinations are really hard to see. I like “neon blue” because it looks just like standard blue (but gives me better visibility on hero outlines and the kill feed), but I can’t use it any more now because full HP, no HP and shields (Sym/Zarya/Zen) all look more or less the same

Kolorblind wrote in another thread about this topic:

Oh, and it would be great if the devs could add a “neon red” color option!
I want to make use of the advantages of custom colors (better visibility of the kill feed and outlines), but I can’t get used to enemies being any other color than red.


New PTR patch Nov 19th: unfortunately no improvements regarding the HP bar colors.

WTF; How is it hard to see - a color that you have specifically chosen to help aid your color blind disorder. ?
Gunna have to adress Jeff kepan on that

Well, “neon blue” for example was just like standard blue. The HP bars where white (just like standard blue) and everything was fine and nicely visible.

Suddenly someone at blizzard decided to color the HP bars as well, and now the HP bars are not white any more, but just look like characters with shields (Zen, Zarya, Sym).

It’s not our choice, our choice were white HP bars. Blizzard decided to screw it up afterwards.

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I am glad I found this post I thought my eyes were going crazy when my friends couldn’t tell what I was talking about

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Why the hell they change this. It was fine.
Does not sound good for someone with bad sight/colour-blindness like me and many others.

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latest PTR patch: the color bar change was not reverted yet. :frowning:

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can we get some kind of response on this? there are still other color related bugs too…

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Blizzard discriminates Color Blind people!

why i cant do it i dont have this option