The Healing Overwatch Needs ☀


There are a lot of things devs know. Still, there are a lot of things they’re missing.

  • People play games primarily for fun.

Devs trying to make us feel better about the toxicity in the game with their posts about how “LFG” and “Endorsements” lowered the toxicity in certain regions. May I have some info about “EU” region actually?

But still, most of the people don’t appreciate the changes. Plus people stopped talking about how toxic this game is. They become toxic in it and spreading back.


  • Did anyone heard any bad comments on the new map?

Doesn’t it look good? Don’t you like to see those boats float around? What about the artifacts you can see in the attack spawn?

  • But you always hear about Snipers and Brigitte right?

Hanzo is op, Widow is op, Brig is easy. They are not fun to play against.

Actually, most of the players don’t think this game is still fun like it used to be. “It used to be” This is a strong word for Overwatch.
People had a game like Overwatch before. Team Fortress. Still, Overwatch was a “fresh” “shiny” “fun” fast-paced game.

I do remember people were talking about how Soldier looked easy to them and I remember Seagull’s Genji plays on the world cup. Back then a lot of heroes were op actually. The game is in a much better state but still, people don’t seem happy.

This might be the best fps you can play today. Why you’re not happy, right?

I love this game and I want to see Overwatch in a better state. Please, devs you need to do something.

These are the solutions I come up with.

  • Smurfing needs to come to an end!

So we can have a better ladder to play in. Better teams, better and fair matches.

  • Role select is needed!

So we can have better teams, less anxiety before matches and more respect for the matchmaking.

  • Endorsement system needs negative level!

So you can spot bad behavior easier to ban and clean them out for a better overall experience.

Note: Counter-Strike is suffering because of cheaters. I’m happy, we don’t have much of that in Overwatch. But still, I don’t want Overwatch to suffer because of own problems.


Not everyone is going to be pleased all the time, unfortunately. But I think I’m with you, G4F. I’d really like smurfing to come to an end and would like for their to be a way to flag or warn future players that maybe this one particular player can be a jerk or might be a smurf!

But, hey, I’m still happy to play the game and enjoy the fun it brings no matter who I’m up against or matched with.

You mentioned role select before matches. What do you mean by that? I’m new here, so please pardon my ignorance.


If youll allow me to id like to give some constructive criticism. TBH i havent read into detail on the buffs and nerfs in the upcoming patches but id like to say that briggete needs to be looked at from a couple feet back because she is a little bit to how do i say … overpowered. I understand shes supposed to be a tank dps healing hybrid but she does to much damage with significant range to boot and on the other hand her healing out heals most damage sources that are not constant and even then her abilities allow for ease of access to cover i hope you read this and take it to heart and nerf her thank you for your time


The games in a far worse state. Skilled play isnt rewarded as much. Look at season2 /season 3 that was the apex of skilled play and fun. Since then its been downhill