The GM Support Meta (ANA)

This speech is ridiculous. Would you like to see the same heroes at GM? Not me. Because then it is also reflected in OWL and contenders. Comp photocopy bored. Main supports directly or indirectly influence or determine the current meta. If only Ana dominates in high rank, we only see a dominant meta. If you like to see in OWL always the usual comp, good for you.
Currently for the dominant Ana problem, we are with a meta of 3 tanks. Nice meta eh :roll_eyes:.
All three main supports must be viable for various comps. Depending on the map or team management there must be a decision-making process to choose one of the three, not just one.


If they balance mercy for gm with her current mechanics, its the only thing you’ll see in your games

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When they buff mercy, everyone will scream op and ruin her again and again until blizzard fully reverts her. This entire community is filled with crybabies who whine about just about anything that counters them or outsmarts them. I mean, look at brig, she is becoming more and more weaker to the point, dive will fully come back and we all know we all hated dive especially the supports.


I cannot agree more. Mercy and Moira are held back by a general lack of utility. And they lack utility specifically because of how easy they are to play. When Mercy did have utility, with 10 second rez, she was crazy op because the required skill level was rather minimal.

It severely outclassed Anas utility because hers were harder to land. And Moira can pump out so much healing, and has enough mobility, that giving her increased utility would also probably throw off the balance more.

Now, Mercy suffers from the same issue I hoped her rework would fix. Mid fight potential. Unfortunately not much can be done with her if we want rez in her kit. Moira on the other hand, I don’t feel is actually that bad. She just has a sort of weird niche where she’s competing with Ana for triple tank healer spots. If you’re worried about your aim, you can run a Moira and feasibly do well. Otherwise it just makes more sense to run Ana. I’m not sure what could be done with her. Maybe decreasing the hit detection on her weapon but giving her more DPS could carve her out a more defined niche? A greedy, aggressive healer. The Waluigi of healers, if you will.

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Well, if you enjoy playing Ana I think it would be in your interest to wish for a diverse support meta before Ana starts being considered a “must-pick”. People have used pick-rates to motivate crying out for nerfs for a long time. If one support hero becomes too dominating you risk receiving nerfs to promote a more diverse healing meta, and nerfs don’t necessary come at the right parts of the kit. I wouldn’t wish such a horrible fate on Ana players after they finally have a hero they can play again.

Here’s a rework with decent mix-fight utility.


If you think Moira does a ‘ton’ of damage, then you know nothing. Her primary damage ability has the lowest DPS in the game.

Regarding her heals:

  • She needs her team to stay close to heal them
  • Can’t effectively heal people on the high ground
  • Can’t get to peope from a distance unless she uses Fade which then leaves her super vulnerable
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Good. She deserves to be the best main healer by miles.


Thank god you’re not on the balance team.


I don’t agree with buffing Mercy unless they make her harder to play. At the very least, leave her skill floor the same but raise her skill sealing and potential.

I don’t think Mercy with her current skill requirement should compete with Ana in GM. If she remains as easy as she is, she should also remain a situational pick.


I wouldn’t say by “miles” but yeah, I have no problem with her being the best by a slight margin.

So you like to play GM with 3 tanks and 3 support? Or play with 3 tanks, 2 support and only one dps? I take note.
Because if Ana dominates at high rank this happens.

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Tell me again, why do you think that holding left click should be as good as managing and aiming 14 shots?
Oooh game senssss! Ana requires 3000x more game sens to play than mercy.
Muh positioning! Mercy can reposition every 1.5 secs. Ana doesn’t have any mobility.

Mercy is inferior to Ana in every single aspect in the game.


This happened after another 0 skill hero was added to the game.
If brig went away, I’m 100% sure we are gonna see ana in dive as well.

And yeah, dive was the best meta.


moira is a one-note, poorly designed hero that can only heal and not do much else

i don’t think she can ever be meta unless tanks completely dominate the game

I agree. They need to nerf Ana’s Rez so it’s more comparable to Mercy’s.

Tell you again? Sweetie, I never said this.

Pulling numbers out of thin air, I see. Nonetheless, I obviously know that this is partially true (the numbers are extremely off). That being said, to compensate Mercy has no damage, no reliable mid-fight utility and has significantly lower heals in comparison to the 2 other main healers.

And that’s a problem. Specifically, it is a urgent balance concern.


I’ve seen it actually. I generally dislike rez as an ability overall, regardless of whether it is an ult or a regular ability. When the Mercy community is happy with it, no one else is and vice versa.

IF we insist on keeping rez, I would definitely say lock it behind ult though. My two preferences would be the easy one, or the different one. The easy one would be to make it useable in valk only.

The interesting one (to me) is you give her a hybrid single/mass rez ult. Give her a set time in which she can rez as many people as possible. Each rez has a small cast time. Then, it offers greater thought in how you use it, while still offering high potential and counter play options. You can get a 5 man rez, if you’re really good, but most likely you’ll die without your team there. Or you can use it as a mid fight ult to keep your team pushing. Basically the more people dead, the greater the risk but the higher potential. I was going to make a thread about this, but no one wants another mercy thread. :sweat_smile:

Of course I also wouldn’t mind completely removing rez. Bump up her healing a bit, and give her a new e ability (doesn’t matter what). Then give her pistol a faster projectile speed, so it can be used more accurately and actually offers Mercy more possible situations where you can use your pistol instead of running away.

That not only makes her have more transferable skills, and more thought involved in her playstyle, but also makes use of her most under used kit piece. She has decent damage on her gun, making it more consistent might help the community swallow her “low skill”. And makes good mercy players better.

Yours is an opinion, the many to be annoyed.
If we continue with these arguments we will always have fossilized meta. The game to benefit in spectacularity and health needs all 3 main supports to be viable. Ana, moira e mercy they must have equal opportunities.
If you like the dive, that’s fine, but with the dive back mercy(or lucio + zen). Ana in dive has nothing to do with it. But the dive does not have to be a dominant meta.


In case anyone is curious, here’s what these numbers look like after estimates to correct win rates for mirror matches using pick rates under probabilistic assumptions (to get true, hero-driven win rate). Formulae and derivations can be found here.

Hero Pick Rate Win Rate
Ana 88.4% 82.1%
Lucio 36.8% 53.4%
Brigitte 33.7% 56.5%
Zenyatta 30.4% 59.5%
Moira 7.9% 51.8%
Mercy 7.3% 50.5%

Caution: There are some potential issues with these estimates that stem from (a) the caveats discussed in the derivation details (like counter picking) and (b) suspicious weirdness in the source data from Overbuff (I’d guess due to counting hero pick “events” rather than matches). And I would be really careful with your interpretation of Master and GM data, because you might be measuring a lot of individual player performance rather than hero performance. I don’t know what Overwatch’s population size looks like at that level, but for most games top tier data is super sketchy.