The game runs worse for me after update


Us console players have to have a solid 60. Deal with it.


Man I wish I ever got 190 fps in this game.


so instead of doing something actually productive, you’re going to complain because I save my money to buy a good pc to run games at a high fps for my monitor. dont post anything if you’re just gonna be rude.


I never complained about your money or anything, I could care less. The fact is you should be thankful you have a high FPS, some people can’t even run 30


Still it sucks when performance drops by over 30%. The game is more responsive and have less input delay on higher frames. Losing that screws with your aim.


Again, why do you care whether or not I’m “thankful” for a high fps, I normally play the game at a constant 240 fps and thats what im used to, im looking for an answer as to why it made such a big drop down to 190 and then continued to fall. Go take your “console pride” somwhere else because I’m not looking to be insulted just because I have a high fps


What model of monitor do you have that is 240hz?


I used to be able to play it at over 100 fps. I took a long break from playing and now it has gone down to 40-50 and for some reason drops to 7-10 any time I use the settings. I’m re-installing the game because I refuse to believe that it’s my laptop when I can play GTA V and Fallout 4 at a stable 60 fps on max settings. (Fo4’s fps is capped so it’s probably higher there)


i forgot the exact model, but its a BenQ one.


Did the settings reset?


I have noticed fps drops too since new patch.


Is it such a big problem? I have 70 fps only.


lol then buy a PC instead of playing on a wooden console :smiley:

its your fault… i mean choice.


Try to scan and repair the game files in the Bnet launcher. Sometimes downloads mess up and a file gets broke.

This fixes most post-update issues for me.


Yes. Because it makes your high-refresh monitor pointless and it feels a lot different to play with.


try not thinking from a perspective besides your own. Me going from 240 to around 100 would feel equivalent to you going from 70 down to like 45, it makes the game feel worse to play and messes up my aim.


Oh dear…
20 chars…


Hey everyone, I do recommend try resetting your in-game video settings and then readjust them. I also have advanced performance tips here:


XL2540 or XL2546?

I was looking at those and the Asus…but will probably go with 1440p 165hz…


XL2540 is what i have. I like some of the color options in it for R6 because it just makes it easier to spot people in dark areas.