The game just disconnected me from my competitive game

See this for details:

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Hello everyone!

We believe we have identified and resolved the network issue that caused these disconnections. Thank you for your patience, and best of luck in your adventures :slight_smile:

Hey, it just happened again, like 3 minutes ago, and we los 50 SR even though we weren’t even on a match. WTH Blizz?

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hey same here
i play mei in the comp,we win,and then suddenly take me back in the main menu,and it said
[the sever crashed due to an unexpected error]
what just happen???
i also drop 50 sr

can you give us back sr?when i join the game i am 1599 sr and i win so i should 16XX sr,but i just drop to 1549sr…

{[i didn’t cheat]}{[i won’t cheat]}

I got dc-ed and when I log-in back I got suspended??? What the hell? It was less than even 1min, I don’t even have to option to rejoin the game. GIVE ME BACK MY SR PLEASE! The community is already toxic enough to see toxic player every round dropping SR non-stop, and still we are to get this! WHY???

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you got suspended too??..we are same dude…


Three times now over the last couple days. 3 times my game crashes and I get bloody suspensions. Now its up to 30 minute suspensions. They need to get it together, this is bloody ridiculous. That’s 150 skill points lost. That’s like losing 7 games in a bloody row. Infuriating that you get punished for their problems. Game should at least be able to detect if its a crash, or ALT-F4 / Exit.

Why not get your developers to start supporting technology instead of giving pretty little trinkets. This why WoW sucks and Overwatch is a shamble that I have to use EVGA precession to watch my voltage and temps.

Got a 980 SLI with three 1080p monitors. Yet the trash code from Blizzard shows while Ballistic Overkill supports Eyeinfinity and Surround plus dose not kill the VRMs in such a manner that they crash the OS. I am not even going to go over how Blizzard treats the network stack. Elder Scrolls eats WoW and a Indy title supports better coding practices instead of sending thier development to India where the term “curry code” came to be.

Everyone, the post you responded to is nine days old and is not directly related to your problems.

After looking around based on the frequency of your posts, there may have been a network provider that impacted a portion of our community, but I am guessing it is long resolved by now. As always disconnections counts as leaving and will be penalized appropriately. Lost SR from a single penalty is often easily regained within a few games played as it works to realign with your hidden matchmaking rating. Details on the policy behind the leaver penalties can be found here: