The game just disconnected me from my competitive game

I was in the middle of a competitive game when the game suddenly put me on a screen, where I have to wait for others to join before me.

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Same here! i hope we dont get suspended for this :confused:

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Same… “Unexpected Server Error”. Fortunately, I was in QP.

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Lately people left and right have been disconnecting at the start of comp matches. On the third time it happened in a row I got kicked out. Now I can’t connect.

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I was just changing my player icon and yup happened to me too.

Same thing happened to me. It disconnected me then tried to reconnect me then couldnt. I tried to just log in and aparently the servers down but my boyfriends and mum are playing just fine.

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Hang on everyone, I am checking with Blizzard Tech Support right now. I do believe there is a mass issue in progress.

Please avoid Competitive Play for now. Penalties cannot be reversed. Details here:


small indie company sorry boys

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Same, we were just seconds from an Epic win too… game was on overtime, just did a 3 person hammer down, killed 2 people and was busy whacking soldier in the face when I got d/ced. :frowning:

I’m kinda glad it isn’t just me. I was in comp when it happened too : P

It started with 6 people leaving before my game crashed, then it disconnected me as well.

I also got d/ced. Won’t let me log back in either.

I skipped work just to have a day of playing OW. And now this…

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Was on bonus wave 3 on junkenstein endless expert when I got dc’d fml

Glad to know its a server error and not a connection error on my end.

Ugh, I FEEL YOU! ;_;

THIS IS BS. 100SR LOSS because the servers went down. Struggling to climb up and now im like 5-6 game behind? About ready to delete the game and move on. We were DESTROYING in a comp game. Won the first round like nothing, just to all get kicked and lose SO MUCH. Games gunna go downhill fast if they dont at least try to make things better.


Blizzard is now investigating and working to resolve the issue as fast as possible:

Hang on everyone!

From what I understand, is this because of the release of Black Ops? If so, it is still complete bullsh*t that we have to suffer because of a glitch in their servers, they should repay us somehow for our unexpected crashes and wasted time.


I feel you, exact same thing happened, 3 guys left immediatly, then I disconnected :C

I hope it’s resolving the issue and REPAIRING THE DAMAGE DONE :'c