The game is basically full of Smurfs

That’s not actually what he said, but regardless, he made that comment quite a while ago.

More recently Jeff acknowledged that smurfs are a problem and that they’re working on a solution.


I’ve said this many times so why not here as well.

What is it that smurfs are doing wrong? They are playing the game in a rank the game thought was accurate.

If they throw to stay low then throwing is the issue. If they just happen to place gold then there is literally nothing they can do but play there. (happened to this account on support despite me playing the exact same way that got me here).

Throwing is the issue. What most people would consider smurfing is a result of either throwing or the pathetic state of initial placements.


I think that this could be a console only fix since he talks about the account creation, if that’s how they tackle it I don’t think it would translate to PC.
I’m not sure what platform op uses but i thought I’d point it out

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the border doesn’t mean anything tho

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NO, the problem is they are not using that same account all the time, so the game CAN’T rank them.

I feel that the game can’t rank someone until they have played over 300 games. as DPS/TANK/SUPPORT are all spit now that would be 900 games.

IMO anyone with a bronze border is a smurf. The game has been around long enough.


The main takeaway is that he admits smurfing is a problem and that they’re working on a solution.

Whatever solution they come up with for console there’s bound to be something similar applied to PC.

Smurfs needs to be fixed with phone number verification. Or paypal verification.

Noone on this planet doesn’t have a phone or paypal. If you’re too young your moms or dads or guardian’s phone or paypal.

This would solve the problem.

But blizzard wants to sell 17 accounts to each smurf cause they are 10 bucks per account so everyone has multiples accounts. Try telling blizzard instead of selling only 1 email an account only stop selling smurfs multiples.

From a business point of view they ignore the issue. But it’s a dirty tactic.

No integrity on blizzards part. They would rather sell more accounts than have straight up legit gameplay in their own pride and joy overwatch.

Dirty business practices if you ask me. Heh.


“IMO anyone with a bronze border is a smurf.”

Not true, I’m in Bronze again(also have a bronze border) after the last few days, went on a 8-10 game losing streak twice with ties sprinkled in. Dropped from 1700 to 1400. I’m not that great but I’m not terrible either. Was working my way up fine and then like a stack of bricks starting a few days after the patch it all went downhill.

I can not tell you how many games in just the last few days, I’ve healed multiple 20k+ games along with 12 Rez’s and lost over and over and over and over…oh and a tie or two to just make it so much fun! :neutral_face:

The amount of smurfs,leavers,throwers and de-rankers makes playing not that much fun, in fact the ONLY reason I’m still playing is to play with my son or I would’ve quit by now. I’m under no illusion that I’m a good player or that I should be ranked higher cause in the end no matter what I’m responsible for being a better player and doing more for my team no matter the circumstances.

Just calling a spade a spade… :man_shrugging:


bronze BORDER, not Bronze Rank…


I have one of those too! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure if the game is already F2P or not but once it turns F2P, the situation is going to get way way worse.

"These guys are level 12 0 star and certainly not at my skill level "

This is such a deceptive statement and you know it. Yes the system thinks that they belong there because they scammed the system.

They know perfectly well that they don’t belong there. It is like saying that a criminal act is OK as long the system aka “the law” does not catch you (like doing an unlawful act that don’t punish minors for example).

This is just a cop out. Just admit it that they want unfair advantage, this is the main purpose of having a smurf - having fun s…ting on people. Yes true people also use smurfs to not compromise their main account but while doing so they make others ow life miserable.
People try to break the system in every game and it is also a part of every game to try to avoid conventional ways that developers put in place.

I accepted smurfing as part of every competitive game and I don’t even blame people that do it (it is just part of human nature) - just don’t deceive people when you are doing it and say it like it is: I love to feel better and above other people. If you are using it for practice probably this thread is not about that type of smurfs and they are not in bronze from masters.


We have way too many players like that

I’m plat, attempting to reach diamond. I grouped up with a bunch of low-mid diamond players to help push me in what diamond games look-and-feel like.

Sure enough, we go against an entire bronze-border, diamond opposing team. My team reassured me that team is nowhere near diamond-level players and are probably closer to at least GM players.

I left my team after a few rounds because we ended up facing the same team again for a 2nd-comp game in a row and I felt like I was under-performing and dying too much. While I know this wasn’t a real diamond game, it really discouraged me to see what I’d be up against. Ended up joining a gold-team instead.

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they played the game. the highest ive ever seen someone place is low diamond.

it arguably is. laws mean nothing unless they are enforced. the morality of it is a different story.

no, i wanted an alt to learn new heros on. the game placed me in gold and i had to climb my way to masters. there is no way around that. its either that or i ruin games higher up the ladder, probably seeing the same people multiple times.

goes both ways bud. i would ruin high ranked games if i decided i wanted to learn widow, difference is id see the same people over and over again in my main rank whereas in diamond there is enough of a population for me to never see the same person twice.

its not breaking the system though, if i could place masters i would, that physically isnt an option on a new account.

youre making massive generalisations that dont apply to me and probably dont apply to most “smurf accoutns”. most smurf accoutns are people that think the system is out to get them and they have some anchor stats that keep them from ranking up. they then proceed to place where they usually would and then pretend that their main is gm and that they arent trying.

again, if someone is throwing to stay bronze then throwing is the issue. if they bought a low ranked account then thats against tos. the act of having 2 accounts in different ranks is not.

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I think the one generalising is you. Look at this thread look at multiple threads. Do you think people complain about people being in diamond instead of masters?

Yes exactly “bud”. You prefer to not ruin games of your peers rather you choose to play suboptimal below your rank. Sure “bud”


It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If players aren’t buying new accounts the game will not keep going. The whole loot box buying thing died off quickly as players were getting everything available.

yes i do think people complain about masters in diamond. just like diamonds in plat and plats in gold. ive also seen it go the other way with tank queus, diamonds in masters ect.

no, i prefer to play in a rank that is reflective of my skill on the hero i am trying to learn. i would ruin games, seeing the same people multiple times (aka ruining more of their games than that of people in a rank where i would never see them again.)

now, how about we stop cherry picking things to reply to and offer your counter argument to the rest of my points?

Oh but we are also cherry picking “bud”. This is why quote function is for and we didnt even quote the whole context just a par of the sentence. What about if we apply our logic to us first?
But that is not all we also use some condescending wording to feel more right or superior but oh well it goes with smurfing right? :smile:

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the context of your post doesn’t change my responses. why? because i didn’t take them out of context.
also, id like an example of what you consider to be condescending if you dont mind