The game has become nearly unplayable, and I don't know why

I have been having a game-breaking problem recently, where it appears that a LOT of my hits (50% or more) are not counting/doing damage. I don’t know why either. I don’t want to think that most of the people out there are suddenly hackers.

I’m trying to figure out why, since this has severely impacted my enjoyment of the game. Are there in-game options, or potentially something my system is doing that I can adjust to correct this problem? I’ve tried doing online searches, but most of the results are old posts or videos that have had similar issues to this in the past.

This started around the same time that I got a new PC, which is why I think it is a game option (something I couldn’t do before) or a system option (because Win 10 is a mess).

Any help would be appreciated.

This can be caused by latency issues. I’d start with these steps: Common Connection and Latency Issues

I thought it might have been latency at first as well, but my latency hasn’t changed between systems. (roughly 80ms). I ran through some of the troubleshooting that was linked, just in case.

From testing out different options, the issue appears to possibly be graphics related. When I have the graphics set to high settings, it occurs more often, and on low, it hardly occurs at all. So I’ll just keep the settings on low and mourn the loss of all the neat things. (like the plants on the Lunar Colony level that I had no idea were there before.)

It could be a simple overheating problem, which could be fixed by cleaning the card or adding more fans/cooling.