The Forums are Extra Toxic

You are right about that man👌

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Everyone already has, no need to ask, we all know how I feel about it.

That doesn’t make me cynical👌

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What? I have not turned more cynical😂

This is what happens when you abandon the forums, idiots start rumors.
…not that I’m responsible for this or anything
makes suspicious octopus noises

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First I’ve heard of it.

And if you are referring to me, I never abandoned the forums, ever.

Not all have turned cynical, and if some have, they have every reason to. Jelly doesn’t play Overwatch anymore, haven’t for a couple months, I love the forums and care about the people on it, that’s why I’m here😉

And are you one of the people who actually think that?

Who else is there, we haven’t seen RichC in a while, same with sunset.

And they still have blatantly lied and been beyond impossibly lazy with addressing issues with their game’s features, player base, bugs, and reworks. But at least for the last thing that’s been terribly slow because every single one so far has managed to gain the absolute vast majority of hate from the people actually playing those heroes, further degrading their game’s quality, and then leave said heroes in a worse state.

Charity doesn’t change the facts.


I’m kidding. All I said was that there are less positive forum gods.

Good thing jam isn’t here lol😂

This would have went differently.

Have a great night man👌

I’m heading to bed☺️

OWL on its own did not do any of those balance changes, The overwatch team have been making odd and drawn out balance changes since before OWL. Just look at Hog.

I cant deny that OWL players concerns towards balance don’t sway the opinion of the balance team, but just because Danteh said that reload should cancel when hacked doesnt mean the balance team implemented it just because he said so. Maybe it was all of the Sombra buff sugestions for 2 years straight?

And don’t even try to tell me they changed mercy in preperation for OWL. People accross all tiers hated mass rez and it was changed because of the geberal consensus that it was counter intuitive for a support character, whose sole purpose was to keep her team alive, to LET them die to get max effect out of her ult.

Also do you have said video where danteh talks about hack canceling reload? Would like to give it a watch.

OWL had EVERYTHING to do with Sombra’s LOS changes not going to the PTR. They pushed for the change so they wouldn’t have to deal with Hack finally being good (I admit, it was really wonky) in the next stage.

IF this was the case, Translocator would have been cancelable by Sombra long before now. Sombra’s kit wouldn’t be bugged to hell and back, and Sombra’s Stealth changes certainly wouldn’t be live.

Pro players hated Mass Rez; statistically it was a well balanced ultimate. But Pro players complained when their ult was countered by an ult, or their team spammed all of their ults without killing the Mercy first or were unprepared with the aftereffect of the ultimate. And when Pro players complain, their fanbases complain.
For the record, Mercy players who let their teammates die to get a sick 5 man Rez are simply bad players. Mercy players who tell their team to bait out ultimates or to push onto point because she can bring them back are good players. Mercy players who run during ult spam that can’t be healed through so they can salvage the fight are also good players. Players that can’t win a 6v5 against a team without the main healer are bad players.

Fairly sure it was in this interview.

You’re acting like the forums have ever not been like this. Players are always mad on here. 90% of the time players seek out the forums it is to complain.

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Forums seem perfect to me :man_shrugging:

This thread is about an increase in toxicity, not the usual dosage.

I trust the OW team, Sombra, Doomfist, Orisa are all heroes I think were awesome contributions to the game (little less enthused about Moira and Brig and Ham is still too new for me to judge)

It’s only that negative if you filter out people’s positive remarks. That being said there does seem to be an overwhelmingly large amount of people on these forums that act extremely entitled. Honestly I think the best thing to do is to ignore them, as hard as that may be. Complete and utter garbage like those threads devoid of constructive feedback, are not worth keeping in circulation, but many of us do because it’s too tempting to speak up with your own opinion.

JellyandJam, Fragehardt, Ivan, Salty, astro and many more.

Why would you EVER trust a faceless corporation who’s sole purpose is to rob you of your money? You think these executive business suits care about any of you? They’re only loyal and caring towards their next pay check. How unbearable naive to you have to be not to see that.

Every hero release aside from 1 or 2 has been a colossal failure.

That’s what happens when you put people on a pedestal. They’re no different to you or me, and they’re certainly prone to the same flaws and criticism as everybody else.

All memes die. Hopefully it will be replaced by one that’s actually funny.

Oh greeeeeat! More superfluous skins in an unnecessary event that does nothing to address the blatant problems this game has. My enjoyment has now just hit the stratosphere.

Highly debatable.

I hate to break it to you champ, but a forum’s entire point is to create discussion. Discussion involves a multitude of people. People have different opinions which leads to arguments. It’s not that hard to process. You’re standing in the fire and complaining that it’s hot.

Toxic has just become another pointless buzzword that people spout regardless of context. It’s applied to literally anything that people consider bad. Whether it be an opposing opinion, different behavior or how people respond. It’s lost all objective meaning and I never take people seriously who rant about it.

You’ve all been given the tools to avoid, mute or block people you don’t like interacting with. If you’re incapable of choosing those options then you probably shouldn’t be online in the first place. You’re all adults. It’s not that difficult.

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And I find it funny, every time we meet on the forums, we never get along😂

Should the devs want to see a complete turnover on toxicity, they would introduce a campaign for each character created. Even small ones would work, for great variety.

If only.

Until then, this game is meant to be and perhaps only be a toxic cash cow for esports and their followers.


The only feedback that they care is the Twitch or Pro players.