The Forums are Extra Toxic

Yes, exactly my thought. The Final Fantasy XIV forums have separate sub-forums for the various classes / roles specifically for that. The General Forum is all about … well… general stuff.

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True, but the game shouldn’t be entirely based around snipers. Then no one will want to play anything other than them. Hanzo can easily shred shields, tanks, and is a headshot machine with the storm arrows to make any flanker spam abilities just so they don’t fall to the bodyshot-melee combo he has.

Widow is just Widow. She’s extremely hard to kill because she’s so far in the backline that you’d need someone like Sombra to just get to her, and she can just grapple away, effectively putting your team in a 5v6 situation while you catch the Widowmaker, and you can make all that effort to get to her, then she just grapples away back to her supports.

How is that skillful if you play a hero that can’t be countered? All you can do for facing Widow is just hope and pray she misses her shots, and for Hanzo just hope his cooldowns are already used.
Not saying that all Widows and Hanzos aren’t skillful, because it takes a long time to get comfy with the characters. Just that it’s such a pain to face them unless you have your own.

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You’re realizing this now? They’ve been toxic ever since the old forums.

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Getting worse though

Can you really blame em?
Most reworks they’ve done have either crippled a hero or ruined them.
They nerfed Mercy 12 times.


The honeymoon period ended officially. That’s what happened.

The hype died down. The initial excitement and freshness wore out.

Reality set in.

This is our reality, folks.


Forums don’t exactly feel toxic to me. :man_shrugging:

Ask Jelly about the lore and he gets upset. I’m the same with the lore and with anything asking for nerfs to pharah. Everyone that was a positive influence is showing up less and less. Their will to fight has been drained. I’ll admit it is wearing on me too, but I’m still fighting. I haven’t seen RichC in a few weeks, SunsetHippo has stopped with asking people how they have been, Fragehardt has popped up occasionally, Reaper has always been cynical but hidden for a while, PostiveGenji hasn’t been seen for a while, JellyandJam has been less and less enthusiastic, and even you have been slowing down a bit lately. We need something to bring back the fight in us. I’ve even been spending more time on discord in the Zen Café server recently than I have on here. Which reminds me we need to get the Zen Café back up and running here.

I hate to admit it, but I’m actually a very cynical person irl.


I’m going to join it soon. Who is on there?

I hope one day the forums will understand that the people who run OWL are not the same people who balance and develope the game.

OWL did not make OW toxic.

OWL did not make poor balance changes.

OWL will not kill overwatch.

Let people enjoy things.


Jelly has noticed, people have been extra toxic lately😭

It’s time to get to work👌


Kids, kids who thinks they’re better than de devs in their jobs, kids who thinks they’re right, i think the mods needs to ban more often for extremely non-sense posts, but if they do, kids thinks the mods are breaking their free-speech, remember this is a PRIVATE FORUM, not public or regulated by any government.

Gamers changed a lot, back in time, gamers adpats to the games, now the games needs to adapt them, if the devs change something, ok post your feedback, but with real arguments or statistics and respecting the decisions of the devs, if you dont have that, be quiet.

I dont know how the devs/mods tolerate some behaviors in this forums, me in their shoes ill ban every stupid appears in this site (and there’s a lot). Guys the devs really hears you, in fact they have some ppl (mods, CM’s, etc…) working and sending insights for improve the game and the environment, but with so many garbage around here, i think that work its stressful.

Sorry for the bad english, it is not my primary lang xd.


I mean, Mercy’s only good because of Rez on a cooldown. Brigitte is only good because of her armor shutting down Dive. Hanzo is only good because he’s basically a hitscan.

I don’t expect the devs to go with changes I want, but I do expect the changes to do something. Mercy is still going to be the best healer, Brigitte’s pickrate/winrate isn’t going to change, and Hanzo is still going to outshine DPS at every range. It’s like they don’t know what’s wrong with the heroes in question.

Which is honestly up to the devs to stop ignoring the community.

There’s no agreement; Hammond is the name he was given when he was being experimented on. It’s not a name he cares for. Wrecking Ball is the name he chose himself, what he prefers to be called. This is canon.

They can be countered, it’s just there are now heroes who counter the counters. Which, all in all, is the name of the game.

OWL did kneejerk nerf Sombra, getting her destroyed without her LOS changes going to the PTR. It’s rumoured that Mercy was also changed in preparation for OWL. And let’s be real; an OWL Pro, Danteh, went on a video and said “I’d like Sombra to be able to cancel Reload with Hack.” A week later, those changes were on the PTR, despite the same beg for QOL from Sombra players for 2 years. You can’t deny that there have been questionable balance decisinos as a result of the OWL.


they are not. you’re getting insta-banned for being toxic. And if you still think they are toxic - you need to change your perception about toxicity

If the game itself wasn’t fun then the forums would have made me quit long ago. Most of the forums are people who want either attention or just want to hate. They want the game to die.

I liked the Pink Mercy event. It was one of very few things I have applauded the Blizzard company over recently. However, my issues with Blizzard staff are many…

  1. Completely ignore all balance issues on PTR and move hero reworks and new heroes to Live anyway unchanged. Then invariably when the changes hit live there is a sudden onslaught of the exact same issues as pointed out weeks before on PTR which only now get fixed. This is a huge waste of time, and an obvious sign that PTR forums are completely ignored.
  2. Refusal to handle support tickets according to the CoC and Report rules. It is terrible when the report says specifically “Gameplay Sabotage is NOT refusing to switch. Do not report for this.” and the CoC says “Do not report someone for playing a hero you dont like” yet a Ticket handler responds to false report bans with something like “It is your own fault for playing that hero. The ban stands.” Someone at Blizzard should be fired for allowing the support staff to say something completely different than the official rules.
  3. People make threads and videos admitting that they are false reporting, but the game staff are not permanently removing their ability to use the report system.
  4. Blizzard made the initial player stats only display how much play time the player had. It failed to display what their Win % was of that highly played hero. Personally I would far rather have that 100 hour Sym with a 70% win rate on my team than a 20 minute Tracer with a 15% win rate. ‘Maybe’ people wouldn’t be so mad about one tricks and off meta heroes if people could have seen that they were ‘good’ at the hero. Instead they made stats private which does nothing to fix this issue.

And then there are my issues with the players who use this forum…

  1. Over and over again when Blizzard decides to change heroes or introduce them someone takes the time to do the actual math analysis. Invariably some people will spam hatred for the doomsayer and tell them to “wait and see”. Over and over again the change happens and people were vindicated in their warnings but the spammers of Blizzard defense NEVER EVEN ONCE will respond to the old thread in apology for doubting the warning and making fun of the poster.
  2. Half the people on these forums do not bother to read what is or is not reportable and so say things like “oh that is reportable I believe so you are in the wrong”. People who have not bothered to read either the in game report info or the Code of Conduct but act like they know everything about the rules.
  3. People who assume they know everything about every other hero in the game and think that anything they think must be the truth. Lost count of how many people say that Moira or Winston has a soft lock weapon for example. (Spoiler: THEY DO NOT!)
  4. Any time someone says something that is an opinion different than their own, 90% of this forum will insult that person without even bothering to read what they are disputing. and a good portion of the remaining 10% might read the whole thing, but refuse to actually do in-game testing before disputing because obviously they must know better…

I could keep going but there are very good reasons why these forums are so Toxic.


Reddit has no balance discussion at all. In main sub-reddit you have endless PoTG clips and bandwagon hate with ZERO discussion (e.g. “Ana buffed, Mercy nerfed, best patch EVER” followed by a chain of quotes and memes). Strats discussion in Overwatchuniversity (the good OW sub), competitive drama and worship in ComptitveOverwatch (with a tiny splash of strats discussion). Then you have each heroes rollouts, which is just posts of mobility tricks for that specific hero.

Some of that’s great stuff, some of it bad, but there is absolutely no arguments on Reddit. Only hive mind.


This is why I disliked the r/overwatch community.

Every attempted discussion I had got instantly downvoted and within less than 5 minutes accumulated enough downvotes to never be seen again.

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Give it a read. Even sections at a time.

I hit on a few points about Balance and Moderation. Along with my frustrations with the moderation team themselves and how I feel like they never listen, let alone successfully moderate.

I’m not arguing, just making a joke because of your wall of text warning. I’m actually reading through it and you have made some decent points with some thought behind them.