The Forums are Extra Toxic

I think there might be at least one of those but peeps know that it gets less traffic so why post there?

weird, thought it was at 11, but even still though, you move at the same speed as them, all it takes is them to walk forward at the same time.

Then juke em into the left click.

There’s almost always a way to create distance as RH.

Whether it’s backing up, going around a wall, or just shooting them in the face with a big ball of scrap that hasn’t exploded yet (it still does 50 damage and can crit). You can use take a breather and survive longer. As well as going into allies.

This has been coming on for a while. Their relative silence and apparant lack of care for the feedback on the forums, on top of some questionable balance choices and sketchy business practices with the all-consuming entity of the OWL. You can actually pinpoint where people stopped believing the devs at their word to this post, which was when Kaplan admitted he didn’t know Doomfist had bugs despite three megathreads and two bug reports depicting them, when he laughed at the complaints about Genji’s former deflect hitbox.

This is standard forum behavior. Everyone has something to complain about.

Well RichC is fed up with the state of Reinhardt, JellyandJam is fed up with the lack of Lore, and I don’t deign to call myself a positive forum god but I’m fed up with the state of Sombra and the general lack of attention the forums are given, despite the devs claim that all the feedback is being read.

All memes die.


We can’t let those things corrode at the whole forum. There have always been issues, and there are improvements on the horizon.

There’s nothing we can do anymore. Until the Devs get their act together or say “we don’t read the forums lol,” until they cop to their mistakes and try to atone for them or just go in all the way, these problems will continue to fester.

And exactly what improvements are on the HOrizon? The 15th Mercy nerf in a couple months? A torb rework that removes the part of his kit that actually works?


I’ve been a viewer of the forums since the kneejerk to sombra in February, but I started posting once infinite sombra made it to ptr.

I’ve had a few positive interactions, a few nuetral interactions and plenty of negative ones. They stand out more and sour the decent interactions.

A very large part of it is I have no confidence that blizz is actually listening, not to forum user n general and definitely not about balance.

I also have zero interest in OWL and see it as a net negative to the Overwatch experience.

thats about my two cents. Cheers!

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The argument that bad or rather flawed game design leads to an increase in toxicity still stands. The introduction of comp and the push for OWL changed the community so drastically in a few months, i don’t think i’ve ever seen a playerbase turn bad so quickly. They’re trying to force a square peg into a round hole and that adds to the already pretty enormous pile of toxic waste the esportsbros bring to every game.

Overwatch’s problem isn’t just that awful decisions have left the game in a worse state but also that the massive potential we all saw in it was wasted in the most frustrating ways.

I get upset with other devs sometimes because they should know better but can see the logic behind those decisions, yet Blizzard leaves me just confused and bewildered most of the time. I can’t be mad at them since it appears as if they’re simply lost. I don’t expect them to know what they’re doing and yeah, their unwillingness to listen to very constructive feedback is a big part of it.


all of them, including me pretty much moved onto the overmoji cafe discord server lmao

Basically slow and questionable balance and other needed changes and leaving too many heroes in the toilet forever has left most cynical

The all-star skins made a bigger splash than the OWL final, Summer games is coming up and the third social feature, and the first two have been great. Support rebalance, I’ve never seen the devs change heroes as a role, and I hope tanks are next. Speaking of tanks: H A M M O N D. Here are the only two things agreed upon about Hammy; he’s fun, and he’s not unfun to fight against. That’s great. Doomfist is finally back, hows that for skill being rewarded? Sure, it’s still the sniper meta but the devs aren’t going to let that sit forever.

I’ll have you know I’ve always been a cynical piece of poo! Besides, I don’t see Jelly getting cynical anytime soon.


Oh hi, I just joined today.

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This is the most recent photograph of Jelly&Jam.


Ask him about Lore. I dare you.


A) Not many people cared about OWL
B) The all-star skins look interesting to say the least, and are likely to be locked by another paywall

Which they haven’t teased beyond Hammond’s background video. It’s also the third summer games since OW began. Unless they do a brand new mode, which again they haven’t said anything about, it’s stale.

Which again, we know nothing about. Endorsements are counterintuitive in many ways; they discourage you from playing in groups and with friends. LFG has been pretty good, I won’t deny it.

Another Mercy Nerf which doesn’t address her issues and another Brig nerf which isn’t going to stop anyone’s complaints. Also, there’s no reason these changes took as long as they did. 4 of the 5 changes were numbers changes; the hardest things to change would be adding healing to Ana’s ult and changing the animation on Lucio’s radius.

Wrecking Ball. I agree that he’s a great hero, although therre are people who are going to go REEEEE CC and there’s already people calling for nerfs because they don’t understand that if you get inside Hammond radius as he’s swinging around the point, he can’t hurt you.

With people calling for nerfs because they’ve casually forgotten that he’s been a terrible hero since his release, because “it feels bad…”

IF they nerf a meta based around snipers, they are going against rewarding skill. That being said, Hanzo is a bit too strong but that’s a result of his arrow speed, not the rest of his kit.

Stuffed in some pretty specific balance opinions, didn’t ya? :smirk:

Anyway, I’m actually in favor of the Mercy nerf, if it had been anything else I would probably agree with the revert Mercy army but I’ve actually been saying that her healing out to be put back to 50, so I’m hopeful. Regardless, you can’t expect the devs to always go with the changes you want (Junker main btw) but you can still appreciate the overall balance that the game is getting. I don’t know why the devs are so slow, I really don’t, but this speed is still ok for me.
Doesn’t matter though because you’re right about the PR and bad timing with Doomfist, I’m honestly just trying to brighten the mood around here.

Like I said: peeps only can agree on two things with this hero.