The Forums are Extra Toxic

I wouldn’t call it a non-issue since it is an issue with all the characters you listed and the state of the majority of them. Something needs to change with shotguns.

But I wasn’t here for a real discussion. That’s another thread. I just wanted to see how soon we got into the “she’s fine.”

I think something needs to change with Shotgun’s counters. Armor needs a complete overhaul tbh. Brigitte is so effective at giving out armor that over half the cast has their damage halved by it.

Shotguns weren’t laughed at Before Brigitte. Now they are. Coincidence? I think not.

but shotgun heroes are rare and are currently getting the boot due to armor being given like candy.

Either rework how that given armor via abilities work or buff shotguns as a whole.

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Before Brigitte, RH, Reaper, and Dva were extremely popular. (Guarenteed atleast 1 per game).

Now they’re not played nearly at all. Because Brigitte counters them all so hard.

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Welcome to status quos. The system tries it’s best but it’ll never be good enough. Peeps are protective of their memes, rules change based on who has power and influence, get yourself some.

yeah but i mean rare as in numbers.
there’s only reaper, roadhog, Dva and torb. There is no other shotgun hero on the game except for these four.

there are a whole lot of semi automatic weapons that dont get affected by armor that much simply because of how the gun works in general.

so, imo, the only real way to fix that situation would be to buff shotguns in general because if you change given armor, it would give everyone else a buff bigger than shotgunners.

I don’t think shotguns are too bad, except Reaper, but he’s Reaper. Hog main btw.

roadhog is pretty bad tbh. earlier I posted about the fact that blizzard lied about their reasoning when it came to nerfing hog.

Either they nerfed him so low skill players can counter him easier/wont die quickly because they just tunnel vision too hard.

or they did it for doomfist’s sake.

Either way is a bad thing for roadhog in general.

He didnt need to be nerfed. You just had to say “git gud”, or Not make a crappy doomfist that would be trash upon release.

You’re missing Doomfist though. Sure, he doesn’t use his shotgun fist often, but when it does get used, the damage gets halved if it’s used on armor.

If you’re gonna buff shotguns, you’re still leaving out high-bullet count low damage heroes as well as energy heroes.

That’s almost half the roster effected by armor here.

It’d be significantly better to change the source of the problem rather than buff specific weaknesses. If you buff shotguns, then they’d be much stronger than normal guns, especially against melee only heroes.

Meanwhile winston, Moira, Zarya, Symmetra, Mei, Orisa, Bastion, Tracer, Sombra, Hammond, and half of Widowmaker’s kit are all being impacted by this. Most of these heroes are having their potential damage halved by armor. Others even more.

Hog’s balance history is not the same topic as shotguns in general. the scrap gun does it’s job, if anything, it just needs another shot in the clip.

maybe, but even then that doesnt solve the giant green zone around him that is 5-10 meters away from him.

if you stay in this area at just the right distance from him without hog having his hook, you can wail on him for ult charge and he cannot do anythign about it due to the lack of damage on his shotgun.

Dude, if it were any tighter, it wouldn’t be a “shotgun”.

I can shoot them though. And hook is just 8 seconds.

As a tank flex, i agree. Hog could do with more bullets in his gun, 1-2 more.
Either that or maybe quicken the reload time.

and do what? 20 damage per shot? 50 damage per shot?
at around 8 meters, you cannot do much about it except take it and run away.

its a very obvious flaw in his design right now.


That’d depend on how they pay taxes. You see, legally the people spending the $ to get the Mercy Skin count as individuals purchasing the skin. Blizzard counts as the party donating money legally.

So, if Blizzard does have a tax bill they can use it as a tax deduction. Since the skin raised 12.7 mil it is likely Blizzard would be saving somewhere around $1 million on their taxes. With that said, they are generally good at dodging taxes via foreign loopholes so i’m not sure how much exactly they are stuck paying.

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These forums have always been a magnet and echochamber for negativity it seems.

I think something that could help would be if they created a forum specifically for people experiencing any kinds of issues (revert Mercy, nerf Hanzo Storm Arrows, All-Access Pass emotes, balancing complaints, new lore/comics/content demands, etc.), just funnel’em all into one spot. Then the general discussion area could be a place for actually discussing the game, having fun, socializing, etc., instead of all this incessant whining.


I can step back and shoot them with the right click if they’re trying to kite me, and I can probably break line of sight with my positioning.

You have a right click you know… That explodes at 9m.

Just step back and press right click and BOOM, massive damage hitting every pellet.