The fact about role Q

They are unable to balance heroes with free meta. So they forced us on 222. And yet they cant balance even with 222, so they released hero pool , and they banned the most picked heroes. Mccree is the prime example

  1. No more hero pools below 3500SR
  2. McCree did get a pretty sizable nerf last patch, where the Stun+DoubleHeadshot isn’t possible anymore.
  3. Tank balance would be a lot easier if they didn’t have to worry about DoubleBarrier

The more I think about overwatch, it’s heroes, and the interactions we currently have

The more I feel barriers as they currently are-

Were a complete mistake.

Maybe for one hero as “their thing”-

But adding multiple types of barriers like they have?

IMO it’s been the biggest balance nightmare.

Barriers almost by their nature of existing mandate their required use within the context of overwatch.


But the changes needed to remove that necessity would be really poorly accepted by the community.

I.e. Massive nerfs to range damage, range CC, and Ult charge feeding.

We’re better off making it so every team has a barrier tank.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

And why do you think he’s always banned? Maybe because he’s so strong he’s always pick? If they had nerfed him 2 weeks ago then he wouldn’t be getting banned.

I wouldn’t mind if Rein kept his barrier and they reworked Sigma and Orisa, even though Sigma is my favorite tank to play.

There’s a lot of gravity related stuff they can do with him. For a hero controlling gravity his kit is pretty tame.

As for Orisa, they should just make her a roadblock. I don’t know how to make her fun to be honest.

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