The Event Sprays


IDK tbh, nothing happened for a while


Check in game to see if you have it!
(Make sure your Blizzard account and Twitch are linked!)

I’m sure they said you don’t get a drop alert, instead it would just appear after 2 cumulative hours of watching a participating streamer :slight_smile:


Its linked according to twitch. Its been over 2 hours accumulated and it hasn’t done anything. I even restarted overwatch and no spray


Do you have any browser addons? Apparently these could cause issues.

I’m just going by the announcement post :sweat_smile:


Yeah? There’s nothing in the announcement post about Addons


I meant plug-ins aha, sorry :sweat_smile:


An adblock wouldn’t be causing an issue like that


through the power of magic


I’m assuming it might just take a little bit to recognize how long you’ve been watching and transfer that info to unlock the sprays. I just checked to see if I have the 2 hr unlock, but it’s not there yet. I get OWL token drops without problem, so I just am hoping it might take a little bit to show up.


If thats the case then why was there no alert? Its poorly made all together


What stream?



It’ll be fine. It’s not really a big deal. If there’s some kind of issue with drops today, there are a lot more chances to get them. And we don’t even know if there is an issue. It’s just not as immediate as you seem to need it to be.


Wowee how dare I be annoyed of wasting 2 hours on a stream and not get the item I wanted that I was literally promised.


For today only, however. Tomorrow is a different stream.


For reference, has anyone actually gotten the sprays yet?

I don’t necessarily mind waiting or anything, but I want to make sure it is working as intended too.


I haven’t gone mine yet, I’ve been watching for a little over two hours.


Well I know they say that ad blockers can prevent you from earning OWL tokens, so I assume it’s the same for this event. =/


Gonna need a source on that


I will say I have the same extensions I’ve always had up and I’ve gotten OWL tokens just fine so I wouldn’t think they’d cause any issues.

Considering I have yet to see anyone mentioning getting the sprays yet (despite watching the amount of time), I’m wondering if maybe it’s just delayed due to traffic or something.


Do you know if we need to actively watch it (have the tab active at all times) or is it okay if it’s on background? I’ve watched it for ~10 minutes and left it on a background tab.
Can’t really be bothered to watch Overwatch gameplay if I can barely handle the game anymore.