The devs stated themselves they aren't satisfied with the Hanzo rework

So maybe there’s a chance he’ll get a second rework or nerfs? What do you guys think?

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Did they say that recently? Because I feel like most Hanzo complainers are out of a time capsule or something.

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They literally said to not expect nerfs. I don’t see a rework anytime soon either, we have a long list of higher priority characters.

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But in the long run they might consider making some changes to him.

Hanzo will probably get another rework eventually.

However I’m pretty sure they said a Bastion rework was in the works a while back and that he’s being prioritized as the next big rework.

Hopefully after that is Brigitte.

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I would hope they take a look at Storm Arrow, makes him way too forgiving for a sniper class hero

nerfs? Lol. He’s not even good. Not at any rank.

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This sounds less like “the devs don’t like the rework” and more like “one dev feels sad Hanzo lost some unique flavour”. Geoff uses the word ‘I’ over ‘we’. Maybe it represents more of the devs as a whole but seeing as every dev is a unique individual that’s probably not the case.

Since projectile speed buffs allowed him to be more consistent at higher ranks when leading is harder (due to more erratic movement) it probably will not be reverted, even if his flavour is somewhat sacrificed for it.


Yes and Jeff Kaplan said he regretted gold weapons back in like season 4 but here we are.

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Personally, I thought Hanzo was a great hero design when he was super high skill req.