The dev update was a complete sham

They said the number one things brought up were balance related?

Ya no how about smurfing/long wait for matches/ as well as hacking.
Lol they just pick and chose what they wanted to talk about and act like this game does not have a problem with quality of matches due to throwers/Smurf’s. These new features they are rolling out will do nothing to combat the already big problems and the hero pool will probably make wait times longer for dps if popular hero’s are banned also it will just ignite further problems if certain hero’s do not see any time banned. It will just assert more problems between the devs and the player base.

So Blizz do you have a plan to combat the problem of smurfing? Go to YouTube and you will see several videos of bronze to gm or unranked to gm and it’s just t500 players flexing on lower ranks for money in the YouTube videos that make.


They did talk about hacking, are you sure you watched all of it?


Ya but he played the BS card if we can’t speak about it lol.

So basically they did the same thing they did at blizz con. Talked about what they have in store but don’t give us anything of value lol. It’s like a trump rally. Empty promises and then they dip.


Literally said next two patches which won’t be far away. And why would they speak about exactly what they’re doing to prevent it? That’s like asking them to break whatever improvements to the system they made.


I tried to tell people. Do not expect anything. But nope. Now you have the idiots that had a predetermined result in their head complaining that the devs didn’t address their expectations.

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Man you are dense. It’s common sense. Of course they can’t talk about it. Giving any info about it can be used to bypass the system. The less info the better. It’s good enough that they told us they are working on it. It isn’t BS. It’s smart

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might rewatch the dev update mate, he did talk about hackers.

and might also read the forums becouse he als wrote about smurfs on console, they working on something. but they cant prevent it. witch is a hard thing to do mb even inpossible.

you realy want jeff to say what they are going to do agaist cheaters so the cheaters know what to expect and dodge it. smart boy, are you a cheater by any change?

Smurfs are annoying, but you can get them on your team too.

Deranking and boosting are the main issues and they are combating those.

He also mentioned cracking down on cheaters more, so it wasn’t just balance

That’s not BS. The more they reveal about the anti-cheat system the easier it is to cheat it.

You get that, right?

It’s not predetermined when the data from previous big updates was a big let down.

Workshop is a huge waste of time since it’s an area that does nothing for quality of the base game. LFG is a joke. RQ made more problems, most new hero’s cause violent shifts in meta that actually turn out to be more restricting.

Ya they are talking about doing more aggressive patches but that doesn’t mean they still won’t be bad.

They did talk about hacking in the video. As for surfing, Jeff responded to a question about that earlier.

You can talk about data they have gathered on it and not give away what they are going to do. They love to use the excuse of needing to collect data but they never talk about it. Ya I know some is private but not all of it.

I am just noticing massive inconsistencies in this dev team the more pressure they are put under with the community getting smaller.

who cares about smurfing dude? you only play against smurfs when you are playing with a group of smurfs.

the real problem with the ladder is that some of the mechanics are so easy it has boosted the entire playerbase so anyone in plat who plays against a good widow thinks they must be smurfing. but its relaly only because the widow belongs in plat and you dont.

I just find the idea extremely idiotic when they implemented RQ to get rid of needing to play on an alt to be in the correct SR for the role you want.

I agree they have stupid easy hero’s that artificially boost the playerbase

oh yeah they should have just ranked people accordingly. But they’ve never done that.

the other thing is, how can they really judge a DPS player doing tank placements?

there arent really stats that indicate good tank play.

It goes back to them having a dated system that doesn’t give good indicators of someone is doing their role well it was based of farming stats for so long.