The desperation is real

Hog mains trying there hardest to find methods and trying to figure out how to still one shot and its funny how lost they look without it, like are y’all really that dependant on it?

The countless tiktoks and youtube vids of people making “new way to still do hook one-shot”, but its not even a guarantee that it will work since they are doing it to a non-moving target, all these clips and vids of people acting like since it works in the practice range, it will work in actual games.


Learning how to make a hero still work after nerfs isn’t a “they are lost” but they are actually working out how to get stuff working after the change.

Yes, but it was always possible to not convert a hook into a kill.

Btu I think people having a clear idea of what they want to achieve, and working on how to make it work is NOT being lost, but actually putting on your big boy pants and getting stuff done.

Mocking people for having a clear direction, and taking steps to get there is a bad bad take.

It say “they are lost” while they are doing that is just the strangest argument I’ve seen in a long time.

They are not lost.


The real combo now is landing a primary or alt fire shot ahead of the reel. Before that was never necessary. Now its pretty much requirement. Those that can do that still get great value on him.

IN a way, there is now a way to seperate the hog mains from the riff raff.