The Definitive OWL 2021 Rewards Guide & FAQ

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Here is a pretty complete list of frequently asked questions about the OWL 2021 T-Mobile Perks rewards programme. This is a mere gathering of info from here on the forums, info from Jon Spector himself, and the OWL website.

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Q: How do I earn OWL 2021 T-Mobile Perks?

A: You can earn OWL 2021 T-Mobile Perks by linking your battle net account to your YouTube (Google) account and watching OWL 2021 matches (including rebroadcast encore matches.)

Q: What are the OWL 2021 T-Mobile Perks?

A: During non-tournament weekends (regular season qualifier matches that take up 3/4 weeks of play per monthly tournament), 5 OWL Tokens can be earned per hour.
Durning tournament weekends (at the end of the 3 weeks of qualifier matches), the community will be asked to voice their opinions on which OWL Gray/White skin should be available to earn alongside the regular tokens. It is not confirmed, but a possible 4 hours watched on tournament weekends should suffice.
Additionally, special edition community designed sprays will be available throughout OWL 2021, with some being based off of the teams winning the 4 monthly tournaments. There will be an opening weekend spray that is designed by our own Soe Gschwind. This is confirmed to take 4 hours of watchtime on the opening weekend to earn.

Q: Can I earn OWL 2021 T-Mobile Perks on my PS5/Xbox/TV’s etc. respective apps?

A: Whilst some have had success earning OWL 2021 T-Mobile Perks on anywhere other than YouTube(.)com, the YouTube mobile app or the OWL app, it is advised that - to get maximum value - you watch on the aforementioned standard platforms.

Q: If I can’t earn OWL 2021 T-Mobile Perks from watching the streams because of my location, how can I get Overwatch League Tokens?

A: For those who reside in a country not eligible to earn tokens from watching online (check which countries are not eligible at the OWL website) you can purchase Overwatch League tokens on the gaming platform that you play Overwatch on. Furthermore, OWL Gray/White skins are not available for purchase at this time.

Q: I am having trouble earning tokens, skins, or sprays. Can Blizzard help me get the tokens that I missed?

A: Blizzard Customer Support is unable to see or troubleshoot Overwatch League Token drops.

Q: When I am watching, how do I know that I am definitely earning OWL 2021 T-Mobile Perks?

A: ‘Connected’ text and symbol (similar to a diamond) will show alongside a tick.

Q: When will I receive my OWL 2021 T-Mobile Perks?

A: Perks can take up to 48 hours to be granted to an account. Once granted, they will appear in the Overwatch League section of the Overwatch lobby.

Please leave any other queries in the comments!

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Hey there, I greatly appreciate other members of the community stepping up to provide information about Overwatch. We definitely need to see more constructive posts like this. Needless to say, I already maintain a guide which is pinned on the general discussion forums here:

Thanks for taking the time to write this up hopefully they will pin this.

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I hope so! Unfortunately, it’s not a mod post so they’ll just brush it aside will little to no praise. :frowning:

Q: How many times can we cram the phrase “T-Mobile Perks” into a single post?

A: If we use T-Mobile Perks as a full phrase any time we mention T-Mobile Perks, then we can fill an entire ocean of T-Mobile Perks with T-Mobile Perks. The Perks of T-Mobile, being T-Mobile Perks, are particularly Perky, as they pertain to T-Mobile. T-Mobile has paid for many T-Mobile Perks, so we must T-Mobile the Perks and Perk the T-Mobiles.

T-Mobile Perks.

If you want T-Mobile Perks, make sure to tune into Overwatch League 2021 only on YouTube Gaming sponsored by T-Mobile. T-Mobile Perks can be earned on YouTube(.)com, and don’t forget to watch all the way through the T-Mobile Ads for maximum T-Mobile Perks!

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I did watch overwatch league more than 4 hours I did receive the tokens, but I didn’t receive the OW league tracer skin how can I get that ?

Do I still get tokens if I leave the YouTube page on the background and do other things in the meantime?