The Cycle Has Been Fed


Well, they announced support changes. Among them, Mercy is getting nerfed.

Her healing is getting knocked from 60hps to 50hps. I think this isn’t the best idea.

Why? Mercy didn’t need this. Mercy WAS always balanced, the other healers weren’t. It’s like some people complaining about Widowmaker. It isn’t Widow’s problem, it’s the metas’ and that her counters are bad, though it doesn’t mean it’s Widows’ fault or that she should be changed.

The other healers were not on the same level as Mercy, either over or underpowered. They all, (except Zen and Brig) needed buffs so they can be on the level of her, and knocking Mercy down a peg isn’t what support needed.

Mercy is already boring to play, and now her healing less makes it more annoying to play her and makes her slower in healing, SEVENTEEN PERCENT slower.

The cycle has been fed, Mercy’s nerfs/buffs have made a cycle of mains and anti-Mercy people battling, anti whining about her needing nerfs, and then in turn Mercy mains would complain she’s just boring to play, so then she’d be buffed, etc.

This has happened ever since her existence about and this feeds the cycle, and I don’t like it.

So here you go anti-Mercy people, you got your nerf.

Anyways, that’s my opinion, other healers getting a buff in my opinion is great, and I know people will meet this post with disagreement because this is about Mercy in general, but I’d love to hear opposing opinions.


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