THE buff Sombra needs!

Change how a hack interruption works
Right now she’s being interrupted by every little touch.
Why not have it interrupted after she takes an amount of damage?

It’s subtle but the way her hack gets a cooldown after being interrupted by even the slightest touch of Moira is ridiculous.


Because Sombra’s hack is so fast.
Can you deal 40 damage in 1.2 seconds while the Somba in question is moving at a high speed rate?

I don’t think this will happen since the devs have realized the majority of the player base would rather have sombra be near useless than be good

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Yet Brigitte is still ruining every bit of fun out of the game and for her they say:

The last thing they want to do is overnerf her. So even if a majority hates Sombra, she’s not supposed to be nerfed useless.

Correction, dealing 40 damage in 0.65 seconds, thats her cast time XD

mb, correct

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…and? Believe it or not her hack was broken before. Tracer could recall and still end up hacked because of how her hack was designed. Rein could end up hacked even after putting his shield up. It did need to change and I also think she needs buffs. Brigitte needs nerfs and I’m sure she will get more as time goes on but this post isn’t about brigitte so stop comparing heroes.

The buff Sombra needs?
Well the answer is easy, in fact, it’s been staring us the eye this whole time…


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40 is an arbitrary number. It could be changed to anything it just needs a buff like this in some sort.

Yeah, but still.
Sombra is already in F tier even though she is a good and viable character.

Meanwhile they keep adding stuns to the game which usually means instant death if you aren’t lucky enough to get shielded etc.

Keep adding stuns? they’ve added 2 stun heroes. And one of them just recently became even REMOTELY viable.

Please no stuns… :sob:

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It bet the devs tried your idea but decided against it because it made Sombra’s most consistent ability vary wildly in effectiveness among the different heroes. It wouldn’t matter what threshold you put it at (within reason), making hack work that way would make interrupting it easy for heroes it needs to work against and hard for some heroes it needs to be strong against. Like how would a Lucio counter hack if he needed to do 40? And don’t get me started on shotgun rng.

Doomfist punch -> Brigitte shieldbash and chase
Even just this simply kills everyone. Especially when Brigitte has an ult.

yeah i honestly hate battling stun heroes unless i am one of them

Hack isnt a stun…

who the hell said i was talking about sombra lol

Sorry, the thread title is about a Sombra buff so…