The Brig Problem

The Brig Problem

Hi, I know the AMA is over, but while I was going through the videos about them posted online. No one mentioned the big problem with the game now, And that problem is about the character that is considered to almost ruin Overwatch, Brigitte. I was just wondering if there are any nerfs coming to the character? I know based on the kind of character she is, it can be hard to kind of balance her, but if that’s the case why not buff the other supports. Specifically Lucio. He is considered a throw pick now-a-days. I was specifically talking about his ultimate ability and his healing. Rally is considered a better ult than soundbarrier because the ult last longer and is more effective in initiating fights. The problem with soundbarrier is that it’s easy to get through and takes a while to build thanks to lucio lack of healing output. If soundbarrier gave probably more health and maybe decrease the decay time maybe that could help. I would like to hear back from your opinions on it if you can. Thank you and keep up the good work on the game. :grin:


I will not claim to have absolute knowledge, but this is my opinon on the topic.
Sure Brig is the strongest support atm I agree with that. But I think it is mostly based on the fact that she has synergies with the current meta other supports are lacking. Take for example the strong halt + dynamite combo it forces you to have aoe heal, picking Moira will have you lacking other utility, Mery is single target and should be used as dps pocket and not heal bot, Lucio would have to stay next to his team cause speedboost is not needed in stationary double shield, Zen is single target heal. In this area she is the best pick while also giving you a lot of other utility, so it can feel quite obvious to call her the big problem ruining the game. But I think she can totaly become trash very fast cause of a meta shift. If we would see Zarya and her grav again people would prefer beat over rally. If Mei becomes meta again you need Lucio for his speedboost. If Ana would become offmeta Zen would have less to worry about with trans. I mean this makes it sound way to easy like one hero forcing or denying the other one completly while in realtiy its a complex net of synergies and combos.
Since her 2-2-2 rework Brig only got nerfed but still is meta now. But she wasn’t meta all the time since then she was also depending on the other heros being played.

So, I agree that is not nice that the support role is seeing such a stale state, but I don’t think the problem is Brig alone, it falls under the bigger problem of having double shield meta way to long.


Gonna throw a curve ball out there.

Why are we talking about the state of healers when the role is fundimentally flawed in ranked?

Supports are enablers.
It is their job to keep their team up while creating opportunities for the team to follow up on. But what happens when your team doesn’t follow up? Suddenly that 5 man nade means nothing beside a bit of ult charge.
You can’t outheal a tanks poor positioning.
You can’t nano a Genji that dashes out of los at every opportunity.
You can’t make make up for your tanks not pressing w.

I could go on but I think I’ll end with a quick summary.

Support queue is broken.
The kits supports have cannot create enough value to make up for a subpar performance from any other role.
Tanks can make up for poor damage to an extent, dps can make space with picks to an extent. What can supports do? Give the team an opportunity to do something. There is very little a support can do on their own to swing a fight with a disadvantage.


But that’s the problem with brig, she is considered the best enabler. Her kit makes up for the bad performance from other team members. For instance the genii just going in. He’s low Hp but thanks to repair pack he can get out of the situation as if it never happened. Same goes for the tanks like Winston and Reinhardt, repair pack itself is just to strong of a survivability tool. You can’t just jump in there as other supports cause you’ll probably just die or you won’t do enough healing to keep that genii alive.

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A repair pack isn’t saving a winston my man. Genji maybe, but so would a quick scope from ana.
The issue with brig is how well rounded she is. She has incredible healing and insane survivability and utility with bash and a displacement. Don’t even get me started on the fact that she is the only hero that can boost max hp of a hero, with armour of all things. She is just a better moira.

she is also way too easy but that’s a different topic

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I think The Vaseline should be bap lucio zen Ana should always have a higher pickrate than the others, but situationally they can come up. Bap zen for poke, which was originally what occurred but then pocketing a dive dps on brig was rly good. Brawl should be an ana lucio and dive would be ana lucio zen brig

I just disagree with that, why should there be gatekeeping to which heros are allowed to be played or not.

Cause in a comp system you should be rewarded with sr by ur skill. If u otp or mainly play ez characters and get to a high rank, u prolly deserve it. But when that ez character is meta people who do g deserve gm or something get it. I.e. moth meta, Moira meta, and brig meta rn

The strongest support is not Brig. It’s Ana. She has the most insane utility of all healers and is borderline OP.

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I agree OP. Seagull was mentioning this idea on his stream the other day: Genji was overpowered for two weeks and got nerfed, but supports and tanks stay broken for many months to even years. Look at heroes like Mercy, Brig, and the prevalence of double shield Sig/Orissa.

There’s some lack of awareness or bias with the devs going on. Brig has been a must pick since she was released. Mercy was a must pick for years. We’ve had double shield meta since Sig release… but two weeks of Genji being strong and it’s fixed. Smh

Sleep and nade are massive value abilities but she has one major weakness, that being the fact that she is vulnerable by design. She can hit a sleep but if she is pushed outside of a 1v1 then the chances of her coming out on top are slim at best. Oh let’s not forget that sleep is a skill shot and nade requires timing and/or good target priority. Oh and the fact she can actually miss her basic heal is kind of a big deal.
Brig on the other hand, has a huge uptime on what is basically a passive heal, a shield, stun, displacement, the ability to ranged heal and the ability to raise max hp with armour of all things. All while being easy as all hell.

There is no competetion. Brig can consistantly outheal ana all while being harder to kill. Brig can cancel a comparable amount of ults and displace those she can’t outright cancel. Don’t kid yourself thinking ana is the best healer.

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i recently played brig a lot. her rein-on-speed ux is quite good.

but do you know, that you can easily „starve“ her heals with good sustained & distanced damage from junkrat/phara/soldier etc.?

she is also nearly useless against flying or high mobility characters.

her aoe-heal is not that much higher than lucios and she actually needs to deal damage for it.

i think there are lot of underrated trade-offs.

Edit: I admit that she can be deadly in a rein-zarya-brig-combo. But it’s much harder to play her together with stationary shields or dive tanks. If Brig doesn’t get covered by her tanks, she is also cannonfodder. I, for example, got spawn camped by an enemy roadhog. There is no universe, where brig can outduel a competent roadhog.


I think the main reason why tanks and supports take longer to fix is because the nerfs/buffs to them impact the game more than a dps character does. They play it safe with those roles because if they make a certain balance change without enough testing it can kill or make those heros extremely busted. I get it though I hate brig alot and would love to see her never in the meta again but there are people out there that play her and if she is an unplayable state the person playing her and that persons teammates will suffer for it.

On attack maybe what you’re saying has some value. On defense, well the fact they have to push kinda negates that. The only difference being the fact that ana can take some potshots from range.

This is just not true. While she can’t directly contest say a phara, the value she brings in every other area is greater than that of the phara.

The raw numbers of inspire aren’t all that great but it is basically passive. The range is huge and all you need to do is hit a whipshot or even just a basic m1 if you are being pushed. She has repair pack that heals for 60hps for 2 sec. The two combined have a similar HPS to ana. Used well and in conjunction with a second healer, it is insane.

There isn’t though. Her only weakness is range. Oh and let’s not forget that she is mainly ran alongside someone like ana or bap. So that range disadvantage? Yeah that’s covered.

All 3 comps you named have brig as a staple member, at least in the higher ranks.

That’s poor teamwork. It’s not a flaw in brig that a character designed to get picks and have a big health pool is able to Spawn camp her.

Tanks and supports have been nerf a lot more than dps ever have and its one of (if not) the main reason less and less people are playing the role specially on the tank line up.

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