The Brig nerf should have stopped at not being able to bash through Shields


She would have been perfect, maybe in need of a healing buff but otherwise balanced, but no, the Devs just had to cave in to the Tracer and Genji mains, just like they did to the “people” complaining about Tracers butt pose. These devs dont have spines, they cant handle criticism and cave to whoever is the loudest. I guess I should start yelling at them so we get role que, at least use their lack of spine for some actual good?


“Someone posted something i dont like so im gonna whine like a child”
Begone troll


I paraphrased you and said nothing else. You cant paraphrase my paraphrase; or you are just paraphrasing yourself.


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You too!


What other nerfs are there? The most recent PTR patch notes just list:

Which sure, is a terrible change that should never even sniff live servers… but what other changes are there?


Reduced the damage to 5…


Both your heroes are getting gut punched at onxe. Valid salt but both are kind of in a ridiculous state right now


That sounds like a bug then. That’s an 86% damage nerf (hysterically unsound design process to make a change that dramatic in one go) AND it’s not listed anywhere on the PTR patch notes.

Severely doubt that goes anywhere near live.


How is that different than the dozens of people crying to delete Brigitte? Lol. Even now, after the nerfs were announced.



There’s the quote / link for you.

This is from Geoff Goodman himself on the PTR feedback forums. They are giving her a minor buff to her healing while severely reducing the damage of bash in addition to the nerf preventing her bash through shields.


They arent, DF at most only needed counters, which he just got, but they hard nerf him too alongside that.

And the first nerf to bash was enough, the dmg nerf is just overkill


The only thing I really like about this damage nerf is that I’ve seen a few Tracer mains say that this nerf is not what she needs. So it’s nice seeing that they don’t want their biggest counter to be gutted. Trouble is, threads where I see those people are few and far between.



My goodness, talk about letting the design interns off the leash while the team heads away for Thanksgiving :roll_eyes:

That’s like opening a pull request to make all the textures oscillate through a wacky shader, and then some other intern actually hit the merge button.

The madmen :joy:


I’m curious to see if they will actually keep it a 5. I think it’ll go live and a few months down the line they’ll buff it back up if indeed it does kill her. I think they are just setting the bar low for when they do buff it up to like 15 or something. Just a theory.


Doomfist had counter… ones that he didmt care about. Even with hog and McCree gettimg small buffs, it wont stop "tech"fist.


To be clear. I agree with them taking power out of her offensive actions and putting them into her support / healing ability. I DO agree that her problem was a lack of emphasis in inspire, but I don’t think this was the right solution. Increase from 80 to 100 total healing is the right direction, imo, but I’d do it by increasing the healing rate not the duration.

The duration is already too long, and her shield bash is the wrong place to remove damage.

The correct solution to balancing Brigitte is, imo, reducing her primary swing speed and increasing the rate of inspire healing.

Maybe 30% and 25% respectively.


Hog got a really significant buff, and even before he did well against him, Reaper also got buffed, and Mcree will ignore his shields if he land Flashbang, and finally the addition of Ashe


The Brig nerf should only stop when we reached a point where she cant outdamage someone like genji/soldier/mcree without flashbang.

Remove Passive Healing, introduce a stationary/mobile healing ability that heals over time but has a cooldown and a specific duration