The 'Black Girl' Hero & Apex Legends


Some of what you’ve written others have told me before but i did get my answers, i think. And there’s not a lot to respond to or disagree, so i’ll just leave it at that. Except for a clarification.

Well, it may have been formulated in a nonchalant way but it’s just not about validating feelings or wanting your sympathy. Why the hell would i ask these provocative questions if i wanted that? I believe it to be a rational conclusion and essential to universal solidarity.


No disrespect towards you was personally meant. But when we start talking about issues of identity and race from the lens of black people, you have to understand that this has all been laid out millions of times before over centuries. I don’t perceive myself to be really doing much except regurgitating thought from black activists who in turn is taking all of this from black civil rights leaders who in turn took all of this from black abolitionists; and all of that stuff is easily accessible and has been said so many times before that, honestly, there’s no reason what I’m saying should be new or controversial. So when someone comes along and asks black people why we deal with race and identity in the ways we do, you slowly start wondering why you’re answering the same questions over and over and over again, and then you start feeling like you’re being taken for a ride.

Frankly, black people don’t want to always be put in charge of answering provocative questions about ourselves, especially because to most people, they are indeed just questions, little thought exercises to mull over and play about with on the Internet before moving on to something else that actually concerns their day-to-day. But to us, we’re constantly having to explain our whole damn life story and identity, to justify ourselves when sometimes we just want to be left alone for a single day, and there is an inherent annoyance with a part of you being treated like a cavalier debate exercise in a pub, even from people like you who approach with obviously good intentions and an interest in wanting to understand, people like you who I genuinely appreciate. So expect some shortness, and even for some folks to tell you to buzz off. I tend to do the latter around here because most people don’t even want to engage and have me answer anything like you have. They want a fight, and I’m not about to fight with white gamers of all people on things I know I’ve got the moral high ground on. I’d rather just talk about why Lucio’s the bomb-diggety.


I don’t think that’s how psychology works. I mean, think of all the evil British villains in media, no one with a brain takes that as a serious representation of British people.
My point is, if someone is stupid enough to believe whatever they see in media they’re likely stupid enough to ignore a message that contradicts their beliefs.

I still fail to see how. Simply seeing any other race in something won’t educate people, at most it’ll just remind them that other races exist I guess?

That’s true but not all media has a message. Especially online shooters that are just made for fun. Think about call of duty, in multiplayer you can play as any gender/race but there’s no message to be ingested. It’s just a personal preference.

That’s what I think all this is, when people ask for specific identities it’s just because they want a little bit of themselves in the game, which is totally fine but I wish people would stop acting like it’s some grand crusade for representation.


I mean i’m sure a black female will come. But this game is much more diverse than Apex Legends. I feel like people think black people are the only race that’s under represented in games. This game has egyptians, indians, asians, 2 black guys, hispanics, mechs, old woman, a body builder woman. pacific islander, This game is much more divsese than Apex Legends or any other game for that matter, than by a long shot. But having 2 black females = more diverse to some people apparently.


That is a lot to just say “I shouldn’t have to educate you.” when people are asking genuine questions wanting to be educated. While I agree race is a thing all us black people deal with. Some of us deal with it in a much more different way that has been much more successful than making villains of people that aren’t from a time passed.

While I agree and disagree with things you said, don’t ever turn down someone asking a genuine question. You may think they are just ‘mulling it over and moving on’ but you’d be surprised how often things like this stick with people. It is also especially important that people hear from several sides involving what us black people think. I don’t think current well known black activists do a good job on either side (both are pretty extreme). I would also like to point out a lot of the narrative involving black people is handled and controlled by rich/upper middle class white people. Both for progressive (and sometimes radical) activism as well as conservative and (and sometimes radical) activism.

The entire thing is much more nuanced than you are giving it credit for, and hating or disliking current white people (especially millennial white people) does nothing to help.


You poor thing. They aren’t obsidian black skin toned, thus aren’t counting towards the quota.


Please learn to read. I am well aware but Apex Legends lore has little to do with Titanfall lore. It is independent of Titanfall lore.


This comment right here just showed that you seen color more than anyone here. You’re not happy, you’re racist lol.

Get to be black, like it’s an achievement or something.


That’s the thing. A lot of times questions aren’t asked in good faith. Fruitslayer’s were, mainly because they didn’t immediately dismiss the answers and launch into a hail of insults. They were truly having a conversation, which is rare on the Internet.

But in general, the radical right, alt-right reactionaries, and the little kiddies who follow them on YouTube engage in arguments and JAQ’ing off specifically to try and own the libs as runoff from the behavior of anon boards like 4chan. They don’t care whether or not they have sensible or consistent viewpoints because there’s no value in that in an online environment where you can’t verify identity and intent. They care about simply pissing people off, and gaslighting a genuine person who’s naive enough to try and engage with a succession of bile on sensitive topics is an easy way to do it. It’s a new world now, so new rules. We honestly don’t owe right-wingers a damn thing anymore. They can take a long walk for all I care.

And in general though, I don’t owe anyone the courtesy of answering questions about my life. It is not my responsibility to educate others on basic matters of human decency that ultimately amount to “don’t be a racist moron.” I don’t have a degree in this nor do I get paid for any of the posts I write on here. I’m a human being with a limit to my patience and energy. If I’m tired of acting like a sideshow to non-black folks who “just want to understand” things that they could parse by simply reading Du Bois’ wiki page, so be it. I have the right to spend my time however I choose, and it’s not on the schedule of any member of this forum.

If you want to shepherd every person who asks you to justify your blackness, you’re free to do so. I won’t stop you nor admonish you for it. You’re more optimistic than I am. Just don’t wag your finger at me when I use my God-given right to say “I don’t feel like doing this right now.”


I read perfectly fine, your other post didn’t make it completely clear if you knew that, so I was just letting you know. There is not a reason to get so hostile over something so small.


Tell me about it. I guess according to a few folks here in this thread, I’m not Black either. Lol. People boldly asking if the female members of my family have weave, and are lying to me. Asking if I’m “sure” of their ethnicity and all that. It’s pretty funny. Family and I had quite a laugh browsing through this thread, and all that jazz. Good quality stuff. :grin:


It’s exactly how psychology works, and it is how the ad instustry and beauty standards make their money. British people play a wide variety of roles, and the general public also learns about them in their classes. The end result is that they get far less harmful stereotypes than groups whose media portrayals is much more hostile like the Russians. Political elites help goose these feelings all the time, quietly supporting movies and shows that serve as propaganda against whatever group they don’t want you to like.

Black women don’t have a ton of positive, heroic stories that people pickup from media or elsewhere. And the end result is that black women generally end up with a rougher time than black men. OW having a black woman all on it’s own can’t change that, just as a single drop of rain can’t make a ocean. But if there was a lot of representation of all different types on media, that would help make a change. And we’re not gonna make progress if we never take these first steps. It is not a coincidence that attitudes towards black people have improved as media representation has gotten better.

And that sets aside the economic opportunities that come from black representation for black artists.

It sends the message, subconsciously, about what black people can be. They aren’t just history lessons about oppression or thugs, they can be heroes, doctors, lovers, etc.

It doesn’t need to have a message to convey one. Human beings notice patterns in everything because we are social animals. If the only time to include black people is something bad, never positive or neutral. People pickup on that stress associated with seeing black people and adjust their views accordingly.

It is a part of a push for representation. And there are plenty of social studies about the benefits of it, the harm of exclusion, and the negative health effects caused by the stress of minor racism.

To be fair reading these kinds of topics is annoying. It is annoying speaking out in favor of a social issue, it is annoying listening to it, and it is annoying seeing others discuss this stuff ad nauseam.

But it’s also the only way progress gets made. That’s been true of human history. And most people change their mind and don’t even know what they were thinking opposing it after positive action has come about and people shutup about it.


Out the gate Apex legends hero’s>>>>> overwatch heros and I love all the personality in over watch heros.

But its EXTREMELY refreshing for 2 black females to be strong go to characters from the jump and to have a cast that literally doesn’t have a generic white male show runner and a tutorial that doesn’t start you off with that.


White people take that kind of thing for granted a lot because 95 percent of the time they are visually represented in there media or they have the lead roles or are just stock and default.

If apex legends went for diversity they hit all the marks without it coming off forced (outside of announcing sexuality of characters) and the characters seem very cool and full of life. Some great Voice acting.

Also people stop calling ana and pharah and sym black… at that point you might as well call sombra black too.


I’m quite impressed by your ability to perfectly understand the motivation of people you’ve never met, spoken to, heard from, read anything about or even know the names of.


It’s a conspiracy, clearly.
The OW Team and the Apex Team are actually buddies. The OW Team respects their previous work like CoD4 and feel sympathy for hatred for Actvision. Out of all of the BRs OW Team wanted Apex to be #1. Not stinky Fortnite or PUBG. DEFINITELY not blops4.
So they made a secret agreement to have all the initial Apex characters be the types of people that’re missing from the OW roster with Bastion/Pathfinder as the link. It’s right there right infront of us. Clearly. Trust me - because I know things.


Am I the only one in here who gives a flying f#ck about what skin colour the hero I’m playing has???
I don’t even care the gender for f#cks sake…
Most of the time I don’t even see my own character…an arm, tops -.-

I pick my hero by it’s skill set and it’s skill set only and I reached a point in my life where I take a computer game as what it is…a fictional work.
I myself don’t need any representation in a game whatsoever…not nationwise, not skincolourwise and definately not for my sexual orientation…

IT IS A GAME!!! I enjoy diversity…but if you feel like fighting over things like this, pick better battles…get another black man into the white house since the last black dude did so well…or even better, a woman for a change…maybe even Latino. That’d be great.
Break through the white club where it actually matters…


Also only 1 confirmed white person? So does it need more representation for white people?


It depends on what part of mexico they are from. Some people have up to 60% or more native american blood. others have like 15%


You know what I love most about this line? It just shines as an example that at some point it became socially acceptable to denegrate white males. “we want equal racial representation! Except for boring white males bleh gross!”

Ah what a humorous world we live in.


Here are some synonyms for generic


In most media and entertainment a white male is the “generic” or general…common… and as a whole the collective used as the main characters, stars, heroes, protagonist or antagonist.

I personally don’t care about equal representation like that, I just want some accurate representation.

And yes when you are feed something over and over and over again it becomes generic no need to take offense, feel like it degrades white men or find it humorous.

It just is what it is, and if saying white men have become generic is a problem, that’s a great problem to have if your a white male.