The 'Black Girl' Hero & Apex Legends


Doomfist is a fictional, playable character in the 2016 video game Overwatch whose design is based on a powerful, cybernetic gauntlet. As an offensive, brawler-style character, he uses close-range attacks: a charged punch, uppercut, and slam. Wikipedia


assuming Doomfist’s gender…
smh, Wikipedia, smh…


This is wrong, the brazilian population who considers themselves black are only 7% of Brazil’s population, Brazil is full of people who are too dark to be consider white and too white to be black, they are called “pardo” they pretty much has the Sombra skin tone and they are 47% of the Brazil’s population.

Brazil did receive more black slaves than any other place in the world, but the conditions that they lived were soo poor that they rarely lived more than 10 years after landing on Brazil.

Also Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan, but people only remenber of the dark history of slave trading.


im not agreeing with anyone here but Brazil does have 55,900,000 Largest African diaspora population


If someone has european and african ancestory they are black? Even tho they are more close to their european ancestor?


well if someone is half black and half white then what are they? also do you have to be from Africa to be black? so for you to be white do you have to be European? because if i remember race and ancestry are not really connected because you can be African and be white. so is skin color and ancestry one in the same then.


Is where the white “race” came from, Also the real americans are red, the asians are yellow, the polinesyans are also red. THE WHITE AMERICANS CAME FROM EUROPE, just so you can remenber.


but in the end we are all human so whats the point. in the end we forget we are all just human with differences and so we fight for old history that some bad things in the past. look where we are now. not anywhere better then before even with the sjw movement. the human race is more separated then ever before. we are all the same race the human race.


Yes, but people have this strange “need” of labelling people by their color, and its worse when they treat for example black blood as a curse, “if your family has, you are black even when you dont look”. Its not shame to have black blood, but people seem to include all those people who dont consider themselves as black people anyways, and they cant relate to those characters that should be “representing” them. Thats the real problem, those people are more represented by Sombra than Lúcio.


i really dont care if we had a black female or really any race or gender but let it be organic because when you try to force it people get mad and i just think it will kill the game if they given in to politics because people are tired of having politics i their face in everything it just gets old and i really just want OW to take the time to make a character (doesn’t matter their race) that people can connect too and enjoy playing. also Overwatch story is a perfect ex. of what are world is right now.

anyways gtg have a GN


Well at least for me all the representation Blizzard did so far was great, they didnt add a “Token gay hero” or a “Token black hero”, for me, they are taking their time with the black female because they dont want her to just be black.

OK bye, is morning here already :sunglasses:


what i don’t get is why “black and female”?
What’s with this combination that has to be in the game RIGHT. NOW.
I mean, it’s not like the game lacks variety, there’s at least one hero for every ethnicity. We’ve got american, irish, african, egyptian, native, chinese, korean, japanese, etc. Every continent has at least two representatives.

Stop acting as if blizzard is racist and this game is uninclusive because they haven’t added specifically a black girl.

ps: i don’t consider having a black girl forced or stupid arguments like that. It’s not like a black girl has to have a justification.
I’m just curious why of all things, this specific thing is asked SO MUCH.


Imagine being offended that a certain thing isnt added
I want a furry bisexual mtf norwegian that identifies as an apache helicopter added or i am mad xD ;p


It starts becoming a lot more rational when you look at it as a way to consolidate power and resources, and an easy way for the elites people to divide the common people to maintain that power, rather than as something that is a legitimate attempt at classification.

White Latinos are probably the next group to get folded into the banner of whitness that aren’t currently there, just like the Irish were not too long ago.


This is untrue. Media can educate, even fictional work that is not attempting to educate. People pickup messages from that media all the time. And education can and does change the mind of ignorant people.

Representation has benefits not only for the people being represented but also how others perceive them.


Absolutely. All in the Family was very much about the viewers’ journey as much as it was about Archie Bunker’s journey.


The problem is now if hero 30 is a black female everybody is going to say they released a black female hero because Apex Legends did.


Geographically Egypt is in Africa, but egyptians don’t identify themselves as black, they identify as middle-eastern people.

Also how dare you say old Ana its not a queen :rage:


But for example in overwatch. What would the message be if there was simply a black female hero? There wouldn’t be a message for people to take in, it’s simply another hero but this one is a different skin color.

Yes, education. And I seriously do not see how simply having a black female in a game would suddenly make an ignorant racist/sexist think “oh I guess they’re ok”.
There is already so much evidence and examples in real life of different races being practically the same yet ignorant people ignore it, you know, because they’re ignorant. So if common sense and logic won’t convince them I highly doubt a fictional game character will.

It’s only real benefit is now a black female can say “hey I’m in this game” which doesn’t really do anything or change anything it’s just a personal preference.


Maerz, if this is the sort of contrived issue at the forefront of your mind you are pitiful.