The 'Black Girl' Hero & Apex Legends


this playerbase always gotta make things about gender/race/sexual orientation.

idk i’d just play the game :shrug:


I dont know if its only an issue on my side, but no matter what settings I put it on it does like 4-5 frames of difference only. Like it’s 50fps on everything high and 55 on all low.


Computer specs?

Are you using adaptive dynamic resolution scaling? Are you allocating enough VRAM?


where is the Native America hero, Blizzard? don’t people know that without Native American’s helping the European settlers survive there would be no America? look at the story of Pocahontas if u need inspiration. and pls add a female and male, we ALL know there was male and male Native America’s, but without them included in this game their story will go untold.


I don’t know if you are black or not, and personally I don’t care. I AM black and I AM latin, and I’m telling you that black people don’t like when someone tells “you are not black”. That’s what I’m trying to say here.

Oh, and the fact that I’m Latin doesn’t change the fact that I’m black. Or you’re going to say that I’m not black just because I am Latin American?


Can we please stop this. Overwatch is probably the most inclusive game ever. I have never seen a more diverse cast and yet there’s still people who cry when one isn’t represented. There’s so much diversity in the world you can’t possibly expect everyone to be represented.

From launch Overwatch had such diversity no shoehorning whatsoever. Crying about it to be added only makes it so they are “shoehorning/ forcing” something in due to backlash. Just enjoy the designs they put out and the characters. That’s what pulled most people to this game how interesting and unique each character was.


Ooh. Then you don’t want black heroes, but sub-saharan africans Heroes?

Because in this thread what people are trying to say is that Arabs can’t be black. With this same argument we could say that Lucio is not black just because he is from Latin America.

People are asking for a really specific ethnicity then? Because as long as I know Ajay (the girl champion from Alex Legends) is also arab, or descendant from arabs.

No. This is just a fact that I have to deal almost everyday as a black Latin American in USA. People are constantly trying to quantify how black and how Latin I am.


Oh this is a fun thread.

I’m glad that the IRL demand of representation literally everywhere is now grossly seeping into video games, too.

Perhaps people should play games where you can customize your own avatar, rather than something like Overwatch.


Discussion and requests are not the same thing as demands.


People think the same about gay characters. It’s so annoying. Why does there have to be a reason?


You seem to be missing a very important aspect. You are 50% WHITE CAUCASIAN and yet… AND YET you completely ignore that aspect and consider yourself “black” in an attempt to “fit in”. Why do you not identify as white? Is it because you consider your whiteness inferior ? And no, Meghan Markle is not “black”. She is truthfully probably less than half black considering her father is 99% european Caucasian and her mother is probably mixed. You are purposefully deluding yourself about your own racial identity, a LIE by omission as if the white half of you does not exist. It’s quite sad.


You ironically get how whiteness works but seem upset that they’re not discarding that mold. One drop rule and an ability to distinguish that a person is recently mixed means they become non-white by default.

Look at Obama. He has one white parent. He’s still a black man.


Apex has excellent and very interesting characters… i wish overwatch would have all of them. i like their look and voice.


IS this what you want? Sounds like you are saying we are not the same after all? Sounds like you are telling me that one drop of black blood is enough to taint the purity of the Caucasian race? So you are telling me you are like the Orcs or Mordor??? Cause that’s what I’m hearing, I guess I’ll play the Elves. Sounds like a fun game!!!


I think it’s best to look at it from a different perspective. Think the opposite. If a black person had a white grandparent but everyone else in their family was black, they wouldn’t say “I’m not black, I’m white.”


Wait! I had a thought, what if the Lord of the Rings IS our true history!!!

Caucasians are the Human races.

Africans are orcs the cursed East Elves (Avari) captured by Melkor, their minds and bodies distorted and corrupted. There is evidence of the immortality, or otherwise long life of Orcs . … They were elves once, taken by the dark powers, tortured and mutilated.

So the Africans are really the only remains of the bloodline of elves, since the elves all set off across the sea.

How interesting!


I think you’re trolling on a smurf account. I was trying to agree with you. But this is really racist. Please don’t say things like that.


Why it sounds fun and hints at a greater redemption. Can the Eastern Elves drained of their former glory reclaim their place!! Stay tuned for the history of the human race in 300 years. I’m being serious.

Besides, at least you are the real elves despite being fallen and we are just humans. Yay.


I’m merely telling you how it works in America, courtesy of the folks who benefit the most from our social systems.

If you want it changed, work to dismantle white supremacy. You can start by not getting mad at black people for calling themselves black.

These people always seem to have a lot of opinions about and outrage towards minorities but they’re not brave enough to “tell it like it is” on their real accounts.


That does not make any sense, if it was highly beneficial to be considered white, mixed race individuals would likely align themselves that way rather than identify as black, no? Not that it really matters, I do not really care how people perceive themselves; it just seems like a blatant contradiction if you approach it from that angle.