The best matches in this game


Have no Reinhardt and no Reaper.


I don’t mind Reaper as much personally, but you’re on point about Rein.


Reaper just makes the game impossible to tank if your team cannot manage a modicum of responsibility or teamwork. Which happens a lot.


the best matches in the game (for me) are without:

wrecking ball


I’m fine with all of those.


The best matches in this game have no leavers, no “heroes”, teammates who fight to the end, teammates who pair-up or keep an eye out for supports and each other, have fun voice-line mashups unleashed at the right moment…


Rein in a 2-2-2 is not bad at all.


Best games are the ones without Reinhardt, Zarya, Mei, Hanzo, or Reaper.


I disagree. I had total blast playing with Rein as Briggy smashing into bulk of enemy team and swinging left and right to force them into panic.

But best time I had was when with couple of friends we took all supports and Symm and anihilated other team.


The best games are without


Seeing a pattern?


Playing in masters + a reaper is one of the worst picks to have , especially when GOATS or dive GOATS is played most of the time.
Rein in 2,2,2 is almost suicidal to play without a zarya and lucio, so I rarely rein not played in GOATS
The best games for me is where everyone on my team have public profiles : )


I prefer my style of match to be without Widow.

All this level design and I can only use 1% of it. Having a blast here.


For me best matches started when Junkrat got nerfed. Hearing “fire in the hole” every 30 seconds, and watching one and the same POTG each match got old pretty quickly. Reaper has nothing on that trash.


No Rein is great for some heroes, and awful for others. RIP McCree, Soldier, Ashe, etc. Some heroes need that mobile shield to be able to poke their heads out.


Best matches are Sans Shimada Brothers.
-Widow, Junkrat (I just can’t stand spam doorway characters)
-Symmetra (This is more of a I don’t want to see sym on my team)
-Ana (Because she is flat out better than every other healer)

Before Doomfish nerfs he’d be up here, but atm he’s in need of review.


The best matches are when I piss off a Tracer or Genji as Sombra. Or use McRightClick.


Best matches are the ones i stay in because my team are people that actually know how to play and are not “just having fun”