The Bastion Mains!


So, currently in the PTR:

What do the bastion mains thing about this? Is it a good start in the right direction? Or?


Do Bastion mains even exist?


What’s Bastion?




I have like >30 hours and a lot of wins+elims in FFA with bastion, so I maybe don’t main him but I feel qualified to talk. I’m only plat though, so YMMV.

The tighter spread on sentry mode basically does nothing except make killing pharah + mercy easier, which is welcome but already not something bastion struggles with. The extra 10 ammo in recon though is probably a WAY bigger buff, as it lets you deal with stragglers at range and people that you don’t want to fight in sentry mode much more effectively. I think it’s a good change, since bastion has to use more ammo to secure kills with in Recon mode than Soldier does, though I’d love to see recon mode do literally 1 more point of damage than it does, if only to make it a little more competitive with soldier, but that would probably be overtweaking.

I think this is a smart buff for something that doesn’t rework bastion, but in the future myself and other people would like to see bastion be less frontloaded into sentry mode, because that makes balancing bastion a lot harder. Personally I feel like the fun part of playing bastion is less of actually pouring bullets into people with sentry mode, and more about leveraging that threat against people, and switching between modes smartly to bait cooldowns and fight specific matchups. People talk about bastion getting tank mode on CD and getting nerf-tweaks elsewhere to make him more viable. I’m personally very interested in that kind of change, but that’s obviously a longer term move.


I think there are around ten of them. Maybe 3 on forums.


close to twenty bastion mains on the US forums that post regularly that i personally know of.


I really don’t know if this is going to help him much… sure It’s going to increase his effectiveness long ranged but he will still be very easily countered by most heroes in this game because he is just a one big immobile hitbox 90% of the time.

However I still want to show my appreciation for finally responding to Bastion feedback and trying to help him out a bit. But I personally think the only way to really help him in terms of survivability is to go for a rework.


Only if you squint really hard at D,Va mains.

A very old legend… Many still speak ill of it, But someday… it may return.

And that’s like 3 more than usual, Just ask ShadowDarter.

Literally just…

  • Make the spread reduction Not Go away the moment you stop shooting.
  • Make the spread reduce faster.
  • Return a headshot modifier.

And we may bring him back into the game.


Damn i thought Math was how to quickly count how many bullets you are using and figuring out the damage drop off and then cross calculating Time to kill.

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I am ROCK HARD right now.


Literally just…

  • Make the spread reduction Not Go away the moment you stop shooting.
  • Make the spread reduce faster.
  • Return a headshot modifier.

no, no, and no way. season1bastion main 4lyfe 500 SR gains in 2 weeks a


The only good thing for Bastions out there is lowered amount of Zen and Hanzo that just delete Bastion from the other end of the map while showing one pixel of themselves.

Sentry needs many buffs, better accuracy is certainly welcome.


Hi, Mod from the Bastion Mains here. There has been a long on going discussion over on the Discord server about Bastion changes that were needed, and yes, this is what we wanted. (Mainly a decrease in sentry spread, this is a start.) There a few others that were suggested, but these were some of the mains.

As for Bastion himself now; yes, we feel this will help him and point him in the right direction. Ever since his rework, he’s become a niche pick, and mainly off-meta. I myself believe this is bad for him, but now with these changes he is a bit more reliable in the fact it is easier to kill now (from range, Im not saying it was impossible but it was difficult.) with the decreased spread. The recon buff also helps him survive.

TL;DR: Yeah.


As a bastion/handsoap main I think this will make him more viable in countering GOATs comp, as you now have longer ranged poke damage that is concentrated. Overall, unfortunately, a buff to bastion will cause all the pharah mains in bronze silver and gold to riot about “nerfing BASTION” and he will probably have these changes reverted in a month. We all know how Blizzard handles outcries of the mob :frowning:

Prepare for incoming bronzies in forum screaming “DELETE BASTION”



Not a bastion main but I do enjoy playing him when I can - the changes are a step in the right direction. Now if they just bring back headshots in sentry id be happy - hog and reaper do, bastion should as well.


Wait, there is a Bastion main discord?