The Bastion Buff Changes Nothing

So, here we are, he’s buffed. He can now get more shoot out of his shoot buttons. Great. Except that’s not what was wrong with him. He still has no mobility options or CC/escape tools, whereas every other character has such an ability. In addition, as the game has been out for so long everyone knows the maps well (in higher levels of play anyway) and can usually say “yeah, Bastion can’t get there, he’s here or here”. You can’t mix people up anymore, and even if you do it’s still only for one or two kills then you have to spend 30 precious seconds repositioning, hoping you aren’t spotted on the way. I now refer you to the correct buff which he needed: Tank on E, described here 💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (500+ Likes, 16,600+ Responses)


thats called a weakness.
If he commits to Planting himself in place, He Does immense amounts of damage. Simple.


Yes it is a required weakness WHEN HE’S IN SENTRY MODE. Transforming mid-fight is almost never an option, you will just die during the animation. The whole game plan of bastion is to avoid and surprise, but he can’t avoid, nor can he any longer surprise. What’s so annoying about this is his ult provides this mobility. If it did less damage, he could just use it to get around, as a normal ability. And if you’re worried he’ll still have no weakness, make the tank mode transformation longer than the other two, he has to know you’re coming to get away.

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Know what I like? When players get buffs and nerfs they ask for… then talk about how it isn’t enough.


Zenyatta would like a word with you.

Also, I would call being able to heal yourself while running something of an escape tool. It helps you escape in situations where you otherwise wouldn’t.

How arrogant can you get?


He didn’t need a buff! He needed a rework, go back to ranting about your top tiers please!


The problem with him is not his mobility. It’s not his health.
The problem is how to make him work as intended, an anti barrier dps.
This current change help him a lot.

There isn’t a single place bastion can’t be located.

Or you could push a single button.

Ok yeah, I’ll give it to Zenyatta, but he’s a support, they’re supposed to be out of the line of fire, Bastion is supposed to be up front killing

Not at all. He is supposed to sit behind a tank, killing the enemy tank.

No other DPS absolutely needs their team to play around them to get results, you need a barrier for current Bastion

Except it was. Being immovable but also horrendous spread was bad, fixing spread mean he doesn’t need to move too much to make use of it. IDK how well it did at fixing the issue though.


Bastion can get anywhere yes, WITH TANK MODE

And? Why is this a problem?

I agree this is not the buff I wanted for him. I would still rather these small buffs that at least improve a characters fun factor by making them statistically balanced while they wait for more resources.

I would also approve of tank on (e) with other aspects toned down so he can follow up on attacking squishes after he breaks barriers.

I can think of several fun possibilities for a new ult…

In the mean time I do like that they gave him something of a buff, so you can play him now and then and not feel like you’re not throwing in qp

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The little things are nice yes but it feels like blizzard is just making up an excuse not to mess with him.

Orisa, reinhardt, Winston, zarya, bastion, sombra, symmetra, ana, brigitte, mercy.
There are more heroes that rely on their team.

It’s either this or nothing. Blizzard has months of content preplanned and knowing that bastion being an existing character who’s rework would undoubtably need the creation of new assets (see hog who barely got any asset changes, which still resulted in weeks worth of delays) means he’s low on the list of priorities.

We should continue to voice our opinions for a healthier, more fun for all parties, bastion.

Rein has a run away tool, and if you want to fight him he can block you till you get close enough for him to deal with you. Winston also has a shield, and he can jump away. Sombra has a teleport, and she should usually be able to look for a favorable time to attack. Sym has a teleport (which she can now use to get away) and a shield. Brigitte has a shield, AND dash AND CC AND healing. Mercy, Ana and Zen have an excuse to rely on their team, they’re supports and aren’t responsible for killing the enemy.

Bastion has huge damage, range, self heal.

Like the Bastion that turns every map into a bounce house? That sounds pretty fun for everyone. Also Blizzard has basically infinite funds and time, they have no excuse for not holding up to their usual standard of damn-near perfection.