The armor nerf is not as bad as it sounds


Anything that does less than 10 per bullet will still do half damage. The following characters will still do half damage on armor.


The characters that it does affect do big chunks like McCree so instead of 65, each bullet will do 67. It’s mainly a buff to Soldier who everyone knows needs it.


Winston is also not benefiting

The question is, can armor dependent heroes like Orisa afford this?


Bastion is getting reked as collateral damage.


It seems you didn’t read everything

they changed it from 10 to 6


Tbf that’s nothing new


I wonder if this will help out Symmetra. Fingers crossed.


That is correct, so it does affect most if not all of those characters


same here, tbh i have no clue what are those thicks people talk about. but once i heard sym does 20 thick per second or something, while zarya does 5??? i’m sorry i really don’t know what i’m talking about, but i guess sym will benefit from it.


I was wondering that too! I think maybe with the 2nd at 3rd tier of her beam, but I’m not sure with the 1st tier.


hmm lets see last I checked her tick rate was 20 meaning a full 180 is 9 meaning its only getting reduced by 3 now instead of 4.5 meaning it now does 120 dps on an armored target instead of 90


Yes, she used to do 20 per second, but I think it was recently changed. They didn’t say what they changed it to though.


Basically a beams instances of damages are measured in ticks instead of bullets, so symmetra doing 20 ticks a second is the equivalent to someone shooting 20 bullets a second


It’s still half for most of them, and for the ones I listed that are over, they do like 7 per shot. So instead of 3, they will do 4 if they didn’t suffer falloff yet. Don’t know when Reaper starts seeing.

Regardless, I don’t think it’s as bad as it seems still. The characters with shotguns and things that were hurt by armor the most is still not going to melt tanks.


I think its a pretty big change
Symmetra now deals 30 more damage per second to armored targets
Sombra now deals 20 more damage per second to an armored target
Reaper now deals 20 more damage per second to an armored target
Soldier now deals 18 more damage per second to an armored target
Orisa now deals 24 more damage per second to an armored target
I know this one really doesn’t say much but sentry Bastion now deals 60 more damage a second

These numbers may seem small, but they reduce the ttk a lot


OP is indeed misinformed, however The Characters OP listed are still getting similar Damage Reduction from Armor regardless of the fact that the threshold was lowered.

On live:
Tracer’s Pistol bullet of 6 damage does not surpass 10 damage, so it’s reduced by half, For a total of 3 damage.

On Ptr:
Tracer Pistol’s bullet of 6 damage meets the threshold of 6, and so is reduced by 3 points, for a total of 3 damage.

Exactly the same.

There is a difference however that Tracer can deal more damage with Headshots, assuming she is close enough to get the full 6 damage of her bullets. With the new armor rating she can deal 9 damage with a headshot over 6 on live.

For other heroes, the math checks out like so:

Sombra - Exceeds the damage threshold, deals -3 damage, for a total of 5.
+1 damage per bullet over live.

Reaper - exceeds the damage threshold, 7 damage per pellet, deals -3 for a total of 4 per pellet.
Supposedly Overwatch uses fractions, so that’s hilariously a half a point of additional damage over live.

This is more a nerf to slow healing such as that from Lucio’s Aura or Inspire when used on Armoured targets under fire more than anything else.


Again you forget the heroes that go over this new line gain a large damage boost due to their rapid fire mechanics, sure reaper only deals .5 more damage per pellet, but he still shoots 40 pellets a second for 20 more damage


Pretty much all those characters needed damage buffs to begin with. And you are assuming every bullet hits at a non-fall off range. The average weapon accuracy for Reaper is 27% so in reality Reaper will do 5 more damage per shot.


Damage Per Second is a terrible metric for measuring real-world performance because it assumes uninterrupted perfection.

It also assumes a character like Orisa does not have Fortify, or that Reinhardt isn’t using his Shield, or even that either is actually fighting Reaper.

When it comes to reaper specifically, his 50% lifesteal is going to be far more of a tipping factor than than the extra damage against armor.

But even then, the TTKs for weapons that are most impacted by armor are either exactly the same or reduced by what? a second or two at most?

For Reaper he needs exactly one less shot to kill Orisa.
He can do it in two headshots, or Five Body shots on PTR,

On live he can do it in 6 body shots or 2 headshots and an Anyshot (40 damage).

All assuming optimal range, landing all pellets, Reaper is the only one damaging Orisa, and also that Orisa just…kinda lets it happen, not using Fortify.