The Answer to Brigitte

So recently shield bash was given extra second of CD. And naturally, some people are pissing. Honestly, an extra second or two on shield bash wouldn’t hurt her, either; 6 or 7 seconds feels like a comfortable spot. And to be honest, I am in the Brigitte-hate-bandwagon.

But the main issue is with our old buddy Reinheardt. BOOM! this is a Rein thread now! Betcha didn’t see that comin’, didja? Ok, you probably did…

Yeah, there will be those guys who say “Reinheardt is fine”, but I don’t think his kit has aged well. This might sound crazy, but I think it’s all the stuns and knockbacks. So, here is my thinking:

Instead of nerfing Brigitte, can’t we just buff Reinheardt?

Poor guys getting knocked around like a damn pogo ball and being prevented from doing his job. He needs a small update to keep up with the pace of the game. Here’s what I propose:

Steadfast: Reinhardt gains a heavy resistance to stuns and knockbacks, cutting the stun’s time and knockback force by half while defending his team like the stalwart hero they deserve.

Many people on these forums have suggested this, and it would be perfect for Reinhardt. This isn’t even the only change I’d give him.

So, let me know what you guys think of this. I hope most people would be ecstatic to see something among these lines, but this world never ceases to amaze.

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Rein could definitely use some more natural resistance to CC. However giving him any kind at all would make him overshadow Orisa, who is already struggling to keep up with the big guy. That’s the biggest issue.

Also, so long as Brig is already mentioned, I would like to add that a head on shield bash vs Rein charge should NOT result in Brig’s favor.

I would ALSO like to suggest that Rein’s ult makes him immune to stun during. It’s fast enough that I doubt any person intentionally baits and stuns the skill, it always falls on luck’s side.


Since when is Orisa overshadowed by Rein? She’s overshadowed Rein since the day she came out, And if anything, Reinhardt has been struggling to keep up

I agree with the charge interaction, but not on the CC immunity during his ult. Earthshatter has extreme potential, and I know people do try and bait it out.

So, I’m in the “Rein needs a buff and Orisa doesn’t” camp based on my own personal game play experience.

However, strictly going on stats, Rein is currently the #1 picked tank with the highest tank win rate. And Orisa is the least picked tank.

Now, that aside, I think the reason you and I feel the way we do is because of a different set of stats. Orisa has higher E:D ratios (more elims, more damage, less dying) and a higher damage blocked statistic. But given just win rate and pick rate, I can see why some people who don’t play Rein are having a hard time understanding.

Alright, I see where you’re coming from, but in My experience Reinhardt has to rely on his charges and firestikes to be useful now, instead of tanking like he’s supposed to

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EVERYONE IS SUFFERING! DPS! TANKS! EVERYONE! (gold to GM brig onetricks not included)

Geoff made an interesting response that applies to all their balance choices.

Rein’s weakness is being bounced around like a rag doll. There are heroes in game who work well with him to lessen that weakness. I’m sure many of us can argue that it is overbearing and certainly isn’t fun losing control of your hero for extended periods of time, but unless they agree, I don’t expect them to buff his CC resistance. I hope I’m wrong.

even without brigitte in the game rein was already in a bad spot because he now the most buggiest hero in the game…and needs fixing and buffs ffs…

ppl will cry about it bcuz they cant get ez kils at backline anymore and been selfish like most are they dont want to change to a range dps to counter her. ez and simple.

Why would we want to buff rein? He’s meta right now with Brigette. If you buff him that only makes Brigette stronger in meta as well.

I think rein has better synergy with the other off-tanks than orisa, but he’s definitely not as fun to play with all the cc and boops, which is a huge problem. I guess that makes it kind of tricky to balance him. I personally think rein could use a resistance to boops and stuns in the direction his shield is facing. Like it’s a little silly that Brigitte can boop him away with her shift or walk past her own rein shield and walk up to the opposing rein shield and stun him or that rein can face DF with his shield up and get knocked back by his uppercut or rp. I think it’s fine if rein takes damage from these abilities while he has his shield up, but maybe Blizzard could change the front part of his hit box when he puts up his shield so that he can’t be bopped around. That I think would make playing rein more bearable in the current meta. Maybe this impedes on orisa’s “niche”, but as it is she’s too immobile to tank offensively as effectively as rein. If I were to suggest something for orisa it would be to give her a gallop ability.

Edit: I also want to say that buffing rein to be more resistant to Briggite would probably make comps that choose to not play Brigitte as a support/side tank more viable against one’s that do.