The Anger Around the PTR Mercy Buffs Explained


Honestly, you would think after over a year of the developers messing up Mercy, the anti-Mercy crowd would redirect their frustration away from Mercy players and onto the developers. They actually genuinely believe that the vast majority of vocal players are delusional and ignore statistics all because of their hatred of a video-game character. Lul. :crazy_face:


Mercy with 60 HPS was a strong, meta hero. She wasn’t weak, just unfun.


I’m curious to hear from Titanium on this, seeing as how good they are with looking into any facts regarding Mercy. Is there any truth to the statement that Mercy’s 50HPS still drops her ult gain rate by more then what the 15% reduced cost makes up for? In other words that she is still all around weaker now. I have heard this said but without any numbers to back it up yet.


Then they could at the very least say that they understand our concerns but do not plan to address them anytime soon.



Let me stop you right there then.

If people dont stop blizzard following their dumb ideology about certain characters,we would still be running around riptire protecting Sometimes their plan dont work out and players are unwilling/unable to go along, this is where they need to ask themselves.

“We make this game for our players, or as a lan game inside the company?”

They can have all the vision they want, if its false and dont work, they have to let go. More than a year damage control without any sign of stopping the bleeding is a proof that it dosnt work.


And our problem isn’t her being weak, it’s her being unfun. At least me and many others’.


Wonderful post from you as always. :100: :+1:

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Spreading positivity and ice cream, one Mercy at a time.


That does not give someone the justification to complain about a buff.

Ask reaper players if they like shadowstep or his effect on armor.
Ask Roadhog players if they enjoy his lack of protection for teammates.

Ana used to be super meta. She got heavily nerfed. Very few complained when she got her buffs. Very few referred to her clip buffs as an insult or rubbing salt in the wounds.


Let me stop you right there (kill me now).

They can only cherry-pick what they want theoretically.

If I was the architect in a house and I was creating it for you, you would supervise it. I would be making stuff but there would be somethings that you would say, “Uh no, remove that”.


This actually was a viable strat with 4s dm. When D.Va got readjusted to be more balanced and not a DM bot, people complained that DM was useless despite being a top 3 ability.


Reverting Valkyrie from one underwhelming state to another underwhelming state doesn’t solve the issue that Valkyrie is underwhelming.

We’re going back to a underwhelming state of Valkyrie and somehow… not expecting Valkyrie to be underwhelming?


So she was unfun. Still has the exact state that had her be unfun. But is now factually weaker. You just admitted to that, you do realize that right?


And already you have strayed from the concerns brought up in the OP.

This isn’t about how balanced Mercy will be. This isn’t about the meta.

This is about how Mercy feels to play.


Yes, of course she’s weaker. That’s kind of the point of a nerf.


I loved all your previous posts, but this one seems to go a different direction. It’s not ignorance, it’s difference of opinion.

Not everyone thinks this way, I love Mercy’s mobility and flying maneuvers.

At least just say move it to ‘E’ rather than getting rid of it, it’s a fun ability, just not ult worthy. I get that.

What I see more often than anything is Mercy mains gravitating towards rez not feeling satisfying or ‘earned’ or whatever. If we could reform it into an ult without EVER having mass rez again and Valk going to E in some form I’d be fine with it.


Bastion first. Then mercy. That should be their top priority.
Edit: or both if possible but bastion needs a rework ASAP.


And still unfun to the always overwhelming majority of her playerbase. So, she is still a problem that needs fixed.


If you were the architect and build a fountain in my living room without asking me, saying how beautiful it is, i can still say to remove that or you wont get a dime+ you go to court. You simply cannot go against your customers based on your ideas about certain things. Its your work,but you make it for someone else.


Incorrect. We now have a spectator ultimate in the place of an ultimate that generated mind-games around it, and an E ability that contradicts the mobility-based gameplay of Mercy’s kit.


Alright, I understand some people politely stating that they disagree with what the balance changes were. That’s fine. But people are being rude about it. There is no circumstance where that’s ok. It’s like someone giving you a present, and being mad they didn’t get you exactly what you wanted.