The Anger Around the PTR Mercy Buffs Explained

Is it greedy to want the hero we used to love playing to be fun to play today?


Reaper is not fun
Doomfist just got out of f tier just to go back alot more welcomed so hes not playable

Rein is boring
Zen is boring
Brig same as df
Bastion enough said
I think u get it but there are plenty of other characters worse then mercy by far

Did Reaper get a significant change that took him from being fun to no longer being fun?

Fair enough. Does us advocating for Mercy changes and not Doomfist changes make us greedy, though?

If so, I could just as easily call Doomfist mains greedy for not advocating for Mercy changes, no?

There are these things called priorities.

Did Reinhardt get a significant change that took him from being fun to no longer being fun?

Did Zenyatta get a significant change that took him from being fun to no longer being fun?

Per request of some of the Bastion mains on the forums, I agreed to edit their next megathread before they post it. I’m just waiting on them to contact me again.

I’d think that losing half of the hero’s playerbase and producing well over a year of complaints over a rework that made the hero OP for 10 months and pissed off that hero’s mains for even longer is pretty big cause for concern.

Say what you want, but a 6% drop of a hero’s QP pickrate from a time in which they were balanced to a time in which they were OP is a huge red flag.


Neither did Mercy

Actually mercy 1.0 was more boring then the current mercy.

Here, hold this: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


See the link I just dropped.

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Yes yes subjective opinions are fact when they’re yours and not mine


That post is just another forum cryier

Could you elaborate on that?

Because I can see that neither of you have actually opened the post; there are no click digits next to the link.


I really wish I could like this post multiple times. As a flex player, I remain furious with all these reworks to Mercy and the continued disregard from Blizzard. I couldn’t imagine how horrible this is for people who mostly or only play Mercy.


are you shocked no one wants to read a book amount of text mid discussion?

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When a person is constantly complaining it means there crying

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Balanced hero.

Nothing to see here people.

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I mean if they mostly or only play Mercy they probably enjoy it?

So you admit that you haven’t even read the post, and yet, you try to pass judgement on it?

You refuse to actually read the arguments, and instead choose to dismiss them because you are afraid they might disprove something?

That sounds a lot like something I mentioned in the OP of this post…


I glanced at it before weeks ago

I honestly don’t care about your opinion enough to read that whole thing just for to dig at potential reasons why you you’re wrong in feeling that something isn’t fun to you

No pun intended, by why does this thread keep getting rezed?


I don’t think you know what “crying” means.


  1. shed tears, especially as an expression of distress or pain.
    “don’t cry—it’ll be all right”
  2. shout or scream, especially to express one’s fear, pain, or grief.
    “the little girl fell down and cried for her mommy”
  • say something in an excited or anguished tone of voice.
    “Where will it end?” he cried out”
  • (of a street trader) shout out the name of (goods for sale).
    “there was a bustle of activity as vendors cried their wares, offering shellfish to potential buyers”
  1. (of a bird or other animal) make a loud characteristic call.
    “the wild birds cried out over the water”

There are no tears being shed.
There is no shouting or screaming.
There is no excitement or anguish conveyed in the post; it is just laying out the way things are and the problems and contradictions within them.
I am not a street trader, and I am not selling any goods.
I am not a bird.


Is there a reason you’re taking this obtusely literal or are you just new to the internet

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