The Anger Around the PTR Mercy Buffs Explained

With… 27 hours as far as I can tell.

If we’re going to play the credibility game, I’m sitting pretty over here with my 470 hours total of Mercy playtime, roughly 50 of which were on the PTR.

Of those 470 hours, approximately 100 of them were spent playing high-Master/GM games in Competitive play, spread out across three consecutive seasons in GM (two seasons before the rework and one season after the rework) before I went inactive.

If you’re going to preface your post with an attempt to look credible because of X amount of experience, expect to get one-upped.

Her base kit of beams and GA is still fun. The problems are the interruptions and contradictions that plague that same kit.

There’s your first mistake.

“I’m going to disregard the fact that there’s a 15-second basic ability and spectator-simulator on her ultimate.”

There’s a reason we would be thrilled to simply have Valkyrie removed.

Mechanically? Sure, if you ignore the periodic Resurrect cast time that interrupts and contradicts the mobility and healing based flow of Mercy’s kit.

Correction: One less thing to think about.

The thought process for Resurrect has been simplified to a very basic question:

Will standing at Y position for 1.75 seconds get me killed?

Any player who was semi-decent with Resurrect from Mercy 1.x has no problem answering that question by taking only a quick glance at the situation.

In contrast…

The answer is always the first pick, if possible.

That question is answered conceptually for every scenario. You couldn’t say the same for mass-Resurrect.

I’m really starting to think that I should have just dropped my entire thread on you…

Hiding to use Resurrect prior to the rework backfired against a decent team. Hiding today is encouraged in both the use of Valkyrie and the use of Resurrect.

So yes, this is every different from pre-rework Mercy.


You no longer have to consider the value of using Resurrect to revive that Reinhardt who has Earthshatter versus the value of using Resurrect to revive three players after an enemy Graviton Surge. One of those options is eliminated as a possibility entirely for you because you’re not going to revive three players in ten seconds.

So the obvious choice is always to revive that Reinhardt, regardless as to whether or not it would be a worse choice than hypothetically using Resurrect on those other 3 players.

“we still”

Both of those words are incorrect.

The only instances of this occurred after the rework.


I mean, you’re not wrong in saying that this would make Mercy more engaging… but it’s pretty contradictory to have the game’s dedicated healer wield a support ultimate that is best spent shooting enemies.


“I don’t agree with it, but my opinion is unpopular. I know, I’ll accuse everyone I disagree with of spamming to make myself feel better!”


Is it the overall pickrate you’re concerned about?

Because I’ve already been over this. Mercy had the highest overall pickrate in the game in Competitive play during season 3, when she was F-tier. Ana dominated and generated the meta around her, and yet, Mercy was the most-picked healer at the time.

Is it really a logical to conclusion to state that Mercy was overpowered because of that 11% pickrate in season 3, despite being F-tier?


So when Mercy’s overall pickrate in seasons 4 and 5 reach 14%, but Mercy is still D-tier, backseat to every other healer in the game, is it logical to conclude that Mercy was overpowered?


What then, could be the source of Mercy having that high of a pickrate?

Could it be that… players really liked to play Mercy? That her popularity was literally just that: Popularity?

If the game were perfectly balanced, then a given hero’s Quickplay pickrates and their competitive pickrates across all tiers would be close to uniform. Why? It shows that the only thing affecting those pickrates is how fun that hero is to play, regardless of rank.

If the playerbase is playing a hero approximately 12% of the time in the fun and casual mode, then approximately that same statistic should should reveal itself in every rank for that hero. And it was… until you reached high-tier play, where it fell like a stone.


Because that hero wasn’t good enough, wasn’t powerful enough, for those ranks, save for 4% of that rank’s population.


That “Mercy main echochamber on this forum” happens to be the most popular thread of all time on the Official Overwatch Forums.

But sure; when the majority disagrees with you, it’s just an “echochamber”.




Fixed that for ya;


I think you underestimate our determination.

We’ve been at it for over a year already. If we haven’t given up yet, there’s not much that will get us to give up.


you really cant take a joke? I guess all mercy mains really are sensitive

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Go ahead and keep asking. The Symmetra players are still asking for lock on back but like Mass Rez, it was unhealthy for the game.

I never found Symmetra being able to lock on “unhealthy for the game”. The problem with Symmetra is her primary fire is harder to aim with and build up charge to her beam.

Also, Mass Resurrect wasn’t this unbelievably “unhealthy” ultimate for the game as a lot of people make it out to be.


I find Mercy to be very fun to play in her current state, ie before the 60HPs in Valk change is applied

Since all the change does is make her more powerful, I will continue to have fun playing her after the change is applied

I know many folks who find her very enjoyable to play in her current state

Being angry about a buff - and this was indeed a buff, since the state of a character is always their current state, not some arbitrarily selected state in the past - makes no sense to anyone I know who plays Mercy

Current Mercy’s ult is not fun and mass rez Mercy was absolutely atrocious. Oh, and Mercy is my 3rd most played hero. I would like ult rework as long as it doesn’t involve resurrection.

You state it as a fact, yet this is an opinion

Many folks - myself included - find Valkyrie to be quite fun, and do not want to see a rework

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Didn’t mean it as a stone cold fact involving everyone; it is a fact for me.

{shrug} the definition of an opinion is along the lines of something that is a fact to a given person but not for others, so…

as written, it is stated as a fact

I’m glad we could agree at least on that point :smile:

Can I ask what you find fun about the her live kit? I’m curious! :slight_smile:




I don’t think you know what a joke is…