The Anger Around the PTR Mercy Buffs Explained

Im sorry… Who said people who don’t agree with it being a failure are the majority? There are no numbers given to you to make such a statement true. You do not speak for a “gazillion” others. Because if you want that statement to be true, then Mercy mains saying most Mercy mains hate her rework, is also valid.

You can’t accuse someone of being in a minority and not speaking for everyone when you, yourself, are also in a minority and can not speak for everyone also.


Obviously they are not the entire playerbase. That may be why I said Mercy players? :thinking:
Again we can all pretend Mercy players do not get hate for playing Mercy, people deny facts all the time. Reality, as much as some may not wish to acknowledge or own up to, will continue being reality. Your insistence that people do not hate us will not magically make it true. You have chosen the narrative that Mercy players simply speak in a way that upsets people and that is, therefore, justified to be hateful to them. You do you I guess.


It is one thing to disagree, and another entirely to simply say
“You all just want Mercy OP” (despite us being fine when she was in F tier)
“All you Mercy players do is spam!” (despite the threads having different ideas on how to go about fixing Mercy and being made by different people)
“You always act the victim!” (what you are doing. I did not even mention anything about victims. This seems to be the recent strawman to avoid admitting the poster does not like Mercy players and would rather say something like this rather than just giving the opinion they have outright.)


Neither i said that nor Mercy has ever been in F tier so literally no idea why you are quoting me to say this.

OP Literally states “I’ll reiterate the situation for you.” which is basically spam when there are several threads about the same thing ( you stated “Multiple threads have been made against the rework”) translation “multiple threads about the same” so spam, but sure, im not going to argue semantics.

You straight up quoted me and said that is “in” to hate mercy players, totally disregarding what i said and trying to make me look like a bully just because you cant disprove anything i say. You cant win so, lets play the victim and throw ad hominems to make him look like he is a nonsensical hater that just follows a trend.


PS: You still didnt provide any “proofs” you claim there is nor anything to prove im wrong.

How did you make that leap in logic?

That’s another huge leap in logic.

It’s like saying that because I don’t like the color yellow, I must also dislike the colors green, orange, purple, teal, and brown.

What, you can’t take what you dish out?

If you never held any of those positions, the assertion that followed them has no impact on you; it is not directed at you.

Considering that you are taking offense to it, that tells me that you at one point held (and likely currently are holding) one or multiple of those positions. In which case, that leads me to reaffirm my assertions. Those positions are meant to be insulting and are founded upon ignorance, and if you are holding one of those positions, you are ignorant, whether that’s intentional or accidental.

I find it funny how this trade-off begins with an insult from your side of the court, and then as soon as it backfires in your face, you cry about it. How about you… how did you put it?

As for these:

Sorry, but I’m not going to be a doormat for ignorant people to make ignorant remarks about. If that leads to confirmation bias or a bad case of the Backfire Effect on your part, I honestly don’t care.

First, respect is a two-way street. They’ll get that respect from us when they show that they respect us.

Second, when I see BS, I’m going to call BS. That’s not being disrespectful; that’s being realistic. Which then leads me to your next bullet point…

Having the spine to call out the aforementioned BS doesn’t make us entitled. It means we have the independence, the guts, and the motivation to do what any stable person should be doing: Questioning and rejecting absurdity.

You accuse us of being entitled… yet, you conveniently ignore the fact that people like yourself are the reason this rework is here in the first place; because you felt entitled to your Q press being irreversible.

I see self-empowerment more often than this. You won’t find many threads that are about self-pity. You’ll find a hell of a lot of threads that are directly engaging and dispelling misconceptions.

Defending oneself is not playing the victim. It’s quite the opposite.

Oh, please. This kind of backlash from certain forumers has been going since before the rework. It basically comes down to “If it’s not what I want to see, it’s not constructive”.

So no. I will not follow your or their definition of “constructive”. From what I have seen, that term coming from people such as yourself is synonymous with “shut up”, which is an option I don’t hesitate to reject.


If you haven’t already seen it, everything is explained here:
Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Good question. The problem is that it makes an assumption that doesn’t apply to me.

That assumption is that I still play Mercy.

I haven’t for over a year now.

Overwatch has one dedicated healer, and only one who is mobility based at that.

Overwatch has 3 mobility-based damage heroes, and that’s going by the strictest measurements of what constitutes a “mobility-based damage hero”. If you want to be more generous, that number could be brought as high as 7. Looking at the DPS and support categories as a whole, DPS players have a hero pool 2.5 times the size of the support pool. If one falls out of favor, it’s easy to pick up another one with a very similar playstyle.

Soldier:76 falls out of favor? You have McCree.
Genji falls out of favor? You have Tracer.
Pharah falls out of favor? You have Junkrat.

Mercy falls out of favor or is no longer fun? You’re SOL in that playstyle.

I personally find Symmetra boring to. I don’t complain about her being boring though. Do you know why?

I never lost a fun version of Symmetra.

If I found Symmetra to be fun at one point and then she suddenly became unengaging because the developers changed her due to someone else’s perception of how fun Symmetra is to play against, you can bet your rear that I’d be complaining about it.


That was done as of October 21st, 2017.

And those numbers indicate that her pickrates that summarize how fun a hero is to play has dropped by more than half.

If the stats were the only things the developers cared about, mercy wouldn’t have been reworked in the first place.



Because last I checked, the only concerns they addressed were balance concerns.


That’s the problem here.

The perception of “I won this fight”, when you didn’t bother to eliminate or place a check on the biggest threat in the game while that very sentence is going through your head.

If you killed everyone except the highest-priority target in the game, here’s a relevant tip for that time period: You haven’t won the fight yet.


Wish more people would have realized that, if the enemy team has a Mercy, you can’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet, it may have been “unfun”, but it was something anyone could easily tell could occur, just like anticipating any other ultimate.


Considering that most Mercy mains are statistically below the mean skill rating, this is false and is another example of ignorance.

Considering that we haven’t seen a version of Mercy between C-tier and A-tier (pre-rework was D-tier or below, post rework was S-teir for months before dropping to F-tier), this isn’t an assertion that can be reinforced.

I can attest personally, however, that some of us are very capable of climbing to and holding high ranks without depending upon an overpowered kit. I climbed to GM while Mercy was in D-tier.


Mercy 1.x never moved past D-tier.

While I agree that the invulnerability isn’t the buff Mercy should had received, we’re kidding ourselves if we act like Mercy became a must-pick after that change.


That’s not bad ultimate economy. You used two wipe a team, and a third to counter an enemy ultimate.

That’s a net deficit of two ultimates for a teamwipe. That’s a very good tradeoff, considering that a single teamwipe is often all that’s needed to secure an objective.

That’s not even considering that you also got a lot of that charge back, because you just killed the enemy team twice over.


Once again I never claimed to be a victim. This is how YOU are choosing the see my words. Do as you please, we are obviously not oppressed. People just don’t like us due to our opinions, they are not beating us or anything that would suggest us being victims. Not sure why you like to say I’m a victim when I am not.
Go read the terms of service in regards to spam. It has to be the same person with the exact same statement. (agreeing with someone is not the same as spam, copy and pasting the same content over and over and over is.)


Sorry, I got that wrong! :confused:

Fair enough, and I did say “Most” not all. And the crying that goes on about her, doesn’t justify her pick rate being significantly higher than Bastion, or Sombra.

No more so than Symmetra after a rework + 2 buffs, and now they want a 3rd buff.

I’ve been open about what I can acknowledge regarding mercy. I think she should be allowed 2 solo rezes while in valk form, and only CD normal rez as it is now when not in valk.

I’m not convinced her healing needs to be boosted.

if you take a hero and then suddenly make that hero the most overpowered hero the game has ever seen, yeah, you’re going to see a bunch of that hero’s mains shoot up in the ladder.

That doesn’t mean that those players are incapable of climbing without using an overpowered hero.


No, what it does mean is most of those players did just that, in addition to exploiting the system to climb faster. (And it was done by mercy mains specifically) Until bliz fixed the exploit.

Then they reworked her kit, the first time, and made her insanely strong for months, then reworked her kit again, and she was still one of the highest pick rate healers but arguably more docile. Then we have the rework now, and the healing nerf which makes her more docile yet, and suddenly those Mercy mains are realizing they cannot maintain their ranks anymore.

To Clarify the above statement by me, by the time they realized the issue, and fixed it. Boosted mercy mains, had enough experience at that level of play to stay at their ranks for the most part. (aka Mercy One Trick) A glorious product of gameplay balance and forced 50% win rate that doesn’t exist. It’s the reason this game is so painful to climb in comp. Because of that forced balance and win rate that doesn’t exist, people lack the experience of playing against better players, because they only experience people who are just as bad as they are.

It’s a double edged sword in that regard. Yes the games are statistically balanced, but that also means statistically you won’t get any better, because you never go against anyone that can teach you something. “Enter GM’s training newbie teams to get better” It’s something GM’s would NOT have to do, if there was no balance system and it was completely randomized, because people would learn through the hard knock life, like we did back in old school FPS E-Sport gaming days.

Sadly however, the toxicity in this game is worse than any FPS game I’ve ever played in my 25 years of on-line gaming experience. The only way for that to work, is if they remove in game voice, and force people to communicate without toxicity at all. The way pro gamers used to do it with keybind macro text. Use Teamspeak/Vent/Discord all you want, it still cuts out the toxic element of the game because you only play with people you like and/or friends. And while the chat system is in place, sure, you can always block someone’s text, but not the in game voice macros the character does.

It’s not a bad idea, but holy hell that’s going to be brokenly overpowered as an E ability if it has a 4 second duration.

I’d rather not keep an E ability that warrants a 30 second cooldown.

And then there’s the fact that I want Valkyrie to be either removed from the game or modified beyond recognition.


This is the dumbest most juvenile argument that keeps popping up on here perpetuating the “Entitled Mercy Main” feelings going around here.

Why is it YOUR cake?
Why are you guys immune to change?
Why are the only changes allowed done to Mercy the ones that YOU deem ok?

Your precious cake/pizza whatever analogy you wanna use is absurd. So I guess we were all supposed to sit back and continue to watch as Mercy was one of the most necessary and very powerful picks for a VERY long time? You guys got to enjoy her FOREVER. Pick another hero now. Where’s your concern for heroes that have literally been trash for basically the entire game? With the way people act on here I’m really starting to get the feeling that the only reason people want Mercy to be “fun” or viable is because she’s easy to use and they can’t handle more difficult characters.

A buff is a buff and as far as we know they aren’t finished with Mercy. After Jeff made his statements I would hope that would appease people for a while but I seriously doubt it. I think the whining is only getting started…