The Anger Around the PTR Mercy Buffs Explained

Its literally against her lore to make her focus more on damage. As much fun as DPS Mercy is and as delicious as the salt is from people you destroy with DPS Mercy, personally I’ve always felt it off that she can deal decent DPS and that she gains so much charge from it. The only thing saving her balance in her DPS being so much better charge gain than her support abilities was that her Ult as Mass Rez was a fail safe and a save that you fell back on when you had to. They’re making Valk into something you want to use as much as possible because it addresses the pure anemic state of the rest of her kit meaning charge rate now matters a lot more, thus DPS Mercy being the better Mercy is now a problem.

If the developers wanted to make her this way though, that would just make people even more upset that they’re ignoring feedback and pushing forward with making the game into DPSWatch.

There is a cause and effect for everything. Unleash a half baked mistake of a rework, get a garbo result. Maybe next time they’ll actually try seriously.


Funny how this wasn’t said prior to the rework. :thinking:


You mean the megathread that hasn’t been taken seriously since it went through several months of constant locks and unlocks?

The moderators gave up on that thing less than a week into the flag spam.


I can’t wait, these new Ana mains are the biggest jerks ever.

“Hide and rez” was one of the two reasons given in the Developer Update. Do you want to know what the only other reason given for the rework in that Developer Update was?

“It was disheartening to play against.”

The rework only magnified this issue.

You might notice how the developers went and dropped her base healing by 17% to make room for that ultimate on her E ability. In contrast, 60 health/second on pre-rework Mercy gave us a character that was… D-Tier.

And she can use Resurrect more consistently now than she ever was able to prior to the rework.

Except she wasn’t bottom tier ever since the invulnerability buff, and out of all of the BS issues given to us for the rework none of them have ever mentioned Mercy’s power level prior to the rework.

This is funny, being that you haven’t even bothered to educate yourself on the reasons for Mercy’s rework in the first place. It seems more likely to me that you’re just regurgitating something you heard from someone else on the forums.


With how deep these issues are rooted into the hero’s design…

No, you can’t.

I’m getting a lot of use out of this…


“The developers said/did it, therefore it must be true/valid.”

These are the same people who:

  • Wanted D.Va to be more of a bully tank, so they granted her 100 additional armor.
  • Wanted D.Va to be less of a bully tank, so they reworked her (“Protect the Rip-Tire”).
  • Wanted D.Va to be more of a bully tank, so they reworked her again.
  • Left Sombra in garbage tier for well over a year after her launch before buffing her into semi-viability. They then left her in that state for two weeks before nerfing her into a worse state than she was before her buffs. The patch wasn’t even put in the PTR before going live.
  • Left Bastion in garbage tier for months before reworking him into into god tier. They then left him in that state for about a week on PC (a full month on consoles) before nerfing him once again back into garbage tier. They have not touched him since then.
  • Let Ana dominate the meta for a full season before nerfing her repeatedly until she hit garbage tier. They then took a year and a half to bring her back into relevance.
  • Took 8 months to grant Widowmaker a simple cooldown reduction buff; one that had been universally requested by the community. Then they partially reverted one of those buffs because she became meta for a few months.
  • Left Hanzo in garbage tier for nearly two years before finally reworking him, at which point he dominated the damage category for months.
  • Take months or years to fix obvious and trivial issues (bugs, hitbox irregularities), or sometimes completely ignore them despite obvious discussion on them: Genji’s deflect, Doomfist’s hitboxes, Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, Mercy’s post-rework GA bug, Lucio’s Wall-Ride bug, etc.
  • Have yet to bring Mei out of garbage tier.
  • Have yet to bring Reaper out of garbage tier.
  • Have yet to bring Symmetra out of garbage tier despite two reworks.
  • Have attempted to sneak changes to obvious features through by calling them “bug fixes” (see Lucio’s Wall-Ride nerf, Mercy’s damage boost nerf).

You can make the argument that “I was poorly designed”, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s really just a made up excuse to get an obstacle you don’t like to deal with removed.

Following your supposed logic, Rocket Barrage is also poorly designed because it occasionally backfires for the player/team too.

This is objectively incorrect.

Huh. Just like your assertion that


And just like how Resurrect being “unfun to play against was” also a…

The forums are a sample of the playerbase, likely the most representative sample we have being that they are the Official Overwatch Forums.

And comparing that sample from before and after the rework, it’s safe to say that a hell of a lot more people took issue with Mercy after the rework, because of the rework, than the number of people that took issue with Mercy before the rework.

Except the fact that we don’t enjoy playing Mercy is the entire reason we’re complaining. Did you miss that?

First, this isn’t relevant to the topic.

Second, as she currently stands on live servers, yes, she is.

Would you care to explain how we are overreacting?

Are you implying that Overwatch is impossible to balance?

I mean, with the current developers, you might be right.


Did you read the OP?


They have literally stated that production on the Mercy rework began after Doomfist’s release. Doomfist was released on July 27th, 2017. Mercy’s rework hit the PTR on August 29th, 2017.

That’s a month and two days, assuming production of Mercy’s rework began immediately after Doomfist’s release.

It doesn’t take them months upon months to make a rework. Them taking this long for another rework isn’t time spent reworking Mercy; it’s time spent sitting on their rear ignoring the issue while slapping a few number changes that fix nothing into the game.

Well, I am in the process of making my own game, and I can tell you that number changes literally take 10 seconds to make.

Either that, or I’m somehow already more efficient than a multi-billion dollar company, and everything I know about the tools I’m working with came from online research.

If some random self-taught sixteen-year-old can change a damage statistic in two clicks and a number entry, I don’t see any justification for a massive cooperation taking a month to make number changes.

Taking this to a larger scale, in two weeks, I’ve gone from no missiles in the game I’m making at all to homing missiles that can be launched from aircraft or from SAM batteries, including versions that start with a lock-on and ones that lock on after being launched and meeting specific criteria.

In two weeks, I created a new weapon type from nothing and implemented/adapted it in multiple applications. And again, I’m just one person, a minor, self-taught, unpaid, running in blind.

There is no reason a team of paid professionals can’t update this game faster, even looking at larger changes such as reworks.


I’m gonna go ahead and call BS.
Overwatch Forums
Overwatch Forums


production stage != all work

production is after most of the work (design, prototyping, testing) is done. That’s when they start to commit on art assets fix up the code potential sound fx etc. so clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s not all the work done. That’s after they picked an idea, narrowed down how it’d work, how the code will be structured, what existing things can be used, and a bunch of other stuff.

Me too. Congrats you’re changes are easy and small. I had to how physics worked for 2 characters and it was a lot of work took more than 10 seconds. Then I had to have my artist redo the animations. Finally I had my sound guy modify the Fx to fit the new animations. My game is 2D and relatively small but it took more than 1 day. It would’ve taken way longer if I didn’t design my code and update model well.

they’re stuff is way more complicated that what you’re making.

What engine/language you using?

So you’re not modifying but doing it from scratch? Homing is an easy thing to do. It requires very little AI and model changes. Why did it take you two weeks?

There’s more work involved in changing mercy than just pointing a missile in a direction.

Again just bc your tiny game and simple changes took little time I can guarantee Bliz has a lot higher standards and have to do a lot more to make those changes. Their interactions also are much more varying and larger in quantity and complexity.

I dont really feel like typing an essay on my phone in response to that and in a different thread I’ve stated if you want my personal discord we can talk thier when I get time.

I’m not above being wrong and saying so but as it is now Mercy is in a balanced state and the game as a whole is in a balanced state. Mass rez is fundamentally flawed game design as it offers a second chance and reinforces mistakes because you have a literal undo button. The Devs agree hence, no mass rez. Barrage example is poorly executed as well.

And no, Mercy is not a troll pick.

And yes you are overreacting everytime a dev doesnt explicitly mention Mercy the forums blow up, everytime the buff Mercy the forum blows up because it’s not enough.

All of this, as you pointed out, is my opinion. If you want to agree to disagree that’s fine too.


I still don’t understand the claim that we care about Mercy’s viability and that we want her to be must-pick overpowered when during the time after the initial changes when she was overpowered, we were still complaining about the exact same things we are still complaining about.

You’d think almost a year’s worth of discontent, a company would see that the rework they implemented is a failure.


Yeah the problem is … it is not.
Just because some people scream a wolf is coming, it doesnt mean that a wolf is coming.

PS: Me and a gazillion others (ingame) dont agree with that rework being a failure. Dont take your sense of “majority” in the forums as such because you would be fooling yourself.


Multiple threads have been made against the rework since it came out and are still being made today. But sure its just “some people” and not most Mercy players. I know that it is “in” to hate Mercy players so matter what form of evidence we present people will say she is fine, but still the fact people actively try to pretend the rework was a success just blows my mind.


Except the string of nerfs after her rework and current place in garbage tier says otherwise. It has nothing to do with majority.

When a rework left a hero in an overpowered state and a useless state with no balance in between, it’s a failure.


Mercy players aren’t the majority of the OW player base… I still don’t understand why you think it’s all about you…

Mercy mains can spam forums as much as they’d like with Mercy “Justice” threads, but the fact remains that this game does not revolve around you.

This is literally where those generalizations and stereotypes about the Mercy community come from. You aren’t a victim. It’s a video game.

No, it’s not “in.” You just make people dislike you because of what you say and how you say it.

No one cares that you play Mercy. It’s not about the character you like to play in Overwatch. It’s all about the fact that you complain constantly and pretend to be the victim.


As a Mercy Sympathizer I just want to say that a lot of people are still upset because it doesnt change the fact the Valk was a failed rework.

Technically (its a buff) technically (its a nerf) BUT no one can argue that Mercy is literally back to a formerly unsucessful version of herself and its still going to be unsucessful because nothing about the core game has changed since the original nerf.

Mercy mains on the forum are a minority. But they are vocal, they also represent the people that dont have a voice.

How many counter arguments do you see to Doomfist, Genji, Tracer threads about them being ‘fine’- LOADs. Not one Mercy main (that I have seen here) has said “I’m happy with Mercy rn”.


You can spam forums all you want, it doesnt matter how many people claim something is happening if that something is not happening.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the majority and the spam doesnt make something true. Thats a well known fallacy :
Argumentum ad nauseam ttps://

I know its “in” nowadays to look for things to be offended and use feelings and the stance of the “victim” to argue in forums but im not going to play that game.

Im sorry that you see everyone who disagrees with you as a hater but theres absolutely no hate on me towards Mercy. You need to make me an enemy to discredit me now (ad hominem) and claim many people know your opinion to be true (ad populum) but those … are still fallacies. And that is a fact.

Im not pretending the rework was a success, i just think it is, and i am not alone. (see, we can all use ad populum, if yours is true, mine is also true)


The problem with this argument is that fun is subjective. I used to play a ton of Mercy before her rework, but I don’t anymore because I don’t find her fun. Yet, I know quite a few Mercy players who still play her or who have started playing her because they enjoy her new playstyle more. There’s no way to know which side is the majority, given that the forums are a very small percentage of people who play the game.

I’ve accepted that I won’t enjoy Mercy anymore, so I don’t play her. I miss playing her and I miss big rez, but I still like other characters in the game so I’m okay with picking up Ana or Zarya. If the only character you enjoyed in the game was Mercy, then it’s time to swap games. It’s not fair, but then it wouldn’t be fair for new Mercy players if Blizzard reverted or changed to fit old Mercy players’ version of fun.


Almost 400 likes, dang. Glad this thread is still going.