The Anger Around the PTR Mercy Buffs Explained

Factually, Bastion is also played at high ranks.

Also factually, Bastion is flaming garbage.

Is Mercy played? Yes.

Is she viable? Factually, no, she isn’t.

There will always be a few players who play what they want because that’s who they want to play.

Just like that .07% pickrate.

A healty pickrate in GM would be upwards of 2.5%.

Mercy’s sitting at a 1% pickrate.

Factually, Mercy is underpowered.


As I see it, although the above is stated as if it were a fact, I see it as an opinion.

I respectfully disagree with the opinion

In my opinion, if a character is played in a professional match with professional-level stakes, that character is viable

Factually, Mercy is played in such matches

As I understand it, a professional player will play what he or she is told to play in exchange for professional-level compensation, regardless of whether it is the character they want to play

As I see it, tho the above is stated as fact, I see this as opinion

I respectfully disagree with the opinion

If it were a fact that Mercy was underpowered, it is my belief that she would not see any play at all at high levels, including but not limited to pro matches

Factually, she does get played in such matches

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Easy. You didn’t get the change you wanted.

Sorry, but getting upset about that is entitled by definition.
Your argument is centered on “fun” which is just… terrible for a foundation.

You have a bunch of grandiose claims with nothing to back them up. Typical


So your definition of viable is
“A character that has recently been played at least once at high levels”

And underpowered is
“A character that has recently not been picked once at high levels”

Am I correct ?

How do you define an overpowered character ? I find this rather interesting.


Then perhaps you are getting too hung up on definitions.

Would changing the word help?

Factually, Mercy is underpowered.

And they typically get burned for running an underpowered hero, thus, they rarely play said heroes.

There was only one hero that was never used at all in the OWL over a several-month period. That hero was Symmetra.

Does that mean that Torbjorn, Bastion, Reaper, etc. were all balanced because they saw more than 15 seconds of playtime?

Going by this logic, there has never been and underpowered hero in the history of Overwatch. Do you think that to be the case?

Because there has never been a hero that had a 0% pickrate in both the OWL and on the ladder in GM.


I think I’ll quote two posts that sum up the lack of thought behind this statement:

We know that it’s a good enough of a foundation to get a hero reworked. Did you know that Mercy’s rework was caused in part because “Resurrect wasn’t fun to play against”?

Oh, I back them up… just not in this thread. You’ll need to go here for that:

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

And you’ll have a lot of reading to do…


Tho the above is stated as a fact, I see it as an opinion

I disagree with the opinion

In my own experience, I do not find her to be underpowered, either before or after the recent set of buffs

In talking with other players I know, they do not find her to be underpowered before or after the recent set of buffs

I see high level players play her as mains, and I dont think they would do so if they felt she was underpowered

Pros play her in consequential pro matches, and I dont think they would do so if they felt she was underpowered

Personal experience becomes meaningless when statistics flatly contradict it.


Titanium and Megadodo for best OW couple

I respectfully disagree

Disagreeing doesn’t change the way things are.

I could hold the opinion that the Earth is flat. That wouldn’t change the fact that the Earth is round.

For statements that are in the realm of pure fact, like “Mercy is classified as a Support”, this is true. Your example, as I see it, falls into this category.

For statements that are subjective, such as “Mercy is overpowered”, disagreements can occur based on personal judgement. Your example, as I see it, does not fall into this category.

I don’t see how it’s not. If use at all is not underpowered, then how is constant use not overpowered? Was Mercy 2.0 on launch fine? Was it never in need of nerfs because other heroes were also used?


Disagreements can also occur based upon personal judgement in the example I provided.

And in both the example and in the topic we are discussing, one side is objectively wrong.

Now, if Mercy’s pickrate were closer to that which might be considered “balanced”, it would be more up to perception… but anyone with an objective viewpoint can see that a hero having 15 times the pickrate of one of their counterparts in the tier where viability is most isolated from other factors contributing to pickrate is not balanced.


You unable to comprehend my post and accept it as true =/= lacking thought

Simply re-quoting posts I am not talking about and I don’t care about = lacking thought.
Par for the course with you, though.

The leap of logic you and many other players make is that this now a reason to do anything forever. It’s not. And you’re being willfully ignorant if you honestly believe that is the only reason she was changed.

No, you don’t back them up. I’ve seen your propaganda piece before and It’s not nearly as compelling as you wish it was, sorry.

“a lot of reading” lol. The only reason it is “a lot” is because it is intentionally bloated.


Not really.

There is fact - water is wet - and there is opinion - water is the best drink, water is the worst drink, etc

I respectfully disagree

You are entitled to your opinion that Mercy is underpowered/unviable/whatever

I am entitled to my opinion that Mercy is balanced/viable/whatever

Pickrate is not identical to balance

Oooooohh… The Hook 1.0 crap… oh god… how we hate that, the worst was how people tried to defend that crap. this was one of the worst things ever in OW.

True. But it’s a multitude of factors that include pick rate. Otherwise, pick rate wouldn’t be part of why changes are made to begin with.

Thought it was due to the current Meta

Mercy is just not useful nor was she ever designed to heal multiple tanks

I mean, if meta is the cause for change, then the whole of those not in goats would be changed or those only in goats . Mercy, I think. Should always be picked lower than ana and Moira due to the skill ceiling. But she should be higher than now since she is one of three supposed primary healers. Her pick should be because her player is a god with her, not because she’s OP or to be a rez bot. (In higher play)