This is Leonora, she is not your Queen, Max or Sanjay but she still a likely candidate.

Take that Big Name Youtubers for Ignoring her so long.

Edit: Be sure and tell me what you think of the video concept. (Reminds me of Old Sym in a way, so I like it.)

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I hope omnic gangs will be playable characters
🐡 Hero 30 Leak Center (Even if they seem fake tell me please)
🐟 Anyone speak French? Looking For Possible Hero 30 Hints?
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I swear you’ve made threads about Leonora like ten times now.


Yes but now I have a video so I don’t have to keep explaining who she is… honestly it was a little maddening, say the same stuff all year.


he’s run out of other things to post about :stuck_out_tongue:


Be sure and tell me what you think of the concept. (Reminds me of Old Sym in a way, so I like it.)


Well thought out interesting concept i liked the idea of reshaping matter and having a art piece floating behind her she uses as her weapon source like Gara and his sand gourd.


Bonus news: I have a New Computer…

Anyway though, I am glad someone finally made the concept, this way people will start recognize who she is beside saying “who”?

Which as been a real pain. (Since this hero been a candidate for a year like the Queen, Sanjay or Max.)


Thanks! :smiley: I didn’t even think of the Gaara comparison!
I’m the video guy btw xD


I just want Leonora to NOT be a hero for like 2 years just to see how many threads you’ll make


Literally gonna be linking this video so that won’t be the case.

Honestly that’s why the whole this exist.

Because Big Youtubers were too scared to talk about it.

Leonora is a candidate, it’s rude to ignore her.

It’s rude to have 13 Queen Concepts but not mentioned Leonora once.


You sound like the guy who does the Top 5s videos :slight_smile:


I’m not, actually I really didn’t like Curse Entertainment Top Ten for Hero 30 Because it passed a lot of better candidates just for views.

Honestly I don’t know if I care for Big Name Youtubers after all this.

Should not have to try this hard for a established character, just to be recognized.


Big thanks to Doomfish for the support!
Hope y’all like the concept!


Well to be honest, Leonora isn’t really a candidate either, let alone “a better candidate”, she’s just an omnic on a poster, she’s not even a secondary character, but anyway, good work.


You say that but so was Moira… so I think you guys qualifications for a candidate are screwed.

One must be, “a Hyped Character.” (Which a pretty bad qualification.)

(Blizz keeps abusing this)


Basically anyone in world is theoretically a candidate, & we know a lot about her, even in comparison to other “secondary” characters.
We know she makes art & can even see that art in-game, which helps make her character way more understandable & fleshed out.
There’s also the location of her exhibit, in the home city of Talon HQ & the fact that the payload on that map starts with her & ends with Talon; suggesting her involvement with the wider world & overall plot.

Also, thanks for thinking it’s good work, I’m the video creator :slight_smile:
(I also have a Maximilien concept that may interest you!)


Guess it’s just part my Asperger’s that makes me frustrated.

I get why other might not see it. (They are on other Hype Trains to even see it.)

But just seems like what they did with Hammond before his release.

It just seems so painful obvious to me.


Oh cool you’re here too. Well I just wanted to say that Leonora is pretty great omnic concept especially for the ways she heals.


I mean she’s more likely to come than Max or Sanjay since they don’t add male humans anymore. 1/8 dlc charachters is a human male.

Blizzard is soooooo concervative…


I actually went & did a rework if anyone’s interested? :smiley: